In every Super Smash Bros. game to date, Kirby had the Copy ability for his neutral special. This attack allows Kirby to suck in and swallow the opponent. Kirby can then copy the opponents Neutral Special and then spit them out. Kirby also gains a unique hat that resembles the copied character is some form and in some cases, Kirby mimics that characters voice when performing the copied attack. Kirby will lose the copied attack if he is KO'd, dies otherwise, receives too much damage, or taunts.

Kirby is capable of copying both the Special Set A and B neutral moves but is unable to copy the Custom Specials for the new Neutral Specials. When copy a character with a Custom Special, he will perform the default Special.

Character Picture Features Special Move Notes
Bayonetta Bayonettakirby Bayonetta's hair, glasses, mole, and lipstick.
  • Infernal Kiss
  • Bullet Climax
When performing Infernal Kiss, Kirby mimics Bayonetta's slight giggle.
Captain Toad Captaintoad kirby Captain Toad's mushroom head and headlamp
  • Backpack
  • Headlight
  • He will still change to Captain Toad when copying Toadette.
  • When performing Backpack, he pack away an item to weigh himself down or to throw it out once per item.
Chorus Kids Chorusmen kirbyhat Chorus Kids white coloration plus necktie.
  • Hole in One
  • Tambourine
When performing either attack, it will summon another Chorus Kid-copied Kirby in order to perform the rhythm though will vanish when attacked.
Dixie Kong Dixiekirby Dixie Kong's pink beret, ponytail, and side hair.
  • Bubblegum Popgun
  • Ponytail Rotation
Kirby is unable to float like Dixie Kong.
Elma Elma's long white hair.
  • Fullmetal Jaguar (Dual Swords)
  • Fullmetal Jaguar (Dual Guns)
When sucking up Dual Swords, Kirby will perform a double slashing attack. When sucking up Dual Guns, he fires a stream of ammo from the Dual Guns.
Fighter Hayabusa Fighter Hayabusa's hair and eyebrows
  • Hold
  • Lariat
Kirby is able to perform the exact Holds that Fighter Hayabusa can.
Gardevoir Top portion of Gardevoir's head
  • Disarming Voice
  • Psybeam
Kirby mimics Gardevoir's voice in Disarming Voice.
Impa Impakirby Impa's hair and face markings.
  • Shiekah Slash
  • Goddess Guard
When sucking up Dual Swords, Kirby will perform a double slashing attack. When sucking up Dual Guns, he fires a stream of ammo from the Dual Guns.
Inkling Inklinghat
  • Female: Orange tentacle hair, black area around eyes, and headphones.
  • Males: Blue hair with the black eye markings minus the headphones.
  • Ink Rocket
  • Ink Tornado
The ink mechanic is not applied to Kirby nor can be lose ink.
Isabelle Isabelle's hair and bangs plus ears
  • Town Tune
  • Fruit
Kirby mimics Isabelle's voice in Town Tune.
Kamek Kamekkirbyhat Kamek's glasses and hat.
  • Minion Summon
  • Magic Blast
  • Kirby only summons a Piranha Plant that bites forward and then vanishes.
  • For Magic Blast, Kirby mimics Kamek's cackles.
Lana Lana kirbyhat Lana's hair and ribbons.
  • Barrier Spell
  • Gohma
Mach Rider Mach Rider's helemet
  • Mach Bike
  • Mach Bike
  • Kirby is capable of only summoning the Mach Bike which he can use to ram into opponents and drive around the stage
Matthew Matthewkirbyhat Matthew's Hair and Scarf/Isaac's hair
  • Push
  • Gaia
  • Kirby mimics Matthew/Isaac's voice by yelling out "GAIA!"
Rayman Rayman's nose and hair
  • Blue Punch
  • Vortex Fist
  • Rayman's nose is rendered pink instead of tan reflecting Kirby's skin color.
Ridley Ridleykirby The top portion of Ridley's head, small wings, and a smaller tail.
  • Plasma Breath
  • Plasma Fireball
  • Kirby mimics Ridley's roars.
  • Kirby flaps the mini Ridley wings when he jumps but they do not affect Kirby's performance.
Takamaru Takamaruhat Takamaru's hair and ponytail.
  • Windmill Blade
  • Sudden Charge
  • Takamaru's speed/momentum mechanic is not applied to Kirby.
Wonderful Ones Kirby wears the wonder mask regardless of which one he swallows.
  • Unite Fist (Wonder Red)
  • Unite Sword (Wonder Blue)
  • Unite Whip (Wonder Pink)
  • Unite Gun (Wonder Green)
  • Unite Hammer (Wonder Yellow)
  • Unite Claws (Wonder White)
  • Unite Black (Wonder Bomb)
  • Kirby is unable to swallow the Special Move Set B neutral special and swallowing a Wonderful One with it mapped results in the Move Set A neutral being copied.
Yuuri Yuuri kirbyhat Yuuri's hair
  • Lens Switch (will perform one of the type of shots at random)
  • Film Switch (applies a certain effect to the film)
  • Kirby will take photos whose properties are based on the type of lens or film used.
  • Kirby will still copy Yuuri's hair after swallowing Miu, Mayu, or Mio.

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