Conversations is a relatively new feature added into Super 5mash Bros. 5 albeit first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the form of Snake's Codecs which could be performed by inputting a taunt for just one frame on Shadow Moses Island. This feature appeared yet in a different term called "Palutena's Guidance" in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. This feature was performed by Pit on Palutena's Temple much like how Snake's Codecs were performed. In Super Smash Bros. 5, these features are being labeled as "conversations". While Snake has been confirmed not to appear in Super Smash Bros. 5 thus making his codecs ineligible, Palutena's Guidance is confirmed to return as a number of new conversations. Much like before, only the console version has conversations.

List of Conversations

  • Palutena's Guidance
    • Stage: Palutena's Temple
    • Character: Pit
    • Requirement: Down Taunt for one frame

Pit engages in a conversation with characters within the Kid Icarus franchise. Pit, Dark Pit, Palutena, and Viridi are confirmed to reappear as is Phosphora, Pandora, Hades, and Medusa.

  • PokeDex Entry
    • Stage: Saffron City
    • Character: Pikachu, Lucario, Charizard
    • Requirement: Down taunt for one frame

Opens up a PokeDex entry much like from the Pokémon (series).

  • Doc Louis' Advice
    • Stage: Boxing Ring
    • Character: Little Mac
    • Requirement: Down taunt for one frame

Doc Louis gives Little Mac advice on how to take down certain characters.

  • Metroid Logbook
    • Stage: Biosphere
    • Character: Samus

Requirement: Down taunt for one frame.

Samus' visor gives information on character she is facing.

  • Blather's Bathering
    • Stage: Museum
    • Character: Villager
    • Requirement: Down taunt for one frame.

Blather's will appear and give a spiel on the character the player is fighting.

  • Gates of Hell
    • Stage: Noatun
    • Character: Bayonetta
    • Requirement: Down taunt for one frame

Rodin gives sound advice from the Gates of Hell to Bayonetta on how to defeat certain characters.

List of Conversations by Characters


Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Wait! Who am I fighting here? She doesn't really look like she fits here with the rest of the Super Smash Bros. staff. Is she one of Medusa's minions?

Virdi: Medusa's Minions?! You fool! This is Bayonetta, an Umbra Witch! Medusa has nothing on this girl!

Medusa: Ahem...excuse me? Would you mind repeating that, Medusa?

Palutena: Now, now you too. Let's cut the in-fighting. Pit is facing an incredibly powerful enemy here.

Pit: Yeah, while you guys were having your little squabble, this witch lady has been throwing magic, summoning demons, and using her heels to pummel me into the ground! Any help would be appreciated!

Medusa: She appears to be using some sort of magic. Try using those silly Gaurdian Orbitars to reflect them back.

Virdi: Those heels look like they pack a wallop but they are all style and no applicability. Try dodging them as she charges at you.

Pit: Any advice from you Lady Palutena?

Palutena: Try your best to not get hurt.

Pit: Well, thank you for the boost of confidence, Lady Palutena....

Palutena: Anytime, Pit!

PokeDex Entry

"Bayonetta, the Umbra Witch. She is a Dark and Psychic-type fighter. She utilizes terrifying magic and demon summoning to damage her foes. When she gets serious, she can unlock her Witch Time to slow down players movements."

Doc Louis' Advice

"This gal has some spice to her attacks! Don't let her deceive you, Mac. She packs some serious, butt-kicking firepower in those boots of hers! Plus, she uses some sort of weird magical hocus-pocus. I don't know why they allow that in the ring nowadays. Back when I was in my prime, it was gentlemen boxing gentlemen! And dinosaurs!"

Metroid Logbook

Morphology: Bayonetta: The Umbra Witch. This subject is capable of delivering very powerful magical attacks and can even summon dimensional beings from somewhere in this galaxy. Caution: The subject is also very quick and can chain attacks with deadly precision.

Blather's Blathering

"Why, that's Bayonetta! I don't know she does it but she has some contract with the great beyond! If only an owl like myself could have that - I would create a world devoid of bugs, eh wot! Hoo! I would pretty good in black I do say so myself!"

Gates of Hell

Bayonetta: Rodin.....who I am exactly fighting pray tell? I am looking at myself.

Rodin: It may be the work of demons or angels...or maybe even a more mysterious and dangerous force out there...

Bayonetta: I assume she or it has the same moves as I do.

Rodin: I would say that's a fair assumption. Watch out your your...I mean her stilettos and guns. I crafted those...something replicated those guns I created and they pack serious firepower. I hate it when people copy my work like that,

Bayonetta: How about we put a cap on the entire "copyright war" talk, love. I have my hands full out here dealing with me.

Rodin: I really need to patent my work...but going to Hell to do it can be a huge pain...


Palutena's Guidance

Pit: When I think of Bowser, I always picture him deep in his castle, steeling himself for a fight.

Viridi: Or, you know, playing golf or racing a go-kart.

Pit: He's looking pretty aggro today. Must be because he's in a fighting game.

Viridi: When Mario first fought Bowser, I hear he had to use an axe to chop down a rope bridge and drop the big guy.

Palutena: It all sounds like something from an 8-bit action movie!

Pit: I won't lie. I'm a little scared.

Palutena: Don't be. Bowser may be powerful, but he also leaves big openings. Fight smart and look for chances to counterattack.

PokeDex Entry

"Bowser, the Koopa King. He is a Fire and Dark-type fighter. Bowser is capable of utilizing his impressive strength to squad enemies and use breathe fire when angry. He dislikes to lose and will become angry when he does."

Doc Louis' Advice

"Mac, baby! You may be fighting a big 'ol reptile that breathes fire but he can be knocked out by a good one-two! Show him that the fists are mightier than the claws...and the fire breath...and the spikes...and headbutts! Just watch out for anyone of those attacks and use his lack of speed to your advantage! A Slip Counter also should lay him flat!"

Metroid Logbook

"Morphology: Bowser: The Koopa King. It is unknown how he creates the flames but he can expel them from his mouth. Due to his impressive strength, he can carry and throw opponents even larger than himself. However, he suffers from a lack of speed. Proceed with caution - especially if you are a damsel in distress."

Blather's Blathering

"WOOT! WOOT! Is that...the dreaded Koopa King Bowser? Those claws! Those spikes! That fire! He truly lives up to his moniker, eh wot? I daresay that flames could easily turn me into roasted owl! I better take care and quietly leave before he notices and decides to have me for dinner with his Koopalings. I shudder at the thought!"

Gates of Hell

Bayonetta: Love, do you have any dirt on this Bowser? He's not leaving this girl any chances to attack.

Rodin: Bowser may be bad but he's nothing against what the depths of Heaven and Hell have in store. You got this fight.

Bayonetta: I would like to think so but he seemed to up his game this time around.

Rodin: You aren't complaining are you Bayonetta? Doesn't seem like you.

Bayonetta: Don't give me sass, Rodin. So what's the deal with him?

Rodin: Bowser can spew out hire. He also has those nasty spikes and claws so watch out for that. And his Final Smash, Giga Bowser, rivals many of the top level Angels that you fought previously. Hey, by the way, do you think you could get me one of his horns and fire. I could craft a mighty fine weapon with exchange for this information.

Bayonetta: Get it yourself, Rodin. I have a turtle to bake.

Bowser Jr.

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Is that Bowser Jr.?

Viridi: Yes. He's the heir to the Koopa throne.

Palutena: I wonder if his father bought him that Junior Clown Car. It's decked out with all sorts of bells and whistles.

Pit: Hey, I just thought of an even better name for it. How about...the Shellicopter?!

Viridi: ...Needless to say, the Junior Clown Car is one tricky vehicle. Palutena: It's immune to many attacks, so strike when Bowser Jr. is exposed.

Viridi: So what you're saying is to hit him from above, right?


Palutena: That's one of the Koopalings, <name of Koopaling>. That's one of Bowser's Minions, <name of Koopaling>. PAL

Pit: Hmm. The resemblance to Bowser Jr. is strong.

Palutena: That Koopa Clown Car is the mass-produced type.

Pit: I guess as heir to the throne, Bowser Jr. would get preferential treatment.

Viridi: The relationship between Bowser and the Koopalings is a real mystery.

Pit: I feel kinda bad for them.

Palutena: That's sweet of you but not very conducive to taking them down, Pit.

PokeDex Entry

"Bowser Jr, the Koopa Prince. He is a Dark-type fighter. Koopa Jr. has access to many of the enemies found within Koopa's army such as Mechakoopas and Lava Bubbles. Witht he Junior Clown Car, Bowser Jr. can launch devastating attacks such as his Cannonball."


"<name of Koopaling>, the Koopa Captain. This Koopaling is a Dark-type fighter. <name of Koopaling> pilots the mass-produced type Junior Clown Car and can use it to launch devastating attacks. While it may look innocnent, it is completely the opposite."

Doc Louis' Advice

"Hey, Mac! The little munchkin you got fighting you is the Koopa Prince himself, Bowser Jr. He rides in that there flying machine and launches sneaky attacks at his opponent. I heard it comes equipped with a punching glove. Mac Baby, show this little kid who the true boxing master is!"


"Hey, Mac! The little munchkin you got fighting you is one of the Koopalings, <name of Koopaling>. They ride in that there flying machine and launches sneaky attacks at any opponent. I heard it comes equipped with a punching glove. Mac Baby, show this little kid who the true boxing master is!"

Metroid Logbook

"Morphology: Bowser Jr., the Prince of the Koopas. He is next in line to the Bowser throne but there isn't any indication with power will change hands. DNA scans indicate he is related to Bowser by blood. Bowser Jr. rides within the Junior Clown Car and uses that for his attacks but scans indicate he also with use a hammer. Counter it will Missiles."


"Morphology: <name of Koopaling>, the Koopaling Captain. In what relation they are to Bowser is currently unknown but scanning historical annals suggests they were referred to as his "children". <name of Koopaling> rides within the Junior Clown Car and uses that for attacks but scans indicate that they will also use a hammer. Counter it with Missiles."

Blather's Blathering

"Eh, wot! That little boy flying around is none other than Bowser Jr., our turtle tyrants son. I dear say that is bad parenting. If I had a little owlet, I wouldn't be sending to fight who knows what. Little Blathers Jr. will be studying and finding fossils; not attacking electric rats and gigantic apes! Bad parenting, simply sad."


"Eh wot! This is <name of Koopaling>, one of the captains of the tyrant Bowser. They help command his vast armies while Bowser seemingly takes it easy. That is pretty smart but I wonder if the Koopalings can actually be trusted! Hoot hoot woot! They seem to always lose to the efforts of Mario so maybe there should be a change in ranks! How exciting!

Gates of Hell

Bayonetta: First it's green dinosaurs and intergalactic foxes and now it's a baby turtle in a flying turtle! Rodin, what exactly am I facing?

Rodin: Oh that guy. I think that is the Prince of Koopas, Bowser Jr. Obviously Bowser's son.

Bayonetta: Love, I gathered that from just the Prince of Koopas. Got any tips on how to gain the upper hand.

Rodin: Hmmm...I don't deal well with children so maybe a firm spanking...or a time out....or locking him in his room.

Bayonetta: Really, Rodin? No is the not the time for jokes.

Rodin: I wasn't joking. Like I said, I don't deal well with kids.

==Captain Falcon

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Whoa... It's Captain Falcon!

Viridi: Oh, he's a captain! What ship does he command?

Pit: I think he's more like a pilot or something.

Viridi: All these fighters have tons of skill and experience, but you can still hold your own. If we brought vehicles into the picture, though, that would be a totally different story.

Pit: Good thing that's not the case. I'd be no match for an F-Zero machine or an Arwing.

Viridi: Plus, those G-Diffuser systems are terrible for the environment.

Pit: Uh, you sure know a lot about space machinery. For being the goddess of nature and all.

Palutena: Anyway, if you're near Captain Falcon, watch out for his jump-and-Falcon Punch combo.

PokeDex Entry

"Captain Falcon, the Intergalactic Racer. He is a dual Fire and Fighting-type fighter. He possesses not only extreme speed but punches that pack a wallop! His Falcon Punch is heard round the world!"

Doc Louis' Advice

"Hey Big Mac! That guy you are facing over there is none other than Captain Falcon! He's no bird tho so watch your back! His Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick not allow brings the hurt but will light you on fire! Literally! I don't know what kind of training he goes through but it must be a lot to use fire without a Fire Flower!"

Metroid Logbook

Morphology: Captain Falcon: The Intergalactic Racer. Scanning indicates this life form can move at very fast speeds and utilize the element of fire to deliver devastating damage. He is capable of piloting a F-Zero racer at very extreme speeds therefore he has quick reflexes."

Blathers Blathering

"I do say, hoot! That's that famed space bounty hunter...Captain....Captain...I say hoot! I confused so many captains! Captain Toad is the one with the mushroom as a head and Captain Olimar is the one with a space suit...and uses Pikmin. OH!! This is Captain Falcon! I must say birds of a feather flock together!"

Gates of Hell

Captain Toad


Chorus Kids


Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong

Donkey Kong

Duck Hunt



Fighter Hayabusa












King Dedede


Little Mac




[[Mach Rider (Smash 5)|Mach Rider




Mega Man

Meta Knight


Mr. Game & Watch


Olimar & Pikmin











Rosalina & Luma






Toon Link



Wii Fit Trainer U


Wonderful Ones



Zero Suit Samus

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