Classic Mode is a single player mode that has been apart of the Super Smash Bros. franchise since the beginning. This mode tasks players in participating in matches against CPU opponents until they reach the end boss. The Classic Mode differs depending on the Handheld and Console versions.

Handheld Version

The handheld version resembles Arcade Ladders, a type of style popularized by Mortal Kombat where players fight opponents that are visible in the ladder and continue up to the end boss. Prior to the battles, players can choose between:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Insane

They are then giving a brief preview of the ladder that they chose with harder difficulties having more opponents. Defeating opponents progresses the player up the ladder and results in rewards given.

Console Version

Players progress on a horizontal plane with 10 matches. Each match is color coded with:

  • Red: Indicates a normal match
  • Green: Indicates an Event match )(such as Home-run Contest, Target Blast, or Multi-Man Smash)
  • Blue: Indicates a Special Smash which has certain rules and effects
  • Yellow: Indicates that 2-3 other players will join the battle as well.

When you arrive on the spot, a spinner appears with character shadows on it. Players place how many Gold they want to invest in the match which indicates the difficulty as well as the rewards given. They then spin it and the portion that the pointer lands on indicates the opponent. Much like the handheld, going flawless with 70% of the matches being normal and up results in Master & Crazy Hand and going flawless 100% on Hard results in Master Core.

Make Your Own Classic

Available on only the console version is Make your Own Classic which allows players to create their own Classic Modes and share it with anyone or friends. Here is a list of content that can be customized:

  • Number of rounds (6 to 15)
  • Types of rounds (standard, team, group, special)
  • Which character that will appear
  • Special events (Target Smash, Home-Run Contest, etc)
  • Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and/or Master Core

Note: Completing a created Classic Mode does not reward the player with a standard character trophy.


If East is chosen, the player goes through 6 matches with harder difficulties resulting in adding an additional match. For insane, there are 10 matches total. While they are randomized, the first match will always be a one-on-one match with a randomized opponents. After that, the matches will be randomized but two of the same type will never appear. Here is a full list of Match types:

  • 4 Player Match (free for all four player match)
  • 4 Player Team Match (two teams against each other)
  • 6 Player Match (only handheld version) (free for all 6 player match)
  • 6 Player Team Match (only handheld version) (three teams of two players)
  • 8 Player Match (only console version) (four teams of two players)
  • Giant Match (one on one against Giant opponent)
  • Giant Team Match (three players are a harder Giant opponents)
  • Special Smash Match (match with special effect on such as Franklin Badge or Bunny Hood)
  • Stadium Match (Home-Run, Target Blast, or Board the Platforms)
  • Baddie Match (players must defeat various baddies from Smash Dungeon/Smash War.)
  • Rival Match (players fight against their rival)
  • Custom Move Battle (special moves are set to custom and randomized)
  • Mii Fighter Match (players must fight against hordes of Mii Fighters)

The final match is either Master Hand or with Crazy Hand; depending on the difficulty and time ti complete the matches.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand

They are fought on Final Destination much like in the other SSB games. They players will encounter Crazy Hand if they complete the matches prior:

  • Normal: 8 mins
  • Hard: 10 mins
  • Insane: 14 mins

Master Hand


Master Hand appears much like in previous games but adds a few moves to his repertoire.

Move Set

Name Damage Description
Lightning Orb 2.4% (per hit) Master Hand snaps his finger which creates an electrical orb that travels in a random path; shocking and juggling opponents as it hits them. After a while, it vanishes.
Stage Smash 14% Master Hand punches the side of the stage; causing it to rock and launching opponents to are standing on it. He will ready a punch first before striking.
Coin Toss 4% Master Hand takes coins and quickly uses his thump to flick them forward like bullets. They are incredibly fast and, while they don't deal much knockback, can easily cause damage due to its high rate of fire.
Come At Me 22% Master Hand does a "Come here" hand gesture which can catch the opponent and redeliver the attack back at the opponent int he form of a counter.

Dark Master Hand


Dark Master Hand is a final boss that is only occurred at Insane level if the player did not lose any stocks. It is much stronger, faster, and deals more damage. His attacks also have a corroding effect that acts like a poison; dealing damage without histun. In addition, Dark Master Hand has several changes outside of his appearance and damage out put:

  • Big Swipe: Adds a vacuum effect as the hand moves forward; pulling opponents into its attack.
  • Finger Bullet: The bullets do larger blast damage and has higher knockback.
  • Fire Ball Blitz: The balls will linger dealing fire damage even after the attack finishes.
  • Flying Punch: Prior to the punch, Master Hand causes the screen to flash suddenly which can cause opponents timing to be messed up.
  • Icy Wind: Instead of freezing opponents on higher difficulties, it causes a poison damage to anyone caught within the wind.

Crazy Hand


Crazy Hand only occurs if players complete the Classic Mode in a certain time without continuing. Much like Master Hand, Crazy Hand adds several new moves:

Name Damage Description
Thousand Stab 8% Crazy Hand forms an energy knife and stabs repeatedly abut the stage; making very quick stabs that launches opponents upon contact.
Warp 0% Crazy Hand gains the ability to warp about the stage at will; even before getting hit.
Finger Stretch 18% (close), 30% (far) Crazy Hand points forward and stretches out his finger a very far way. It does more damage from a distance rather than up close and will push opponents backwards who are closer.
Magic Trick 28% Crazy Hand grabs the opponent and crushes them with magic power. Crazy Hand then opens his hand to show the player is gone. They then appear some distance away from the hand and explode with dark energy.

Dark Crazy Hand


Much like with Dark Master Hand, Dark Crazy Hand appears if the player complete the first matches on Insane without losing any stocks until 8 mins. Dark Crazy Hand has wider hitboxes, faster, and has more damaging attacks as a result. It also has a few different attacks as well:

  • Bury Bash: After slamming and burying the opponent, he snaps his fingers which causes the player to explode and be launched upwards.
  • Finger Bomb: The bombs have a vacuum effect which can pull in players who are close by causing more damage.
  • Spasm: The attack can stun nearby opponents; rendering them unable to move about.
  • Big Rip: The rip is larger and has a more pronounced gravity pull.

Players can also gamble on Gold prior to a match which rewards players on how well they do in the match. At times, characters may be replaced with an even more difficult opponent or a Special Smash involving more than one opponent or particular effects placed within the match. Going flawless through the ladder without any deaths and remaining under 50% for every match on Normal or higher results in encountering Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Doing this on Hard results in encountering Master Core instead.

Master Core

MasterCore render

Going Flawless by not getting any deaths Normal or above and staying under 50% for every match results in fighting against Master Core. Master Core has a total of 12 transformations; depending on the level chosen.

  • Master Giant: Giant version of its humanoid form. It will attack with devastating physical attacks and even pick up the stage and slam it down. (Normal-Insane)
  • Master Beast: Becomes a shadowy beast monster that attacks with lightning quick attacks that deal tremendous damage to opponents. (Normal-Insane)
  • Master Orb: Becomes an orb that slightly resembles Master Core and will float about the stage, fire of shadow blasts and teleporting about the stage. It can also release powerful shadow bombs. (Normal-Insane)
  • Master Edges: Transforms into a pair of swords that delivers quick slashes and pierces. Very quick with relentless attacks. (Hard - Insane)
  • Master Destination: Final Destination itself becomes Master Core and will try to attack the opponent standing on it by releasing powerful shock waves and grappling the opponent; drawing it into the stage. (Hard-Insane)
  • Master Cloud: Flies above the stage shooting dark bolts of lightning, causing rain to fall, and producing strong, heavy black snow or hail. (Hard - Insane)
  • Master Puppet: The puppet can be hit but won't damage the main body which controls the puppet from above and the background. The puppet attacks, releases bombs, and projectiles while the puppet master hides away. (Insane)
  • Master Comet: Hard to hit, and flies around the stage occasionally dropping bombs or shooting ice lasers from its tail. Is also quite fast. (Insane)
  • Master Rival: Takes the form of the players rival. (Normal-Insane)
  • Master Shadow: Takes the form of an enlarged version of the players character. (Normal - Insane)
  • Master Fortress: Functions much like in the Wii U version. (Insane)
  • Master Core: Much be destroyed or it will OHKO players in 45 seconds. (Normal-Insane)


Completing each Match will reward players with a type of prize with more prizes being given based on difficulty. Losing a match and having to continue results in a loss of rewards. Here are a list of rewards per match:

  • Easy: Small amounts of gold, 1 trophy, 1 custom move, 1 custom accessory
  • Normal: Decent amount of gold, 1 trophy, 1 custom move, 1 custom accessory, 1 stamp, 1 cheerpal
  • Hard: Large amount of gold, 3 trophies, 2 custom moves, 2 custom accessories, 2 stamps, 1 cheerpal, 1 item customizations, 1 CD

Insane: Huge amount of gold, 5 trophies, 3 custom moves, 3 custom accessories, 3 stamps, 2 cheerpals, 2 item customizations, 1 CD

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