Boss Battle is a unique single player/co-op mode that allows players to take on various bosses and enemies from the Nintendo and 3rd Party franchises. These bosses functions much like playable characters but they have a limited move pool. Boss Battles Mode differs between the two versions in terms of design and bosses. However, they both share the same ability to pick a playable character and difficulty:

  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Insane

Boss Battle (Handheld)

After picking a character and difficulty; the player can choose between three routes with each route progressing to a certain boss. Along the path are items, gold, trophies, stamps, and other collectables. Arriving on the bosses icon initiates a battle. Completing the battle results in various rewards and gold being given and allowing the player to progress to the next point where, yet again, they can choose between one of three routes. A boss may not be fought more than once.

Applicable Items

While progressing, players can apply an item to be used at the start of the match. Also available are healing items which three are given at the start of the mode. Items that can be used include:

Super StarMetal BoxSuper-Spicy CurryStealth Suit
Double CherrySuper LeafSuper MushroomBanana Juice
Super ScopeRay GunSteel DiverStar Rod
Hot HeadHome-Run BatGreen ShellBoomerang
Ore ClubBeam SwordHammerMagic Rod
BombchuBomb-ombMotion-Sensor BombHocotate Bomb
Blast BoxDrill ArmFire FlowerGooey Bomb
x-BombUniraPOW BlockWarp Star
TimerBack ShieldPrism ShieldScrew Attack
Mr. SaturnFranklin BadgeMechakoopa

Players may only include one item per round and only four at one time minus the 3 Maxim Tomatoes given at the start. Getting more than four items results in the player throwing one away.


Players are only given one stock to complete the mode with. Losing a stock results in the players choosing between continuing or quitting. Choosing to continue results in a loss of points as well as some of the collectables though the player can start from where they left off.

List of Bosses

Players have 8 matches total. Each match has a chance of facing off against one of three bosses. The boss selection is fairly random and the player typically doesn7t know which boss they are fighting until entering its space. the other two bosses may or may not be fought in later matches.

Name Description Stage Series
Dark Emperor Dark Emperor The Dark Emperor will travel around the stage; attempting to strike at the player and release powerful energy blasts at player. It will also buff itself up during the fight. Find Mii Mii
KraidMelee Kraid Kraid will attack the stage which causes harm to the opponent. he will also launch fireballs that are also capable of delivering damage to the player. Brinstar Depths Metroid
Yuga (Ganon) Phase 2 Yuga Ganon Yuga Ganon will appear and cast magical spells onto the stage with devastating results. Yuga Ganon will also charge the stage and slam its hand down; causing shcokwaves to appear. Lorule Castle The Legend of Zelda
KingKRoolSmash King K. Rool King K. Rool fires blasts from his shotgun, calls in kremlings, and fires cannons from above which will crash down. Gangplank Galleon Donkey Kong
HadesSSBV Hades Hades can grow to a monstrous size and slam his foot down into the ground. He will also cast dark magic that has devastating results. Skyworld Kid Icarus
Giygas Idle ML Giygas Giygas will cast psychokinetic attacks as well as throw various debris and objects at th eplayer. It can use its immense power to rip the fabric of time itself. Onett MOTHER
MetalFace Metal Face Metal Face will slash at opponents and function much like how he did on Guar Plains. Colony 6 Xenoblade
QueenSectoniaSSBC Queen Sectonia Queen Sectonia will fly around; sending her soldiers to fight against the player. She will also use powerful attacks that do area-wide damage. Lollipop land Kirby
BabyBowser'sCastle Baby Bowser functions much like in the original stage but more chances to hit Baby bowser with attacks. Castle Break-In Yoshi
Dimentio Dimentio Dimentio will throw magical attacks, create copies of himself, and teleport around the stage. Paper Mario Mario
Ghosts Players must defeat 50 ghosts while avoiding being hit by them. Pac-Maze 2 Pac-Man
196961-andross large
Andross Andross will try to grab opponents and throw them off the stage, fire lasers, and release bombs from his hands. Venom star Fox
MasterHandBrawlCrazyHandSSB4 Master Hand & Crazy Hand They function much like in Classic Mode Final Destination super Smash Bros.

Boss Battle (Console)

The player chooses a playable character and then a difficulty which then begins Boss Battles. The player is seen on a side angle of a very tall tower and the player starts off on the ground floor. They can ascend to the second floor which houses three doors. Behind each door is a Boss Battle and winning the boss battle not only allows players to continue to the next floor but also rewards them with trophies, collectables, gold, and points. Unlike the Handheld version, players can apply trophies to their characters which gives them an item, enhances stats, or gives an edge in the battle. players can also convert trophies into extra gold and then invest gold into a match. If a player does well in a Boss Battle match, they get double or triple the amount. Doing poorly or losing results in losing double or triple the amount.

Players can only equip one trophy per match and they can hold four trophies total. Gaining more than four trophies results in the player having to toss one or to concert it to Gold prior to a match.

Applicable Trophies

Currently unknown.


Players are only given one stock to complete the mode with. Losing a stock results in the players choosing between continuing or quitting. Choosing to continue results in a loss of points as well as some of the collectables though the player can start from where they left off.

Name Description Stage Series
KingBoo King Boo King Boo will teleport about the stage and will throw smaller boos at the player. king boo will also cause dark damage. Luigi's Mansion Mario
Magalor Magalor magalor will cast magical blasts around the stage, create black holes, and cause spikes to erupt. Lor Starcutter Kirby
Fepr-Blackknight Black Knight Black Knight will unleash powerful and brutal sword attacks that cause very high knockback. He has massive amounts of HP and can easily weather even the most powerful attacks with esse. Collisseum Fire Emblem
KingHippo King hippo King hippo delivers powerful punch attacks and body slams. While he is slow, his punches have great range. Boxing Ring Punch-Out!!
DrEggman Dr. Eggman Dr. Eggman will fly about the stage, dropping bombs, missiles, and other explosives. He will often switch vehicles to an aerial or land based mechanical platform. Bygone Island sonic
HW Volga Volga Volga will deliver powerful fire attacks that can reach across the stage. he can even transform into a dragon and rain destruction down. Palace of Twilight The Legend of Zelda
Lord fredrik 02 595 Lord Fredrik Lord Fredrik summons powerful ice dragons to freeze the entire stage, slams the stage with his might blow horn, and can cast powerful ice spears down onto the stage. Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong
Lordmurasame Lord Murasame Lord Murasame will fly around the stage, casting powerful magic as his opponents. He will also buff himself with magic periodically. Murasame Castle Mysterious Castle Murasame
Masked Lumen Sage Bayonetta 2 render Lumen Sage The Lumen Sage buffs himself with holy magic and unleashes powerful magical spells at the player as well as melee attacks. Noatun Bayonetta
Plasm wraith Plasm Wrath The Plasm wrath will change shapes and deliver powerful attacks from up close and from afar. Formidable Oak Pikmin
Eggplant Wizard-Uprising eggplant Wizard The Eggplant wizard casts powerful eggplant magic that can transform players into eggplants. Enemy Lair Kid Icarus
Ocotpus Army Player must defeat 50 of the Ocotpus Army. There are different varieties of the members. Ocoto Valley Splatoon
Queen Metroid Other M queen Metroid The Queen Metroid will attack with h\its jaws, spawn Metroids, and spew out fire. Biosphere Metroid
BlackShadowSSBH Black Shadow Black shadow will attack opponents with powerful melee attacks, charges, and also transform into his racer; dealing high damage. Casino Palace F-Zero
Laambo Laambo Laambo delivers powerful sword attacks across the stage as well as calling in reinforcements from the GEATHJERK armies. blossom City The Wonderful 101
Google streetview man StreetView Pegman The StreetView Pegman attacks using fast punches and kicks. He works similarly to how he does on the stage itself. Google StreetView Google
MasterHandBrawlCrazyHandSSB4 Master Hand & Crazy Hand They function much like in Classic Mode Final Destination super Smash Bros.

Random Encounters

At times, players may find themselves face to face with a Random Encounter. A Random Encounter usually consists of playable character that has been transformed or buffed off to become a boss. Random Encounter opponents are the same across the two versions.

Name Description Stage Series
Giga Bowser SSBR Giga Bowser No changes Inside Bowser (HH)

Bowser's Castle (CS)

GiantDK Giant Donkey Kong No changes Kongo Junggle (HH)

Jungle Hijinx (HH)

Donkey Kong
254px-MetalMarioMK7Solo Metal Mario No changes Meta Crystal (HH/CS) Mario
Smash Bros Brawl Ridley and Samus Giant Ridley No changes. Ridley's Lair (HH/CS) Metroid
MegaCharizardXDream Mega Charizard X No changes Hoenn Skies (HH)

Battle Revolution (CS)

BeastGanonSSBH Beast Ganon No changes Gerudo Valley (HH)

Temple (CS)

The Legend of Zelda
Stealth Wolf No changes Katrina (HH)

Lylat Cruise (CS)

Star Fox

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