Assist Trophies are items that players can activate to summon various characters and creatures from universes represented in Super Smash Bros. Assist Trophies first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and then again in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. While they relatively remain the same, it has been confirmed that players can toggle which Assist Trophies will appear during play and can toggle between individual Assist Trophies.

Name Type Description Universe Unlock Criteria
DonkeyKong8Bit 8-Bit Donkey Kong Attack 8-Bit Donkey Kong appears on an elevated platform and will begin to throw barrels down at opponents. The barrels are able to damage as they bounce around; hurting players. Donkey Kong

No upgrades

Complete all Solo Modes (Classic, Adventure, Boss Battle, and All Star) with Donkey Kong
Pandoras Tower - Aeron3 Aeron Attack Aeron grabs a hold of opponents, yanks them down to the ground which deals damage. It can KO opponents who are over the ledges. Pandora's Tower Complete Adventure Mode with 30 characters.
Andross Andross Projectile Flies into the background and shoots out polygons. Star Fox Starter
Anthony Higgs Attack

Appears and begins firing his Freeze Gun which freezes anyone in his path. He then fires his Plasma Gun which shatters the ice; dealing high damage.

Metroid Starter
AshleyAnarchy2 Ashley Status Conjures a cloud with a damaging area of effect. WarioWare Starter
640px-Baldy.longlegs Baldy Long Legs Attack Baldy Long Legs appears and begins stomping on the stage; causing widespread area damage and forcing players to the side. Pikmin Starter
Birdo Projectile Birdo appears and fires eggs from her mouth. The eggs deal damage and knocks players down as the eggs travel further. Mario Starter
Color TV-Game 15 Projectile Two paddles on the sides of the stage play Pong, with the ball damaging players. This Assist Trophy does not appear on the Pong stage in the handheld version. Pong Starter
Forces of Nature - Cragalanche Cragalanch Attack Cragalanch appears and begins rolling around the stage; dealing damage and slamming into opponents. While it does high damage, it is very slow. Kid Icarus Starter
Cranky Cranky Kong Attack Cranky Kong appears and walks around the stage, grumbling and poking with his cane. He will also pull out his Denture Popgun and fire dentures at players. Donkey Kong Starter
DarkSamusAnarchy2 Dark Samus Attack/Projectile Rapidly shoots gunfire and creates blasts of phazon, can be K.O'd if it takes enough damage. Metroid Starter
DevilSSBB Devil Obstruct Devil moves the stage boundaries, causing the blast lines to move as well, leading to the possibility of easier KOs. Devil World Starter
Drkawashima Dr. Kawashima Projectile Flings numbers onto the stage that can be attacked to knock them around. When they add up to 10 or more, they cause an explosion. Brain Age Unlock all stages.
DrWrightAnarchy Dr. Wright Attack Dr. Wright summons buildings from within the ground. Anyone other than the summoner who touches these buildings will receive damage. SimCity Starter
GSFelix Felix Attack Felix appears and will bury any opponents they are on the stage. He then causes it to shake which deals damage before vanishing. Golden Sun Starter
FG-II Graham Projectile Appears and begins firing missiles which deal explosions as well as concentrated electricity which can travel through solid walls. Metroid Unlock all Metroid stages
250px-Infantry and Tanks Brawl Infantry and Tanks Projectile Infantrymen and tank sprites roam across the stage, shooting at players. When spawning, they follow the direction of the summoner. Advance Wars Play 150 Vs. Matches
JeffAnarchy Jeff Projectile Shoots rockets from his Multi Bottle Rocket 5 at his opponents. MOTHER Starter
Kat&anassb Kat and Ana Attack Kat and Ana fly in different directions slashing at anybody in front of them, but always cross in the same spot. WarioWare Starter
Katrina Katrina Status Katrina appears and sets up for Fortune Teller shop. She casts the stage into darkness while illuminated with mystical lights. She casts a fortune onto the stage that either benefits or hamper the summoner or all of the players Animal Crossing Starter
Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe Attack Like in Brawl, delivers a series of Vulcan Jabs to his opponents and finishes with either a Smash Punch or an uppercut attack named Rising Break, he can be K.O'd if he has taken enough damage. Kirby Starter
LakituAnarchy Lakitu and Spines Projectile A Lakitu appears on a cloud and hurls Spinies from above. The Spinies are capable of meteor smashing. Lakitu and Spinies are faster than they were in Brawl, Lakitu can be K.O'd if taken enough damage. Mario Bros. Starter
Leon Attack Leon appears and will immediately become invisible. He will attack players with kicks and punches though when he does, he is slightly visible. Star Fox Starter
AssembleAmiibo Lyndis Lyn Attack Attacks unsuspecting characters with a single, strong sword swipe, can be K.O'd if taken enough damage. Fire Emblem Starter
Magnus Magnus Attack Leaps around and swings the Magnus Club. He flinches if he's attacked and can be K.O'd if he takes enough damage Kid Icarus Starter
MetroidAnarchy Metroid Attack/Status Latches onto players and damages them. Can be attacked and shaken off, but prevents the victim from using recovery moves. It can be K.O'd if it takes enough damage. Metroid Starter
Micaiah (FE10 Artwork) Micaiah Restore/Projectiles Micaiah appears and begins throwing Holy spells that damage other players while slowly healing the player who summoned her. Fire Emblem Complete Classic Mode with 10 female characters.
MidnaSSB4 Midna Attack Grabs opponents and throws them, while dealing darkness damage. She can be K.O'd if she takes enough damage. The Legend of Zelda Starter
MikeJones3 Mike Jones Attack/Projectile Mike Jones appears and begins hitting opponents with his Baseball Bat. He then performs one final hit that does high damage. Star Tropics Starter
Mother Brain SSB4 Mother Brain Projectile She uses her signature laser attack when summoned, and is guarded by Rinka enemies. She can be K.O'd if she takes enough damage. Metroid

No upgrades

255px-NiDL Nightmare Wizard Nightmare Obstruct Causes the screen to become dark temporarily. Kirby Starter
HNI 0013 Nintencat Obstruct The cat appears and begins to follow the players with curious movements. It will even try to paw the screen and do its trademark "Neko Punch!" The Nintencat is the Calico cat, a cat that brings fortune in Japan. It even purrs when it is happy! Nintendodog+Cat Starter
Shiba inu puppy Nintendog Obstruct A "Nintendog" (Shiba Inu) blocks the screen. Nintendog+Cat Starter
Octoling Projectile The Octopus Girl appears and will begin firing ink at opponents. The ink does poison damage that slowly adds damage. Splatoon Starter
RikiAnarchy Riki Status He uses several different arts from Xenoblade, including Happy Happy, Freezinate, and Yoink. Xenoblade Starter
SablePrinceSSB4 Sablé Prince Attack Sablé Prince releases a cloud of dust, trapping an opponent, before he attacks as a frog or snake. He can be K.O'd if he takes enough damage. Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Starter
Saki SSB4 Saki Amamiya Projectile/Attack Moves around on his own accord and slashes players, and can also shoot a stream of gunfire. He can be K.O'd if he takes enough damage. Sin and Punishment Unlock 20 songs.
SamuraiGorohTransparency Samurai Goroh Attack Samurai Goroh slashes his swords while chasing opponents. He can be K.O'd if he takes enough damage. F-Zero Starter
Shadow SSB4 Shadow the Hedgehog Status Shadow slows down time with Chaos Control. The summoner continues to move at normal speed. Sonic Unknown
SkullKidSmash Skull Kid Status Inverts the stage, similarly to Palkia, turns everything backwards, or turns everyone invisible The Legend of Zelda Starter
150px-StanleyOriginal Stanley the Bugman Projectile Stanley the Bugman appears and begins firing bug repellant into the sky. When it connects with an opponent, it pushes them upwards. Donkey Kong Starter
Starfyssbr Starfy Attack Wanders around and spin attacks opponents. He can be K.O'd if he takes enough damage. Starfy Starter
StarmanAnarchy Starman Projectile Starman moves side-to-side across the stage, shooting lightning bolts out of its head at opponents. It can be K.O'd if it takes enough damage (albiet with the "SMAAASH!" effect from Earthbound.) MOTHER Starter
T-rex3 T-Rex Attack The T-Rex appears and begins biting at opponents on the stage. He will also fill his mouth with fire and bite. Fossil Fighters Starter
WaluigiAnarchy Waluigi Attack Waluigi repeatedly stomps players into the ground. This onslaught is followed by either a strong kick or a strike from his tennis racket. He can be K.O'd if he takes enough damage. Mario Bros. Starter
WingoCaptainToad Wingo Attack Wingo will dive bomb opponents in an attempt to slam into them. He does high damage. His dashes can also push away opponents after he passes by. Mario Bros. Starter
VinceSSB4 Vince Obstruct Vincent appears and begins brushing paint onto the screen; obstructing vision from the players. This also effects CPU players. Art Academy Collect 25 Illustrations
170px-HW Zant Zant Attack Zant appears and begins teleporting around the stage. It will fire blasts of dark energy, slashing with his scimitars, and cause himself to grow large and slam to the stage. The Legend of Zelda Starter

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