Developer(s) nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3D
Release Date(s)
2014 Januray 1st
Nitendo 3DS
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D platform
Media Included Wii Disc
 SUPER 3D BROS is a upcoming 3D platform game. It's able to control mario new ways. It's for Wii.


When the player moves the background moves the left. (if right) If the goes up, the camera goes down.

Some new power ups return.

It amost like Super Mario 3D Land,but you can't go forward and backward.


Hammer Rank

Hammer Hammer

Hammer Hammer is a new to become Hammer Mario,Luigi,or Toad

Super Mushroom

MEGA mushroom

Toad Suit can become a Toad statue of B is hold. You can do this for a long

time until the time on the time meter is up.

Hammer Marioo

Hammer Mario

File:Golden Mushroom NSMBRPG.png

Golden Mushrooms can give you 10 coins


Bowser, kidnaps Princess Peach, while Mario, was alseep. Mario and the Toads was finding Peach missing.

The Red Toad, Gave Mario, a picture of Bowser stealing peach.    

Bowser take Princess

Bowser and Peach

In world 8, Bowser's, way of defeating is jumping on his head 10 times.

He then falls into the lava. Peach is saved.


Mario Unlocked be default.

Luigi Unlocked in S1-Castle

Castle (NSMBW)

Red Toad

Green Toad


Boom-Boom-Every Tower,but, World 5,6,7


Pom-Pom's Artwork

BOOM-BOOM -UNLOCkable player

Boom Boom's Artwork

Iggy Koopa-World 1-CastleMorton Koopa Jr.-World 2-CastleLemmy and Weny Koopa-World 3-Castle 1-Castle 2Larry Koopa-Word 4-CastleLudwig Von Koopa-world 5-CastleRoy Koopa-World 6-CastleBowser Jr.-World 7-Doom ShipBowser-World 7-Bowser's Castle


World 1 a grassland

World  2 a Desert

World 3 A snowy moutain on top bellow a beach

World 4 A jungle

World 5 Some canyons

World 6 Skies

World 7 Volcanos



When the Toads get fire flowers,their form is same as Blue Toad and Yellow Toad

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