Super(Duper) Mario, is a parody comic series written by JrTroopaJr. Troopa, It takes the reader into Mario's daily life. That can mean some pretty big stuff.


After getting sucked down a warp pipe, Mario Mario Mario has to learn to cope with the insanity of his kingdom.


  • Mario Mario Mario: An obese plumber from Italy. Or Brooklyn. Or the Mushroom Kingdom actually. Canon problems nonetheless, Mario is sarcastic, fat, and really only cares for himself.
  • Loogie "Mama Luigi" Mario: A scrawny little plumber from Brooklyn. He is Mario's closest friend and has an obsession with yoshis.
  • Peach: An innocent annoying princess who looks beautiful but has a terrible voice.
  • Bowser  "Bowsiekins" Sarkol: An unintelligent turtle who is evil. He talks in a muffled voice and thinks Mario M. Mario is very annoying.
  • Toad: A female manly creature who is a grumpy dwarf/midget. He speaks in an ear piercing voice and is super annoying.
  • Wart: A Toad I mean a frog toad and like...? Anyways, Warty is an obese frog who hats his veggies. Nintendo, teaching kids for 39 fricking years.


Volume 1

  • 1: Coping with Insanity: Mario Mario Mario and his brother get sucked up into the world of the Mushroom Kingdom and have to save Princess Peach from Bowser J. Sarkol.
  • 2: Wart Hart: After taking laughing gas, Mario passes out at Toad's House and has a dream that  him, Loogie, Toad, and Peach go into a dream world to fight a veggie hating frog and a pink ostritch!
  • 3: Conspiracy : Upon rescuing Peach again, Mario learns that people on the internet believe it was all a play. Mario sets out to stop these rumors.


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