Current Age  ??? (presumably 30)
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Female
Species Spiders
Spider Demon, Queen Spider, Hell Spider
First Appearance Okami U
Latest Appearance Okami U

Supaidā (or Spider Demon, Queen Spider, Hell Spider) is a boss that appeared in Okami U, and was the first boss.


Okami U

Supaidā is a spider demon, she attacks by summoning baby spiders and/or jabbing at Amaterasu, she will also attempt to stab her in the heart when she's down to 1 leg, which will lower Amaterasu to 1 hit will take her out. Despite being the 1st boss, she can easily kill Amaterasu in battle. Supaidā is defeated if you use Sword Slash on all 6 levers in the room causing the roof to crumble on one of her legs allowing Amaterasu to take them off with Poison Jab or Sword Slash.