Supah Dupah Summah is Jetmusic's first EP. It includes three songs: Supah Dupah Summah, Timer's Athletics and Super Mario Galaxy: The Third Theme.


Supah Dupah Summah


Timer's Athletics




About Songs

Supah Dupah Summah

The EP was named after this song, and it was made because of it being Summer in Jemusic's owner's hometown. It was made fully by Peanutjon via keyboard, with help from his brother. It is very repetitive and the only song on the EP that's also a single.

Timer's Athletics

This song was made by mixing Yoshi's Island Athletics with NSMBW Athletics. It is said that it is the theme of the Exercise House in Timer's Quest, but this isn't confirmed.


The theme for the game Jet Inc. has been working on, Super Mario Galaxy: The Third. This was made with slightly 8-bit styled Red Star music and slightly 8-bit styled Good Egg Galaxy music. It's not a single, but is heard on the page for SMGTT.


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