Sunrise is an upcoming Umbrella fighting game for The V², created by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), and being released in Q4 2017. A new edition in the many umbrella games found on Fantendo, Sunrise takes dozens of the creator's favorite from various video game, movie, anime, and television media, and has them clash together in a limitless battle. The roster is known to be gigantic, holding a whopping 120 playable characters in the game alone, and with each character being loved by the creator no matter what other's think. The game plays quite similarly to titles in the Super Smash Bros. game series, most particularly Wii U and 3DS. The style of fighting is similar, with specific combos and special moves, a finishing move, and different types of jumps and whatnot: there are, of course, a few differences, like regeneration and non-stat weaknesses. There is also a confirmed story mode to the game, similar to the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, called Island of Dimensions where the characters of the game are thrown into a gigantic island with little to no memory, as they fight and team up to find what's pulling the strings in the new island.


The gameplay in Sunrise is remarkably similar to the Smash Bros series game for the most part; where 2-8 fighters fight on a specifically chosen stage, and, rather than depleting health to win, winning is based off of knocking your opponents off the stage to make them lose stocks and finally lose the match. The move system is also a lot like Smash, with four special attacks, multiple physical attacks, as well as grabs, throws, dodges, and an Etho Finisher (equivalent to a Final Smash). However, in order to differ from the installments, there are a few differences.

Firstly, the Final Smash equivalent, known as an Etho Finisher, is not used by breaking a Smash Ball; rather, a gauge near the player's health bar must be filled up to use this. However, this gauge isn't filled up by taking or dealing damage; rather, the gauge fills up wth the use of strategic play; whether it be dodging attacks, using strategies to take out opponents easily, or timing attacks and shields perfectly, the gauge will fill up. Once the gauge is full, the Etho Finisher can be used. The purpose of the gauge was to reward strategic-playing players with a powerful attack, so spammers or campers cannot get any benefit.

Another change is the addition of Regeneration. This game change makes it so that players' health will slowly heal as time goes on. Normally, regeneration takes 1% per second; however, some fighters will regenerate a bit faster than others, and some a bit slower, as it depends on that fighter's characteristics. This can be toggled on or off to the player's pleasing. There's also an in-game item, the Leftovers, that temporarily speed up regeneration for players to twice the speed.

Game Modes


In this mode, you and up to seven other opponents (either playable through additional controllers or CPUs) choose characters and a stage to fight on. There are several formats that can be played; Regular (fight until everyone except one person loses all their lives), Timed (fight for points under a time limit), Redzone (fight to knock opponents into "red zones", specific places on the stage that lead to insta-kills), Millionaire (knock coins off of opponents and win by having the most cash), and Stamina (fight until your health runs out).


In this mode, you choose a character to place on a giant map of challenges, starting with the center challenge. In this mode, you complete challenges to unlock more paths on the map, until you eventually reach the path to lead you to a Boss to fight (which is randomly chosen). Beating the center challenge unlocks more paths, where you can choose the challenge, which range from a simple battle, to breaking moving targets, to even having to free other fighters from cages under a time limit. Dying three times leads to a game over, though lives can be regained. Winning challenges can sometimes lead to coins, Catch Cards, and even extra health and lives.

Sometimes, a random villainous fighter may block your way, meaning you must defeat them to pass. There are even moments where defeating these opponents can unlock them in the main game.

At the end, you fight a randomly chosen boss out of 4 bosses, which are;

Fuzzybutt is really feeling it
Master Hand is the popular mascot of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, so no wonder he's been copy-pasted into Sunrise, amirite? Master Hand is a floating, disembodied gloved hand that can not only punch and grab players, but can also fire thin lasers from his fingertips, and even summon Primids to distract the player. Fuzzybutt is a DINOSAUR!!!! that lives in the land of DINOSAUR! who once fought Bowie and died, but was resurrected when his ghost said "DINOSAUR!" FUZZYBUTT attacks by summoning DINOSAURZ!!, firing red fireballs that only DINOSAURS! can shoot, and even perform a fabulous pirouette to send NONDINOSAURS flying.
Ridley SSB4
Giratina is the bloodthirsty king of the Distortion World, a dark realm where no life exists. As a giant dragon, Giratina mostly attacks from the background with energy spheres, but also comes up to use Dragon Rush and Phantom Force, which is when you can attack it. Because he's "too big" to actually fight, we have Ridley as a boss this time around! Ridley is a giant cyborg pterodactyl...thing, that has an emotional connection to Samus in the Metroid game. As a boss, Ridley can attack with it's wings and tail, fire fireballs, create shockwaves, fly across the screen, and do other Ridley things.


Unlocked after finishing Story Mode, this mode is similar to "All-Star" from the Smash Bros. games, where you choose a character to fight every character in the game with limited health items. The catch, however, is that there are no breaks in between; rather, you're placed in repeatedly changing stages, where you fight four opponents at a time at a random stage, where beating all opponents on-screen unlocks a teleporter that takes you to the next stage. Stepping on a teleporter also heals 30% of damage. The player has only two lives, meaning dying is not an option. Beating this mode with a character unlocks that character's Etho Finisher Catch Card.

Story Mode

Island of Dimensions is the Story Mode of the game. In this story, characters from many different universes are thrown onto a seemingly endless island, almost a whole country, with little to no memories and are forced to do nothing but trust new and old faces to find a way off the island. Meanwhile, unsettling secrets about the island and it's inhabitants surface. For the full storyline, see here.


In a fashion similar to Fire Emblem: Awakening, one can visit the campsite where characters meet and interact with each-other, and there are many things that can be done here. At Camp, you take control of any character to walk around. Here, it is possible to arrange two characters to interact by exploring together, having a brawl, or just simply having a short conversation. If two specific characters explore with each other, they will find prizes like gold and helpful items. When these said two specific characters explore, fight, or talk to each other, their relationship grows, which makes these two characters more powerful together if teamed up in a battle outside of Story Mode. At certain points when two characters' relationship gets to a high rate, support conversations are unlocked, which reveals things about these characters and their personalities, as well as creating strong "bonds", which can lead to better prizes if they go exploring. A single character can only support with certain characters, however: for example, Happy can only support with Chopper, Gajeel, and Lucky.

For a complete list of all supports, see here.

Fighter Board

(This new type of game mode can actually be played with up to four players; however, it's suggested to play alone first.)

In this mode, the player chooses up to eight characters to use on a team, unless they choose to randomize them. There, the eight players are put on a large map-like area, with eight other "enemy characters". From there, the player can choose which character they want to advance, and the amount of spaces a player can traverse depends on the character. If a character encounters another enemy character, a fast-paced duel starts with the Stamina battle type; with this, the winner of the battle knocks out the enemy character. Meanwhile, any amount of damage the winner has taken remains; however, there are random occurrences of "Healing Stations" spawning, where characters can restore health for a small amount of time.

When one whole side is eliminated, the game ends and the winner is crowned; however, when two sides have 1-2 characters each left, a "Crowning" battle occurs, where each character is healed completely, given 3 lives, and the winning side is crowned the winner. Winners may receive various prizes, like gold, Catch Cards and whatnot. Alternate prizes can be found on the map rarely.

Bracket Challenge

After picking a character, this fast-paced game begins where 31 other random fighters are put in a randomized bracket with you, and you must face off your opponent in a tournament-style fight. Winning a battle advances you on the bracket, while losing makes you lose the game. At the end, when the last battle ends, the winner is crowned.


Arena is basically the equivalent to SSB's Stadium; a place where you can play smaller minigames, view your collections, buy some cool stuff, and whatnot. Arena is also where you can view your progress on Story Mode. That's...pretty nice, actually.

Sunset Carnival

Here at the Sunset Carnival, you can partake in a number of fun activities! Among them are:

  • Ticket Exchange: Exchange won tickets for prizes, like gold, Catch Cards, and helpful Story Mode items!
  • Lottery: Win gold and Catch Cards by winning this lottery!
  • Plush Crane: For a simple fee of 100G, you can win a plush of a random character to put up on your...imaginary shelf, I dunno.
  • Ballhole: For 10G, roll a ball and get it into a hole pocket. Winning gets you tickets.
  • Mechanical Bull Riding: Ride for up to 10 minutes for a chance to win tickets.

Minigame Mania

This fast-paced game mode involves up to eight players. After the characters are chosen, the players are thrown into a series of fast-paced minigames, ranged from reaching the other side of a cliff, collecting treasure, defeating enemies, and even answering trivia questions. Every game someone wins or does correctly is 1 point. After the set amount of minigames is finished (which can be set to be between 10 and 30), the one with the highest amount of points is crowned the winner.

In the case of a tie for first place, a small "Sudden Death" duel will occur, where each player has a very small amount of health left in the Stamina format, and whoever is left not knocked out is crowned the winner.

By playing against CPUs and winning, you can achieve prizes for getting in the Top 3; ranging from custom fighter boosts, gold, Catch Cards, and even items usable in Story Mode.

Catch Cards

Catch Cards, a feature in the Wii game Super Paper Mario, allowed the characters to throw cards to capture enemies in it to get cards of them for the rest of the game, or could be found in hidden areas. Catch Cards work similarly in this game, as Catch Cards are not only hidden all over the many areas in Story Mode, but they can be found as items in the maps, and thrown at enemies to capture them inside the cards to get information on them. Catch Cards can also be won in the Lottery. For a list of Catch Card descriptions, see Sunrise/List of Catch Cards.


The amount of characters has not been confirmed, though it is inferred to be around 100.


SunriseIcon AmpharosSunriseIcon AsrielSunriseIcon ChopperSunriseIcon CrowSunriseIcon DeMilleSunriseIcon DippyFreshSunriseIcon DragoniteSunriseIcon FidgetSunriseIcon FlannelSunriseIcon FlipSunriseIcon GajeelSunriseIcon GoodraSunriseIcon HappySunriseIcon HeroJake SkettSunriseIcon LubLubSunriseIcon LuckySunriseIcon MaskedManSunriseIcon PeridotSunriseIcon PlagueKnightSunriseIcon SimirrorSunriseIcon SoSorrySunriseIcon Stiv&MordirSunriseIcon TomNookSunriseIcon ToyBonnieSunriseIcon VaatiSunriseIcon Zerita



There are a total of 80 stages; 40 starter and 40 unlockable. Almost all of the stages pertain to the characters in the game, with a few exceptions. For more information on each of these stages, click that stage's image.




  • Cred to Exotoro (tbc) for the logo of the game.
  • Cred to Vonn Karma (tbc) for the logo of Island of Dimensions.