Sunophia is a legendary Dragon/Psychic type Pokemon introduced in Generation VI. It is the version mascot of Pokemon Sun. It knows two signature moves: Psychic Pulse and Psycho Bolt.


It has a long, slim pale purple body, with a giraffe's neck. Its face has soft cheeks, and two very long ponytails-like soft horns on its head. It also has beautiful elegant wings which it can use them to fly, two thick legs and three beautiful swirling tails, people thought it's related to Reshiram.


Type: Dragon/Psychic



Pokedex: Known as the "Sun Guardian Pokemon", this Pokemon is always very fond of sunlights.


Pokemon Sun

Once Ghetsis has revived Moonruphus in the Sacred Temple, he will tell you that you need Sunophia to go with you. After you get all eight badges, and defeated Team Plasma in Zokalion City, the Mayor will give you the Sun Gem as a reward. When you leave the city, Cody/Irene will run and tell you that Ghetsis has controlled Moonruphus in the Solar World. When you get to the Solar World, the Seven Sages will block your way and battle you, and Ghetsis will tell you that it's too late because Moonruphus has already spreaded chaos all over the world, after that, the Sun Gem will shake in the bag, come out and absorb aura, then will reveal Sunophia inside. Sunophia will then go on a rampage and battle you. After you have defeated/caught Sunophia, Cody/Irene will heal your Pokemon, and leave immediatley. Ghetsis will tell you that they will meet again one day, and will battle you.

Pokemon Moon

Even though Sunophia is unobtainable in Pokemon Moon, and instead it's on N's (formerly Ghetsis's) side. Ghetsis will revive Sunophia at the Sacred Tower. Also, you also have to defeat/catch Moonruphus in its rampage. Ghetsis will use Sunophia to battle you. After all of Ghetsis's Pokemon were defeated, N will catch Sunophia, tell you of his previous actions from Pokemon Black and White to Ima and you, then he will give you Zekrom and leaves with his Sunophia that his father caught.


  • Sunophia is the third Dragon/Psychic typed Pokemon, the first being Latias and Latios.

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