Sunnyscythe Plays War is the epilogue to Fantendo - Playing War. It details the events that occur on Castle Street after Fantasma's death, and leads up to the events of Spark01 (tbc)'s revamped Litle P and Sandslash Series.


The first three chapters were primarily borne from the author becoming tired of Sunnyscythe's constant reappearances and bizarre growths in power. The intent was to kill off Sunnyscythe for good, an event which occurs in the third chapter.
Months later, the fourth, final, and considerably more upbeat final chapter was released as a way to counteract the extreme darkness that had been growing in an otherwise upbeat series. Desiring to avoid comparisons to the widely-panned Litle P and the Poltergeist Princess, the chapter gave Sunnyscythe a considerably happier ending.


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