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Sunny and the Mushroom: THE END OF THE WORLD

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This is a joke article, possibly made to make fun of a certain subject. Understand that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.
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Sunny and the mushoomr is a reely sad gaem made by user: drygu . it will revolutinize fantendo and save te wrold fomr n00bys. THE DUDES LOVED IT MAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN


Sunny is a girl she is lots of hairy and its blodne

yeah she got BLONDE hair

anyway she was sitting and then MUSHROOMS!

"oooh mommy help its MUSHROOMS"

"no silly little girl"

and then she dide

after that her mommy was at work

mommy with lots of people

anyway everybodey was standing aruond and then suddlleny a dude blows up and blood flies EVERYWHERE and EVERYBODY die.

the end

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