Sunny Villa is the first world in Skip and Sqak, It is a Beautiful village with flowers and blue skies. There are no enemies at all in the level, until it gets invaded by the Ant army at the final world. It is the home of the heroes in the game.

Skip and Sqak

Sunny Villa is the home of Sqak, Mia, Imp, Tubby, Croco, Robin, and later Dib and Skip's home at the end of the game, And it is an Enemy free zone.

The World only has 3 segments

The World has 3 Mini Games

  • The Frog and Bird VS Crocodile (Croco)
  • Freinds protect Freinds (Tubby)
  • Forest Bail! (Imp)

The Houses in the island are made of "Forest related"

  • Skip, Sqak, and Mia all live in a giant rock house with carpets and wall paper inside.
  • Croco lives in a giant tree
  • Tubby lives in a cave with a TV
  • Imp lives in a cabin
  • Dib lives in a normal house with fancy vases and paintings
  • Robin lives in a Tree House

At the first segment in the Island-Tizer World, Sunny Villa has been invaded by Emporer Drek and his ant army and are locking everyone in cages, leaving Skip and Sqak to save them before the timer goes off.