Sunny is a half-child, half-demon that appears in Fantendo - Wounds of Time. He is the decieving prankster of the group.


He may seem like a innocent school kid, but Sunny knows more than a thing or two about being evil. He doesn't like being wrong. And is a diehard prankster who doesn't know when to stop, and can become raged when he goes out of control.


Sunny has spiky black hair and black eyes. A grey hoodie with skull on it with the hood down and black trousers.


Fantendo - Wounds of Time

Sunny arrives with Marcus on the boat, and quickly meet the Captain, Wally.

Once arrived, all seems well as they all meet up, Ella Metals writes in her diary about not trusting him. Which leads to a mini-brawl in the Atlantic streets as she shoves metal into the 'annoying, enraged Sunny'. Leaving a huge cut on his stomach. Which Ella offers to heal.



Sunny always acts quite spiteful to Marcus, but he always says it's a joke, unless Sunny goes on a angry rampage.

Ella Metals

It seems Sunny wants to be friends with Ella, but she doesn't trust him, as shown when he was quite angry, she shoved some metal in to prevent any more misfortune, into which made him even more angry.

But, she does see the 'angel' of a child to him, but doesn't like to stay around him for too long, depending on his mood.

Cap'n Wally

Sunny sees Wally as 'bait' for his pranks, and he doesn't really care for what Wally actually does for the crew. Wally has gradually learnt to cope with him, though.


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