Sunnyscythe, remaining a bit shocked after his rescue by the strangely familiar Jirachi who was strangely starting to drift from his memory, continued running deep into the forest, past wild Pokémon who were halfway between awake and asleep, past berry bushes, and through tall grass.

Finally, he reached a large patch of tall grass.

"I wonder what's in here?" Sunnyscythe asked himself.

He sprinted into the grass, his childlike spirit enveloping his entire being.

After running straight forward more than a minute, he reached a clearing in the grass.

Oh boy! thought Sunnyscythe, eager for adventure.

Sunny walked forward a few more feet, then saw a Pokémon. Almost instantly, he hid behind a bush.

He slowly peered over the bush and noticed that the Pokémon was preoccupied. He stuck his head out a little more to see what she was doing.

The Pokémon was a normal looking Kirlia, female, rummaging with something in her hand. The only abnormality about her, Sunnyscythe noticed, was that her horn-like protrusions were colored a deep black, almost like...

Before Sunny could finish his thought, he realized what lied below her.

A heap of freshly mutilated entrails, appropriately soaked with blood, was directly under the Kirlia. She was practically standing on them, and she held some kind of internal organ in her hand, also soaked with blood. Sunnyscythe didn't even recognize the carcass; it was mangled to the point of unidentification. It was the most brutal and disgusting thing Sunny had ever seen.

And he was proud of it.

Sunnyscythe stepped closer to the Kirlia, now in the open passageway.

"Hi there!" said Sunnyscythe entusiastically.

The Kirlia jumped, dropped the organ, and gave Sunnyscythe a funny look. Suddenly, Sunny began to hurt a bit, everywhere.

"Owie!" said Sunnyscythe, in pain, but laughing, "Owie owie owie!"

The Kirlia realized that Sunny didn't seem like such a threat, and looked at him normally. Sunny's pain eased.

"You scared me." said the Kirlia straightforwardly.

"Sorry, friend." Sunnyscythe apologized.

He then pointed to the mutilated body, a grin unconsciously forming on his face.

"Did he play nice?" he said.

"No." said the Kirlia, "I had to get rid of him."

"I remember two meanies who didn't play nice with me..." related Sunnyscythe, fondly remembering his recent blackmailing of Randy & Lotey.

The Kirlia did not respond, but gave a tiny smile.

"How'd you do that?" asked Sunnyscythe, still pointing at the carcass.

"I don't know." said the Kirlia.

"Where'd you learn to do it?" asked Sunnyscythe.

"I don't remember." said the Kirlia.

There was a pause, then Sunnyscythe trotted up to the Kirlia, his right hand in front of him.

"I'm Sunnyscythe!" said Sunnyscythe, giving a big smile, his soulless eyes fixed on hers.

The Kirlia shook Sunnyscythe's outstretched hand with her bloody one.

"I'm Raven." said the Kirlia, shaking Sunny's hand lightly, then releasing her grip.

Sunnyscythe held his shaken hand up to his face. It was soaked with the carcass's blood.

He began to laugh.

Raven did the same.

"Hey," Sunnyscythe said after laughing, "Do you wanna' go on an adventure with me? It'll be super fun! We can be friends!"

"OK!" said Raven enthusiastically, "That sounds like fun!"

"Hooray!" exclaimed Sunnyscythe, overjoyed that he had made a new friend.

"Haha," laughed Raven, "I like you, Sunnyscythe."

"I like you too, Raven!" replied Sunnyscythe.

The two friends ran deeper into the forest, holding blood-soaked hands, leaving behind the carcass.

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