Sunnyscythe and Raven continued to frolic through the forest, hands now unclasped, Raven's hand free of blood. They ran as happy-go-lucky children, regardless of their mental state.

Something was building up inside of Sunnyscythe as he ran and laughed with Raven: Happiness. Sunnyscythe hadn't felt this in quite a while, save for the rewarding sensation he felt when other people were in pain. This feeling almost reminded himself of his counterpart, the name of which he doesn't like to speak or think about.

At long last, Sunnyscythe had finally made a friend.

But how did he know that they were already friends at such a short time?

Within the twenty minutes of frolicking in the forest, Sunny and Raven had come across a few unsuspecting wild Pokemon, which were very horribly mutilated within seconds of coming face-to-face with them using Raven's delightfully diabolical "talent". The friends called these occasions "playtime", and the both of them enjoyed these times very much.

After a few more minutes of running, Sunny and Raven stumbled upon a Swadloon, its back turned to the two friends, gnawing on a berry.

"Should we ask him to play?" asked Sunnyscythe, whispering.

"Yes." whispered Raven.

Raven tapped the Swadloon on the back. It turned towards them.

"Wanna' play?" Sunnyscythe and Raven asked simultaneously.

Raven gave the Swadloon her trademark funny look and it, naturally, began to hurt in every area of its body. It let out a low cry of agony as it slowly dropped to the floor. Sunnyscythe was practically trembling in excitement and glee at the sight.

Then, the decompisition began.

Slowly, a cut began to form on the Swadloon's face, just next to its left eye. It let out another cry as a drop of hot blood trickled down its cheek.

It was being torn apart from the inside.

The Swadloon was now on the floor, writhing in pain, as its demise was being brought upon him by two complete strangers.

"P-p-p-pleeeeeeaaaasssssse..." muttered the Swadloon in a trembling, helpless voice as the cut grew to a deep gash.

Raven's face went back to her normal expression and turned to Sunnyscythe. The Swadloon stopped trembling.

"He said 'please'." Raven said matter-of-factly.

Tears and blood streamed down the Swadloon's face. It was still in terrible pain from the gash, though there was a faint sense of relief about it that a lot of the pain had gone away.

The Swadloon turned to Sunny and Raven, a look of complete pain and fear in its eyes.

"Wh-why...?" it asked.

"It was playtime." said Sunnyscythe, poking his head a little bit more outwards to meet the Swadloon's eyes with his. (Naturally, the Swadloon cringed slightly at the sight of them.)

"Who are you?" asked the Swadloon, beginning to come to its senses, "A-and why did you do that?!"

"It was playtime." Sunnyscythe repeated.

"We're sorry." said Raven, "We didn't play nice."

"I should say not!" said the Swadloon, its gash already beginning to heal. It was apparent now, from its voice, that the Swadloon was male. It was also apparent that he lacked the stoic personality of most Swadloon, but instead was nervous and timid. He hadn't been this loud or scared in a long while.

"Hey," said Sunnyscythe, "Do you wanna' come and play with us?"

"What...?" asked the Swadloon, confused, but actually starting to warm up to his attackers, "Uh, I don't know..."

"Oh, pretty please?" asked Raven, "It'll be super fun!"

"I know you'll have fun!" said Sunnyscythe, "Pleeeease?"

Raven and Sunny looked at the Swadloon with large, innocent-looking eyes. (Save for Sunny, whose eyes looked the same evil, hollow black as they ever did.)

The Swadloon couldn't believe the decision he was making.

"OK." said the Swadloon, "I'll tag along."

"Yay!!" Sunny and Raven cheered, "A new friend! A new friend!"

"Just..." said the Swadloon, "Just promise me that you won't hurt anyone else. Or me."

"We promise!" Sunnyscythe and Raven said at the same time.

"My name's Wally." said the Swadloon.

"I'm Sunnyscythe!" said Sunnyscythe.

"I'm Raven!" said Raven.

"OK, Sunny... scythe...?" said Wally, "...And Raven. Where exactly are we going? And what are we going to do?"

"Doesn't matter." said Sunnyscythe, "We don't have to be anywhere. It's just one big playtime for us!"

"Yeah!" said Raven enthusiastically, "Let's go, Sunny, Wally!"

"Yay!" exclaimed Sunnyscythe.

Both Raven and Sunnyscythe sped off like rockets.

Wally, gash closing up, astonished at his new, dare he say it, friends, exclaimed "Wait!", then sped off after them as fast as he could.

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