Suna's Challenge is a fan game made by Peteyfan (tbc) on Nintendo 3DS. The game is a adventure-RPG in terms of gameplay.


The game beggins showing Suna in his home, practicing more of his swordskills, while a mailman arrives, and giving a letter to Suna. Suna reads it, and saw it was a challenge from a mysterious swordmaster, challenging him to a sword fight. However, the arena was supposed to be deep into a volcano, and so, Suna decided to pack and venture to it. While he started, he also learned of an mysterious sorcerer which was attacking nearby villages. Because of it, he decided that he will destroy both enemies.


  • Suna - A man seeking worthy challenges, and hates weaklings. Because of his master swordskills and his powerful blade, Crystallize Blade, most of people think of him as immoral. He is a man of a few words.

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