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Full Name Sulthyr
Current Age 38
Gender Female
Species Magma Daemon
Location Volkahest - formerly
Align Chaotic Neutral
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Jineli - deceased lover
Main Weapon(s) Teeth
Ability/ies Pyromancy, Geomancy, and Lavamancy
High physical strength
Nigh immunity to intense heat
Vulnerable To Water
Nationality Volkahestian
Height 7'05"
Sexuality Homosexual
"The Infernal Empress"
Series Elementals and Daemons

Sulthyr is a Magma Daemon who currently resides on the planet Earth, living deep within the heart of a dormant volcano.

She debuts in the Elementals and Daemons series.

Physical Description

An imposing and fairly athletic-looking Daemon who stands a little over seven feet tall, Sulthyr is quite draconic in form. She has a medium-length snout with slit nostrils, a long mane of fire extending from her head and reaching her upper back, two pairs of horns, and a long, thick tail. She has digitigrade legs, and roughly half of her body is covered by a layer of stone-like armor; the armor appears cracked in many places, allowing her hot, glowing scales to shine through. The armor on her shoulders has small flames spouting through the cracks as well.

Her forearms are relatively thick, and both her hands and feet are tipped with large, sharp claws. A ridge of stony spikes extend from her back, and she has more on the sides of her head, near the lower jaw. Her chest and stomach is also plated with thicker scales.

Her scales, hot to the touch, shift in color and intensity like lava itself, and her stony armor is nearly black in color. Her mane is literal fire, and her eyes are fulvous in color, with slit pupils.



Sulthyr was not born on Earth, but rather on the planet Vermonia. She grew up in the territory of Volkahest, born to a small family. Her mother and father were herders, raising and breeding large, herbivorous beasts known as <???>; these creatures were typically raised as beasts of burden, and their meat and hides were used as well. The territory of Volkahest was not without its dangers, often in the form of Daemon raiders or wild predators, and thus Sulthyr's parents made sure to teach her how to defend herself.


Sulthyr is quite a force to be reckoned with, as she has formidable physical strength and respectable durability. She also has a good deal of natural weapons at her disposal, namely her sharp teeth and claws, and her long, thick and muscular tail; this makes her quite deadly in close-quarters combat. Her scales are also incredibly hot to the touch, and prolonged physical contact can result in burns to unprotected flesh.





Sulthyr is much more durable than she seems; not only are her actual scales tougher than they look, but the stony armor covering much of her body is surprisingly durable, able to weather moderate blows with ease. She also has massive tolerance for intensely high temperatures, to the point of nigh immunity.


Sulthyr has only average agility and reflexes, and she is incapable of swimming.

Friends and Foes






Bold and often stubborn, Sulthyr tends to carry an imperious air about her, and has no qualms about speaking her mind whenever she sees fit. While slow to open up to others, she is not inherently cold or malicious, and is quite capable of displaying warmth and kindness to those she feels deserve it.

She is somewhat arrogant, and dislikes having her strength questioned. Unsurprisingly, she is also downright cruel to anyone she sees as an enemy. Given the circumstances of her lover's death at the hands of monster hunters, she despises humans, and will attack any she sees near her territory.

Positive Traits

  • Brave

Negative Traits

  • Arrogant

Neutral Traits



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