Sukapon in his latest appearance.
Full Name Sukapon
Gender Male
Location Kansai
Class Military Robot
Family and Relations
Dr Little Emon (creator)
Main Weapon(s) Mechanics
First Appearance Captain N: The Game Master
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros. Zero (2011)

Sukapon is a military robot and he was the hero of 1993's Japan only release Joy Mech Fight he appeared as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl but he was a mostly forgotten character until he was revived by Vined Inc. for Captain N: The Game Master and Captain N: Outskirt Warriors.

Canon Appearances

Fanon Appearances

Outskirt Warriors

When Dr Emon and Dr Walton created a series of robots together Sukapon was the only one that was left to be good after Dr Walton went rogue and tried to take over the world. The Owarai, smiling, robot was retooled into a military robot by Dr Emon and had to go and retrieve the seven others that were created like him to be good. Sukapon was Dr Emon's greatest creation and he regarded him as a hero however once his time in the limelight was over the Master Hand came and retrieved the thankless robot and put him into the outskirts.

He was a minor character in Captain N: Outskirt Warriors who had joined the Outskirt warriors because as a military robot he didn't know what to do aside from fight for his freedom. At the end of the battle Sukapon had remained behind.

The Game Master

By the beginning of Captain N: The Game Master Sukapon had been promoted to a general amongst the outskirt warriors to replace the missing generals Pit and Little Mac along with his friend Mike Jones. His resolve to fight for his freedom had become even stronger than before.

Sukapon was programmed to respect those above him and so he held a great respect for King Charles like the others. He wanted even more to be able to please everybody else and to escape the outskirts which had become progressively more dangerous since the war.

Super Smash Bros. Zero

Sukapon appears in Super Smash Bros. Zero, as an unlockable character. You unlock him by playing 25 times with Mr. Game and Watch, or by encountering him on the Story Mode. He has movements based on the game he appeared, Joy Mech Fight, and still has no limbs.