Bullet Suit Blaster

A Suit Blaster.

Suit Blasters (also known as Bullet Suit Blasters) are red Bill Blasters with, instead of a skull image, a Mushroom picture on the holder. instead of Bullet Bills, it shoots Bullet Suits, special items which turns Mario into Bullet Mario. They are very rare, much rarer than Bullet Suits itself, which can also be found in ? Blocks. When Ground Pounded on, it rather dispenses a Bullet Suit than shooting one.


Super Mario Bros. 2010

They appear there, known as Bullet Suit Blasters, in a few levels. They were the dispensers for Bullet Suits in this game, and only this item dispenses Bullet Suits.

New Super Mario Bros. Omega

In this game, they got renamed Suit Blasters, since Bill Blasters were never known as Bullet Bill Blasters. Some of them just appeared in one level, being thus a very rare item. As the Bullet Suit appears in more levels, the suit seems to reappear again in a ? Block.