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A Suggi is a species of character that is first introduced in Paper Mario: The 7 Magic Orbs.


Suggis are based on dung beetles and have small bug-like wings that they use to fly with. A few Suggis have no wings and can't fly. Most Suggis are the color green, but a few, like Staggum and Ekuma, are blue.


​Paper Mario: The 7 Magic Orbs

Suggis are introduced here. There is a Suggi named Staggum who joins your team once you free him from a wall with Stag Jelly. There is also a Suggi named Ekuma who gives you Green Paint, which restores the green color to Raleon City, after you bring save his son, Alex, from a Suggi boss named Blastrok, who rules over Blast Fort.

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