Sugar Rush Turbo!! is a racing game for the Wii U and the PC through Steam and is a game that is included in the fictional video game series Sugar Rush which is featured in the newest Walt Disney Animated Studios movie Wreck-It RalphThe game is going to be released on June 30, 2013 worldwide, and is rated E for Everyone.

The game features many modes such as Grand Prix, Multiplayer mode where the player can race with friends, Online mode where the player can race with other people around their area or across the globe, and more!





Image Name Description Weight
Vanellopewirdisney Vanellope Von Schweetz Vanellope Von Schweetz is the President of Sugar Rush and is ready to join the track again! Vanellope can use her glitching powers to get across from one point to the next.  Light
Rancis Rancis Fluggerbutter Rancis Fluggerbutter, is back to the Sugar Rush track as he decides to race again! Rancis also has better drifting. Light
Taffytadisney Taffyta Muttonfudge Taffyta is a fiesty racer and she has come back to the big track to race again! Light
Creumbelina Crumbelina DiCarmello Crumbelina DiCarmello is a speedy racer as she returns back to the big Sugar Rush race. Light
Minty Minty Zaki Minty Zaki, one of the fastest racers in Sugar Rush is back on the track as she decides to continue her racing legacy on the vast land of Sugar Rush. Light
JubileenaBing-Bing Jubileena Bing-Bing Jubileena Bing-Bing is back and as she races all the other Sugar Rush (and other characters) on the track again! Light
Candlehead Candlehead Candlehead, the drifty heated racer is back as she returns to race again in the Sugar Rush Grand Prix!  Light
Snowanna Snowanna Rainbeau Snowanna Reainbeau the cold yet stylish racer has come back to the big race! Light
Gloyd Gloyd Orangeboar Gloyd Orangeboar returns to the Sugar Rush track and is pumped and ready! Light
SourbillWiR Sour Bill Sour Bill is the assistant of Vanellope and formally King Candy's/Turbo's has joined the race! Feather
Swizzle the Swizz Malarkey Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey Swizzle (or nicknamed "The Swizz") goes back to the track again to race everyone in the land of Sugar Rush! Light
Adorabeezle Adorabeezle Winterpop Adorabezzle Winterpop returns on the Sugar Rush track as she is back and better than ever! Light


Image Name Description Weight How to unlock
CitrusellaFlugpucker Citrusella Flugpucker Citrusella Flugerpucker is back on the big Sugar Rush track as she has better drift more than ever! Light TBA
StickyWipplesnit Sticky Wipplesnit Sticky Wipplesnit is back and she returns to the Sugar Rush Grand Prix once again! Light TBA
NougetstiaBrumblestain Nougetsia Brumblestain Nougestia Brumblestain enters the big Sugar Rush track again as she decides to race against everyone in the sweet land of Sugar Rush. Light TBA
TorvaldBatterbutter Torvald Batterbutter Torvald Batterbutter has once again returned to the Sugar Rush race and has more acceleration than ever before! Light TBA
Wynchelandducnan Wynchel and Duncan Wynchel and Duncan are the Police Officers of Sugar Rush. They come together as a pair as they race on the track for the very first time! Heavy TBA
Kingcandydisney King Candy What's this? How is King Candy in this again? I thought King Candy died when he went into the light in Cy-Bug self! Yeah, but now he is good now, but is still staying as his "role" as king. Medium TBA
Wreck It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph is the main villain in the game Fix-It Felix Jr. and is Vanellope's closest friend. Now Ralph has joined the track for the first time! Heavy TBA
Fix-It-Felix Fix-It Felix, Jr. Fix-It Felix, Jr. is the main hero of the game with the same name Fix-It Felix Jr. and is Sergant Calhoun's husband. Felix has joined the rest of the Sugar Rush cast on his very first time on the track. Medium TBA
Calhoun-Ralph Sergant Tamora Jean Calhoun Sergant Tamora Jean Calhoun (or just Sergant Calhoun) is the hero of the game Hero's Duty and is Fix-It Felix's wife. Calhoun joins the Sugar Rush track for the first time.  Medium TBA


Image Name Description Weight
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and often saves Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Mario comes as a downloadable character. Mario joins the big race if he is downloaded. Medium
Sonic Wreck It Ralph Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive as he saved the world countless times from Dr. Eggman. Sonic joins the track if he is downloaded. Medium
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac-Man Pac-Man who is the hero of Pac-Land and a big eater enters the track if he is downloaded. Medium


Taffy Cup

Name Description Lap Count
Taffy Trailway Taffy Trailway is a medium sized course. It takes place in a large field made entirely out of Taffy, and several obstacles that are included in the level are goop falling taffy and taffy pieces on the floor (which bounces the player around). 3
Candy Cane Forest Candy Cane Forest is a medium sized course. It's a forest that is entirely made up of Candy Canes and other sweets such as lollipops. Not many obstacles are in this course except for the falling candy canes and goop. 3
Caramel Canyon Caramel Canyon is a large course. The course takes place in a large canyon surrounded by hundreds of acres of caramel. Sometimes during the half-way point of the course, Caramel Apples can come rolling down the canyon and the player will spin around if hit. There's also another obstacle in the game where there can be random caramel puddles, and if they are drived through the player will get stuck for about a second or two. 3
Licorice Lake Licorice Lake is a medium sized course that takes place in a lake. The course first takes place on the surface where it's on a harbor full of licorice ships. Then near the end of the level is where all the racers enter a underwater pipe that takes them to another part (and ending part) of the course, and the lake is sure full of Licorice! 3
Gummy Desert Gummy Desert is a large course and final course of the Lollipop Cup. It takes place in a desert that is filled with gummies such as Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, and more! The course firsts starts up on a pyramid (which is entirely made out of gummies), then takes the player out, and then back in the pyramid again. Gummy Desert has many features such as Gummy Bears coming out of the Yellow Fun Dip Sand and Cake which is leveled on top of the desert. Some obstacles that are found in the level are falling gummy bears and quick sand. 3

Lollipop Cup

Name Description Lap Count
Snow Cone Snowlands Snow Cone Snowlands is a large sized course that takes place in the snowlands which is surrounded by snow cones. Some obstacles found in the course are snowmen, cliffs, and falling pieces of snow cone. 3
Lollipop Farms Lollipop Farms is a large sized course that takes place in farm land where lollipops are made. The course doesn't have that many obstacles, but there are donut dogs which can sometimes follow the player for 4 seconds and can attack him/her (if given the chance). 3
The Junkyard The Junkyard is a small sized course and is where many destroyed, worn out, and scrapped karts are located at. The main obstacle in the course are mainly oil puddles which spin around the player if driven over. 4
Vanilla Hills Vanilla Hills is a large sized course that has a basic landscape to it, but is covered with everything vanilla. The course features scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream as hills, White Chocolate roads, and more. 3

Chocolate Cup

Name Description Lap Count
Cotton Candy Clouds Cotton Candy Clouds is a large course that takes place in the clouds which are made out of fluffs of Cotton Candy. Obstacles in the course are pits that lead the racer to fall down and more. 3
Maple Tree Forest Maple Tree Forest is a large course that takes place in a Forest again. This time, the racers go through a large forest which is made out of Maple Trees and Pancakes. The trees in the course also have Maple Syrup coming out of them. 3
White Chocolate House The White Chocolate House is a course that mainly centers around the home of President Vanellope. The course is large and has many rooms inside it where racers travel through them. 4


Name Description
Cake Catapault When gained, the player can launch a piece of cake at any other racer they target as. When hit, the racer will stop for about 3 seconds, then the cake will break away and the racer then can progress.
Sweetseekers When gained, the player can lauch Sweetseekers and then thrown, the Sweetseekers will hit any random racer.
Jawbreaker When gained, the player releases a large rolling Jawbreaker and it hits any random racer in it's path.
Pie When gained, the player can target a racer and when targeted, the player throws a pie at the racer he/she targeted.
Soda Rocket When gained, the player can target their Soda Rocket and when targeted, the rocket will blast off and hit the targeted racer.
Cherry Bomb When gained, the player can throw the Cherry Bomb and explodes after 3 seconds it lands on the ground.
Chocolate Pudding Bucket When gained, the player can spill chocolate pudding onto the road and whoever crosses the pudding puddle, slows down until they get through the puddle.
Brownie When gained, the player can throw a Brownie at any direction at another racer. If thrown at another racer, the Brownie gets stuck on the racer for about 3–4 seconds which can also cause the racer to slow down a tad bit.
Gummy Worm When gained, the player can launch the Gummy Worm anywhere and if another racer tries to get passed the Gummy Worm, he/she will be blocked off.
Hard Candy When gained, the player will turn into rock and can bump into racers which causes them to go off to long distances. The only down side is that the racer goes a tad bit slower.
Root Beer Rocket When gained, the player will gain a large Root Beer Rocket on their kart and then they go blasting off as they plow anything in their path. The item can only be gained by racers who are in last place.
Sugar Rush A rare item where when it is gained, the racer can use 7 different items.
Candy Bag When gained, the player will be invisible for a couple of seconds. When invsible, the player can plow anyone in their way.

Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes can be activated when typed in the Cheat Code Selection Screen which can be accesed on the title screen.

  • TURBO-TASTIC: Players can play as Turbo when playing as King Candy.



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