Sugar Rush Superstars is an upcoming racing game for the Nintendo 3DS based on the fictional arcade game "Sugar Rush" from the film Wreck-It-Ralph. The game features all of sugar coated cast from the movie aswell as the some sweet brand new faces too! The game will be released March 13 for Japan and North America, March 15 for Europe and also March 19th for Australlia. The game is also set to have a arcade version which is planned later on in 2013.

Sugar Rush Superstars
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Family


Series Sugar Rush
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Card


General Gameplay

The game's developers decided they wanted to make a racing game, that wasn't like normal racing games, they wanted it to be still a bit serious with some competition, but also wanted a racing game that was more fun and for the family, the developers then thought of a game based upon Wreck-It Ralph, and with Disney's permission, they are now able to develop and release this "turbo-tastic" game! Also the developers thought that the 3DS would be a great way to produce the game with glorious 3D graphics of the Sugar Rush world.


When racing on the chosen course with the player's chosen character, the player's character will be placed at the back of a line of 11 other opponent racers behind the start line, the two hosts of the game will spell out "S-U-G-A-R" acting as a ready and then call out "RUSH!" which will act as the start and marks the beginning of the race. The player will race around the high speed track three times (the majority of the time, some racetracks differ) and will try to get the best possible place on the track. In the track will be obstacles, shortcuts, ramps and other things that might hinder or help the player. Along the track many Gold Coins are found, these act as money in the game and can be used to buy characters, racetracks and other items, these coins can also be earned for the place you come in the race, so these are quite important in the game. Also in the track, Candy Capsules are scattered around the track, these Candy Capsules are like bigger version of wrapped candy, but these store different candy items in them, which can be used to hinder or help racers. Not only racing on the track, players can also race on air with gliders at some points of the race, also racers can go underwater at some points of the track allowing even more exciting racing. The racing is meant to be serious, yet crazy and interesting like Sugar Rush is. Throughout the race two hosts will talk about what's going on in the race, who's at the top of the pack, who's getting hit by what and other things like this. They also appear to be in a hot air balloon above the race track so they can get a glimpse of the race.

Bake a Kart

Bake a Kart is a featture which allows players to make their own kart by customizing different pieces. In this first you choose the parts you want in the Recipe Book, which features each Kart Part in the game, some of which don't appear until unlocking them. After choosing this you individually bake each part of the Kart by collecting ingredients, mixing and finally cooking in the oven, in order bake the Kart Base first, the four Wheels (all four can be  different ones if the player wants) second and finally the Glider allowing them to fly. After baking the parts, players must assemble the vehicle and then the final minigame takes place, the Decorating stage. In this minigame players can add a few finishing touches such as icing, sprinkles and so on. Then you can view your Kart and have a test run with it, to make sure you're happy with it. With this mode players can either make good karts or bad karts, so if you're not a very good cook, watch out for some bad bakes, but if you're a top chef then you're on the way to a perfect kart! This mode doesn't have to be used, there are some default karts availible, but with this mode it allows more possibillities. You can also make your own Recipe Book which appears with you're online profile and when selecting your Kart a small book is selectable in the corner, this book stores your karts so when racing you can choose to race with them without having to keep baking and online players can use it for themselves and also rate the bake, this also moves on to the feature Chef Ranking which is on your online profile, if you get lots of good ratings you'll get a higher rank but if you don't then you'll have lower ranks.


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X Button

Use Item

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HOME Button

Go to home menu

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There are many modes in the game, every mode is unique and different in it's own way and with the huge variety to choose from, it allows hours of endless playing time! The modes are seperated into three catergories, singleplayer, multiplayer and online multiplayer


Grand Prix

Challenge different Grand Prix and race to be sweetest racer in Sugar Rush! Take on a variety of race tracks and characters, choose from 50cc, 100cc and 150cc, there are twelve cups in the Grand Prix in all 50cc, 100cc and 150cc! Are you up for the challenge?

Free Race

Your race track, your character, your rules! In this mode choose your rules for a game and play away! Whatever you want can be done in this mode, set your own amount of laps, item restrictions and even amount of opponents!

Time Trials

Can you get to the finish line before I say "Stay sweet!" Now you can try with Time Trials, choose your character, your kart and a course and then race for the best time!

Battle Race

The almighty battle race, all racers have a certain amount of health points and everyone must keep going round the track trying to make players lose all their HP! Be careful, if you fall off, get crushed or knocked over or lose all your health points you're out of the race. Race until you're the last one standing to claim victory.

Knockout Race

A sixteen player race! Sixteen players, fifteen laps, everyones in it to win, but everytime everyone has gone past the finish line the last player to cross it, is knocked out! Can you survive untul the end? With many jawbreaking events and suprises this mode sure will give you a Sugar Rush!

Roster Race

Once unlocking all 36 playable characters a great new mode awaits you, that goes by the name of the Roster Race! Like in the movie, to enter this exciting tournament you must pay one gold coin to join! This is a hybrid of both Battle Races and Knockout Races alike and the game can change interestingly! If players are knockout out the lap count goes down, if you run out of health points you're out, and if you cross the finish line last you get knocked out. This race could be long or short, who knows what will happen with this?