Sugar Rush DS is a game from Litwak's Arcade, but on the Nintendo DS.

However, the game is basically a parody of the game Mario Kart DS.


Vanellope von Schweetz

Taffyta Muttonfudge


Gloyd Orangeboar

Rancis Fluggerbutter

Snowanna Rainbeau

Crumbelina DiCaramello

Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey

Adorabeezle Winterpop

Jubileena Bing-Bing

Minty Zaki


Citrusella Flugpucker (Unlock her and her signature kart by completing every cup on 50cc as Jubileena Bing-Bing)

Torvald Batterbutter (Unlock her and her signature kart by completing every cup on 100cc as Minty Zaki)

Nougetsia Brumblestain (Unlock her and her signature kart by completing every cup on 150cc as Adorabeezle Winterpop)

Sticky Wipplesnit (Unlock her and her signature kart by completing every cup on 150cc Mirror Mode as Minty Zaki)

How races go

In races, there are up to 15 racers, because that's all there are, but if the unlockable character are still locked, there's only a max of 11 racers or so. There are 3 laps for each race, and the better position you have when you get the race done, the bigger numbers of points you have.

Available karts

Candy Kart (Vanellope's signature kart)

Pink Lightning (Taffyta's signature kart)

Ice Screamer (Candlehead's signature kart)

Kernel (Gloyd's signature kart)

Kit Kart (Rancis' signature kart)

Tira-Missile (Crumbelina's signature kart)

Tongue Twister (Swizzle's signature kart)

Ice Rocket (Adorabeezle's signature kart)

Cherriot (Jubileena's signature kart)

Veloci-Wrapper (Minty's signature kart)

Blueberriot (Citrusella's signature kart)

Golden Glider (Torvald's signature kart)

Frozen Yokart (Nougetsia's signature kart)

Taffy Turner (Sticky's signature kart)

Main Menu

The main menu screen shows Vanellope von Schweetz excitedly jumping out her Candy Kart while she is racing, and it shows a text above Vanellope that says, "Sugar Rush DS", but when every single thing is unlocked, the "Sugar Rush DS" text still shows, but it shows all the racers, and even the unlocked ones, in squared with pictures of them. There are 4 choices on the main menu: "Single Player", "Multiplayer", "Records", and "Options". Let me explain all that to all the Wikia contributors out there, but first, I'll explain the controls. Well, they are basically the same controls of Mario Kart DS.

Single Player

When you press "Single Player" on the title screen, it shows 5 choices: "Grand Prix", "Time Trials", "VS", "Battle", and "Missions".

In Grand Prix, there are 4 choices when you unlock everything, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 150cc mirror mode. In 50cc, it's very easy, and the CPUs are easy to compete against. In 100cc, racers are a little harder against you, and it's even harder in 150cc. The hardest one is mirror mode, which mirrorizes courses.

In time trials, you alone, are the player. You can travel any race you want, but there is a time trial. It's like a stopwatch when the selected course starts.

In VS, you can choose any Grand Prix class, any amount of wins (max is 10), any amount of races (max is 32), teams (there is a blue team and red team, and you can organize the teams any way you want), and even any difficulty, such as easy, normal, and hard.

In Battle, there are two choices, "balloon battle" and "sugar rush". In Balloon Battle, you make racers lose all of their balloons until somebody wins. In Sugar Rush (the battle stage), you collect candies until time runs out and somebody survives and wins).

In Missions, there is a racer going solo, doing a mission, such as doing something to bosses, going through an amount of gates, reaching the finish line before someone, etc. There are 7 levels with 8 missions and a boss mission on each level.


In Multiplayer, there are up to 7 racers to join a host, which makes 8 racers, but in races, there's still 15 racers in every race. VS and Battle are the only choices in Multiplayer, too.

"Records" and "Options"

In Records, you can view all the things that you have done.

In options, you can change your username, create your own emblem, your own signature kart, and your own racer, but it has to be a candy-ish racer and kart and candy theme.


Sweet Ride Grand Prix

Sweet Ride is the first course that you would often go through. The background is a lot of sweets and taffy swamps and candycane-colored trees and Oreo tunnels.

Cakeway Grand Prix

Cakeway is the second course that you would often go through. The background is a lot of cakes and candles and cupcakes.

Frosty Rally Grand Prix

Frosty Rally is the third course that you would often go through. The background has a lot of frozen yogurt and snow and ice creams comes and ice cream scoops.

Gumball Gorge Grand Prix

Gumball Gorge is the fourth course that you would often go through. The background consists of a red race track, and gumball dispensers, and watch out for the gumballs that come out.

Sugar Rush Grand Prix

The Sugar Rush Grand Prix is a very epic Grand Prix. It's got epic race tracks and minor replicas from the Sweet Ride, Cakeway, and Frosty Rally Grand Prix. Oh, and also Gumball Gorge.

Gallery of Characters

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