" Sugar Rush: Candy Prix" is a game for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo IC. A spinoff to Wreck It Ralph's "Sugar Rush Speedway", it is the second Wreck It Ralph game to be released and the first in the Nintendo " Sugar Rush" series to be released. The game features multiplayer mode, shopping, minigames, unlockables, and more!


Vanellope Von Schweetz, the main character of the game.


After Sugar Rush became free of Turbo, Vanellope Von Schweetz finds out about the legendary Candy Prix. Whoever wins all 8 cups gets to rule Sugar Rush. Upon hearing the news, all the other racers join in. The adventure begins...

Unlocked Characters

Vanellope Von Schweetz: The president of Sugar Rush, this Hot Tamale will keep her role as the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush.

Taffyta Muttonfudge: A feisty little girl who loves hard candy, this pink celebrity will race to the finish line faster than you can say " Stay sweet!"!

Candlehead: A misguided high diva, birthday cakes and cupcakes won't distract this hot head!

Sour Bill: A little green assistant to Vanellope, even this sourpuss wants to win!

Rancis Fluggerbutter: Party on the outside, buisness on the inside! This blond boy is determined to win the racing war!

Gloyd Orangeboar: BOO! That's what this pumpkin likes to say. Everyday is Halloween for him!

Minti Zaki: She's no patty! This racer wants to win even if it means cheating!

Swizzle Malarky: Lollipops are this guy's fashion! A tornado of colors, he won't stop until he wins!

Adorabeezle Winterpop: BRR! Is it cold in here or is just me? This racer will freeze the tracks!|

Snowanna Rainbeau: So stylish and so cold, it's Snowanna! She will get her popsicles guns out for victory!

Crumbelina Dacarmello: Adios, hard candy! Hola, Crumbelina! Her skills are unknown, making her one the most dangerous racers on the track!

Jubileena Bing-Bing: Ice cream and cherries, coming up... on the race track! This racer will win no matter what!

New and Unlockable Characters

Candy Caneious: The God of all sugar, this mythical candy corn has come to win. Fear the god!

King Candy: He's back and ready for revenge! This insane ruler wants his role as king back!

Gum E. Bar: One sweet mannered boy, this raven haired racer has stretched to the finish line!

Wreck It Ralph: One of Vanellopes closest friends, Wreck It Ralph doesn't want to win: he just wants to race with his stinkbrain of a president!

Choco Latmay: A frappe to the finish, the race tracks are " hot" when this hotshot is around!

Wynchel and Duncan: Don't drive off the tracks! The cops of Sugar Rush have taken their police car and have taken action!

Chew Lee: Coming from China Town, this green haired terryaki girl wields a Candy Cane Katana to slow down her opponets.

Hostess TwinkleToes: Yee Hah! This lil' ol' racer can ride her Twinkle Mobile faster than you can say, " Twinke's with extra cream, please!"

Sticky Wipplesnit: One of the four color swapped players, Sticky can do almost anything... if you pay her with candy, that is!

Citrusella FlugPucker: Julbieena's blue color swap, this racer is misguised by Minty most of the time. Don't expect her to lose, though!

Torvald BatterButter: Minty's other color swap, Marshmallows spend alot of time cleaning her butter from her kart!

Nougetsia BrumbleStain: The final color swap, prepare to ear strawberries, because this girl ain't just sweet!

Your Miis: One of the most important players, you can play as your custom Miis and take charge in the world of Sugar Rush!


Gingerbread Alley

Castle Candy

Candy Cane Forest

Fix It Felix Jr.

Hero's Duty

Turbo Time Main Track

Diet Cola Mountain/ Inside

Laughie Taffy Park

Butter Boardwalk

Giant Birthday Cake

Royal Raceway

Unlockable Race Tracks

Niceland Towers/Inside

Cybug Factory

Junkyard of Candy

Memory Lane

Cave of Codes

Super Mario Bros.

Tapper's Restrurant

Pac-Man/ Bad Anon

Candy Cane Mall



Drivers License

Vanellope's Game Jumping!

Sweet Climbing Test


Fix It Felix Jr.

Heroe's Duty


Once your on the main menu, press a button that says " Shopping." Sour Bill will tell you everything you need to know about Candy Cane Mall and spending. You can buy new tracks, new music, and minigames. Wi-Fi is also available as well.

Nintendo Wi-Fi

You can with up to 11 more friends for a race with no computer-controlled characters and download new things. You can also chat with Vanellope on " Vanellope's Talk Room."


The game is as fun as any other kart racing game, only with more style. " Sugar Rush: Candy Prix" is a must have for any gamer.

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