Subterranean Sewers is the last secret world of Super Mario World U, the world is sometimes referred to as World E. It is an sewer-themed world featuring many Warp Pipes, the world consists of 5 levels. In order to have access to Subterranean Sewers, the player must find the secret exit in Canyon Cliffs-4, Damp Cavern Passage. This world will take you to either Blue-Candy Sky-1, Beanstalk Ascent or Blue-Candy Sky-7, Hilltop Heights.


Subterranean Sewers-1 Piranha Plant Pipeline


Subterranean Sewers-2 Waterworks Drain


Subterranean Sewers-3 Polluted Pipes

Subterranean Sewers-4 Nutty Pipe Networks

Subterranean Sewers-Castle Main-Drain Tower

Enemies Introduced

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