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Subspace Rebellion
Leader(s) Commander's Council
(Notable) Members
Star Fox, Star Wolf, Koopa Troop, etc.
Founded at/in When the Subspace Empire took over the World of Trophies
Defunct at/in Unknown
First Appearance Super Smash Bros: Anhilation
Star Fox, Star Wolf, Koopa Troop, Mushroom Kingdom, Cornerian Army, Hyrule, Pokemon League.
Rival Group(s)
Subspace Empire

The Subspace Rebellion is a faction dedicated to freeing the World of Trophies from evil.

Members of the Commander's Council

Bowser: Commander of Ground Forces

Fox and Wolf: Commanders of Starfleet

Pokemon Trainer: Commander of the Pokemon Division.

Mario and Luigi: Warp Pipe Handlers

Meta Knight: Commander of the Halberd

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