Subjugation: An Eldritch Tale is a game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Wii U, Hybrid Fusion and NextGen Bluevolt as part of Series Swap Day 3. It is based on the Little Lenny Penguin version of the Cthulhu Mythos.


An Eldritch abomination from the Eldritch dimension spies a time crack which has opened, leading from the Eldritch world to a small town in Massachusetts in the real world. Realising the potential amount of followers he could gain, the Eldritch telepathically contacts a few citizens of the town and convinces them to begin kidnapping other citizens and delivering them through the time crack to him.


The game is a turn-based strategy game, not unlike Civilization, where the goal is to establish the largest following possible.

At the beginning of each turn, you are shown an overview of each town that you have established a following in. These statistics include:

  • Total citizens: The total population of the town
  • Total followers: The sum of the two below statistics
  • Total cultists: The amount of cultists amongst the citizens
  • Total fearing you: The amount of citizens who know of your existence and fear you but are not cultists
  • Total minions: The amount of your minions that are deployed in the town
  • Visibility: A percentage statistic that shows how obvious your presence is

These statistics can also be reviewed at any point in the first and second phases.

The first phase of each turn, you must prioritize actions for your followers to take. Their possible actions are:

  • Kidnapping: Non-cultists citizens are kidnapped and delivered to you. You can sub-prioritize to kidnapping citizens unaware of your existence or citizens who do know of your existence but are not cultists
  • Constructing: You may select different shrines (see "Shrines" section below) for followers to construct. Each shrine requires a different amount of followers to construct, and those left over will work on the next action in your priority list
  • Hiding: Evidence of your existence is hidden, decreasing your visibility in the town

Kidnapping increases your visibility by an amount which increases each turn you choose to kidnap, constructing shrines has various effects (see "Shrines" section below), and hiding evidence decreases visibility permanently.

The next phase involves your actions in the Eldritch realm. You have three resources in the Eldritch realm: citizens, minions, and Floodwater. Citizens to use in the phase must be obtained from kidnappings, and Floodwater is produced at a fixed amount each turn. The main goal of this phase is to acquire minions (see "Minions" section below). Minions can be acquired in two ways: production or hiring, although the specific method is unique to each minion.

You may also choose to torture citizens, making them fear you, or brainwash them, turning them into cultists, both at the cost of Floodwater. During this phase you can also move citizens and minions between the Eldritch realm and your towns.

The final phase requires you to enact various plans to avoid detection in the real world by police, and to wage combat in the Eldritch realm.

In the real world, if your visibility is too high and you have citizens in your town who don't know of you, they may call in the police. If left alone, the police will eventually find and arrest all the cultists in the town. However, you may make use of your followers and minions to dispose of the police in numerous ways. Killing the police will result in a visibility increase, and another wave of police the next turn. Kidnapping and torturing or brainwashing them will result in your visibility being reset to below the point where police are called, but is more difficult to do.

This phase is controlled as a Fire Emblem-like system, where police will investigate citizens, and arrest them if they are a cultist (upon which point a single police will escort them to the exit of the city, where they will permanently disappear if they are not rescued in time). You must control your cultists to avoid the police arresting them, and also control your minions who have various abilities to attempt to stop the police. If the police have ever identified a minion in the town (in the current turn or previously), they will also have a secondary goal of killing all the minions. If all cultists are arrested and minions killed, your other followers will revert to normal citizens, essentially removing your presence in that town. Your shrines will also be temporarily disabled until you re-establish a presence in the town by moving followers from the Eldritch realm to that town.

In the Eldritch realm, occasionally when you have an abundance of any resource you will attract the attention of another Eldritch, who will launch an attack on you. These battles are fought in the same Fire Emblem-based system, except rather than police you are fighting other Eldritch's and you have control of yourself and your minions. Defeating invading Eldritch's will allow you to obtain all of their resources, and possibly scavenge a new Shrine design which your followers can build in any of your towns.


Name Description Effect Requirements


Name Description Cost Abilities
Husk A hideous abomination created by placing an Eldritch inside a hollowed-out human body. 1 Citizen
1 Minion
5 Floodwater


Name Description Abilities Rewards

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