You cannot win!
Sub Zero when he uses his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Kombat

Sub-Zero is a character that appears in Super Smash Bros. Kombat. He is a DLC character in the Kombat Pack.


Sub-Zero is a light blue clad ninja.

Special Attacks


Other Moves

Grab - Smashes the opponent two times with an ice block with the second hit blowing the opponent away from him (Side Attack). Freezes his opponent and kicks them away (Backwards Attack). Slashes the opponent three times with his Kori Blade with the third hit slashing the opponent upwards (Upwards Attack). Stabs the opponent with his Kori Blade and kicks him/her to the ground (Downwards Attack).

Lin Kuei Throw - Available in his MK9 costume, Sub Zero grabs the opponent and throws them backwards and throws his Kori Blade into their head. The opponent will bleed over time and they will get 1% damage every time they bleed.

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