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Playable Characters

Starting Characters

The Lich

  • "Aren't you cold?" The Lich after winning.
  • "The Ice Wizard is a fool" The lich after winning against The Ice King.


  • "Waluigi Time!" Waluigi after winning.
  • "Waluigi hates this!" Waluigi getting knocked off the stage.


  • "I AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN'T HAVING THAT SH*T" Jontron after being knocked off the stage.
  • "ECH" Jontron after being Star K.O.'d.
  • "I have fallen, and I choose not to get up" Jontron when losing.


  • "What kind of hero are you if you make others your doormats (japanese)" Said when Protoman wins against Mr. Krabs.
  • "You may have an organic soul but you have no heart (japanese)" Said when Protoman wins against Freddy or Bonnie.

Mr. Krabs

  • "I'M REALLY FEELING IT" Mr. Krabs' default taunt.
  • "YOU'RE FIRED" What Mr. Krabs says in his final smash.
  • "I'm Mr. Krabs" Mr. Krabs after winning.


  • "I HAVE FURY" Fawful's final smash.
  • "I HAVE CHORTLES" Fawful after winning.
  • "A WINNER IS YOU" Fawful when losing.

Unlockable Characters

Ice King

  • "You've raised my frosty dander" Ice King when star K.O.'d.
  • "Well you're a big nerd" Ice king's default taunt.
  • "I'm a banana" Ice King's side taunt.

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