...I am Lord of the Stickmen, I am king of the twigs, I am Styq.
Styq, Introducing himself in Game Freak: HAX and the Textured Hero.

Styq, "king" of the Stickmen.
Full Name Styq
Location Unknown
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Punching and Kicking

Styq is one of Jake's friends that he meets during the events of Game Freak: HAX and the Textured Hero.


This is Styq, king of the stickmen, you may have seen him in some movies, most notably in "Gone with the Stix" and "Indiana Styq", or from the TV show "Stickmen of This Place"



  • Styq's movie and TV appearences are references to other movies and TV shows.
    • Gone With the Stix is a reference to Gone With the Wind.
    • Indiana Styq is (obviously) a reference to Indiana Jones.
    • Stickmen of This Place is a reference to the television show Wizards of Waverly Place.
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