Gender Male
Species Unknown
Location Black Hole
Align Lawful Evil
Current Status Deceased
Class Powerful
Family and Relations
Hawke (formerly)
Main Weapon(s)  ???
Ability/ies Meteor Strike
Nationality Black Hole
First Appearance Advance Wars (2001)
Latest Appearance Advance Wars Frontier
My name is Sturm. Hear it and tremble.
Sturm's victory quote

Sturm (Japanese: ヘルボウズ, Hell-Bouzu) was a CO and ex-leader of Black Hole, presumed dead since the Macro Land war. He appears during the first two Advance Wars games as the main villain, and serves as a primarily villain of Advance Wars Frontier along side with Von Bolt.


Advance Wars

In the first game, Sturm is a true mastermind behind the conflict. He controled the other forces with Clone Andy, using him to frame Orange Star for attacking other nations. Fortunately, they realized their mistake and battle Sturm, defeating him will force him to retreat. During Campaign, players will only fight against Sturm twice, on the final two missions, despite him being the one responsible for the outbreak of war.

Sturm noted that he underestimated the forces of Wars World, but survived the battle and escaped.


To unlock Sturm, you must first unlock every other CO (Except Nell), then he will become available to buy for 100 Coins.


Sturm, who is very seen as a very powerful CO, with overwhelming overall unit averages, is actually quite the opposite. In Campaign, he is more powerful than in VS. Mode, that he has been weakened. He is more of a defensive CO and does not focus strictly on firepower. In VS. Mode his Units stats are 80/120 while in Campaign mode his units are 130/80, so they possess low firepower, making Sturm a CO not to be used to overwhelm the opponent or to rout your enemies, which can be frustrating for those who try to win in that fashion. Sturm is to be used defensively and very strategically when attacking. Also, Sturm's Units are not affected by any Terrain and can move quickly through features such as Mountains (Infantry), Woods (Units with Tires), Plains (Units with Tires) and Reefs (Naval Units). This allows for quick invasions with stealth. Oddly, a CPU-controlled Sturm has a tendency to create T-Copters with Infantry on the first day of VS. Mode, which other CO's do not usually do.

CO power

Sturm's CO power is "Meteor Strike". It deals 8 damage to all enemies units in an Area (it is unable to drop the HP of enemy units below 1) and makes his units stat are 150/90. When playing as Sturm you may not choose where to target with, it's chosen automatically. The playable version's Meteor Strike is weaker than what he had in the campaign, dealing only 4 damage and makes his units' stats 90/144.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Sturm returned in the second game again, the leader of the Black Hole had forces though, this time he's brought some other Black Hole COs with him. This time Sturm attempts to takeover the allied nations by force. By his command, the Black Hole army had invaded the allied home nations, making use of new weapons including the factories and pipe lines that used to fuel the invasion forces led by these Black Hole COs. Sturm stayed in Black Hole territory himself. Until then, he is defeated by the Allied Nations when they repel the Black Hole offensives and attack Black Hole's headquarters. After the final battle he attempts to detonate a bomb to take the other forces' COs down with him, but is prevented from doing so and killed by Hawke.

Unlike the first game, his units are stronger overall, boasting 120% attack and 120% defense across the board. Sturm's units retain the ability to move across all terrain unimpeded except when it is snowing.


To unlock Sturm in the second game, you must get an overall rating of S in the Normal campaign, then he will be purchasable from Hachi's store.

CO power

Sturm focuses all his energy on his Super CO Power, which is so strong that he does not need a normal CO Power.

Super CO power

Sturm retains his CO power, Meteor Strike, from Advance Wars, as his Super Power. It now boosts his units' offense and defense to 140% and 150% respectively, in addition to the same area damage (8 damage within a diamond with a radius of 3 squares).

Advance Wars Frontier

Sturm had been returned in Advance Wars Frontier. He is a replica of the original Sturm who was built by the Black Star army by putting Sturm's memories and DNA into a replica one.

He had returned since he did not appeared on Advance Wars: Dual Strike, he had been revived from the dead, the other being Von Bolt.


To unlock Sturm as a playable CO, you must first get Ending 2, "Titan of Terror", on either Normal Campaign or Hard Campaign. Then, he will be available for purchase at Battle Maps for 5000 points.


Not much is known about him other than that he is an alien who enjoys war and hates peace. He is pure evil, bent on conquering the world, and lacks any respect for his enemies, constantly calling them "worms". He lacks compassion and does not value life, even willing to destroy Wars World rather than be defeated.


Sturm does not have his own relationship. However,he considered everyone inferior to himself, up to and including his second-in-command, Hawke.


Sturm's units receive a powerful boost without drawbacks, but Sturm's most devastating power is the ability of his units to move through any terrain without a movement penalty except when it is snowing. This allows Sturm to completely dominate the capture phase and often win the game in the first few turns.


  • Sturm's appearance in Advance Wars strongly resembles a Snifit from the Mario series.