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Also know as the final Pokemon Best Wishes episode. This episode will be aired July 3, 2013 in Japan and November 21, 2013 in the US. In this one, Kirby Lover7485 calls upon Ash, Iris and Cilan to help him stop King Dedede from ruleing the planet.


Kirby Lover7485 calls upon the trio of Unova to help him stop Kirby's enemy. But to do that, they must use the Master Emerald to stop the Darkness, a giant void he'd stop years ago. They had to get to his motel in the desert  in order to get to the E.V.I.L. (Every Villain Is Lemons) Club. They must reach the desert in order to do so. It soon turned out that there's a new villain, Dark Dedede! He was going to steal King Dedede's scheme and take over the world! Ash soon realizes if he want to stop the darkness and Dark Dedede, he must call upon the help of his former rival (as well as Iris and Cilan forced to team up with their former rivals too). Can he and Trip manage to work together and team up with Kirby Lover7485 to save the world?


  • Kirby Lover7485
  • Ash
  • Iris
  • Cilan
  • Kirby
  • Tiff
  • Tuff
  • King Dedede
  • Dark Dedede
  • Escargoon
  • Dark Escargoon
  • Waddle Dee Army
  • Dark Dee Army
  • Pootchy
  • Ash's Pikachu
  • Iris' Axew
  • Cilan's Pansage
  • Ash's Snivy
  • Ash's Oshawott
  • Meloetta
  • Ash's Charizard
  • Ash's Tepig (Flashback)
  • Ash's Pignite (Evolves)
  • Ash's Emboar
  • Ash's Scaggy (Flashback)
  • Ash's Scrafty
  • Ash's Pidove (Flashback)
  • Ash's Tanquil (Flashback)
  • Ash's Unfezant
  • Ash's Palpitoad
  • Ash's Roggenrola (Flashback)
  • Ash's Boldore
  • Ash's Swaddle (Flashback)
  • Ash's Swadloon (Flashback)
  • Ash's Leavanny
  • (Ash's) Sandile (Flashback)
  • Ash's Krokorok (Flashback)
  • Ash's Krookodile
  • Iris' Dragonite
  • Iris' Drilbur (Flashback)
  • Iris' Exadrill
  • Iris' Emolga
  • Cilan's Dwebble (Flashback)
  • Cilan's Crustle
  • Cilan's Stunfisk
  • Trip
  • Trip's Serpierior
  • Georgia
  • Georgia's Bisharp
  • Burgundy
  • Burgundy's Samurott (newly evolved)
  • Members of E.V.I.L.
  • Darkness
  • Dark Kirby Lover7485
  • N


Bold means the heroes took a while at the location

  1. Pop Star (Future and Present)
  2. Space
  3. Ship
  4. Ice World
  5. Jungle World
  6. Ocean
  7. Beach of Sinnoh at Sunset
  8. The Desert of Sinnoh
  9. Spike Valley
  10. Dedede Volcano
  11. Kirby Lover7485's Motel of Doom
  12. Path between Motel and Club
  13. E.V.I.L. Club
  14. Mountains in Sinnoh
  15. The End of the World
  16. King Dedede's Airship
  17. Dark Dedede's Airship
  18. The Final Battle
  19. Paint
  20. Seaside Hill
  21. Puppet There
  22. New Super Mario Bros. U 1-1
  23. Unova Habour
  24. Kanto's Pallet Town


To see it, click here.


The special was a sucess, mainly seeing Iris naked, how much Kirby Lover7485 cares about Pop Star, old rivals forced to team up, Dark Dedede's scheme, and the final battle (both Dark Dedede and Darkness parts) A sequel, Strive for Bravery aired November 21, 2014 after Strive for Peace in a Pokemon marathon.

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