VS Character
Striko the chameleon, protector of Velo City.
Full Name Striko
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Velo City
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Martial arts
Ability/ies Jumping, dashing, clinging to walls, wall-jumping
Vulnerable To Gunfire
First Appearance City Rush

Striko is a large chameleon who is the star of the City Rush series. He first appeared in the first game of the series, City Rush. Striko is the protector of the vast Velo City. He is well-trained at fighting in many kinds of martial arts.


Striko is a red-colored chameleon. He wears purple boots that let him run at fast speeds, similar to a certain famous hedgehog. He had a horn above his nose. Striko stands around 5 feet tall.


Striko is very calm, no matter what. He is also shown to be quite the comedian. Even when he is facing life or death, he usually has a comical remark. He has many catchphrases that are intended to offend his foe. Despite that, Striko has a strong sense of justice. As the protector of Velo City, he strongly enforces the law.

He has difficulty making complicated decisions. He usually tries at all costs to avoid tough choices, but when he fails to do that, it takes him awhile to think things through. He prefers the simple life of a crime-fighting vigilante but fails to see that this sort of life is not so simple. Striko lives a care-free life whenever he can. He wants people to follow the rules (and the law) so they can stay out of trouble. Crime-fighting is Striko's passion. He spends nearly all his days patrolling Velo City and stopping outlaws.

Striko is also known for his bravery. He will take on any villain, no matter how big or scary. He hardly ever shows any regret for the choices he makes and sticks to them. He'll run away from a fight only when it comes to the danger the villain will cause to the area. He had a superb sense of altruism. He'll put himself before others if their safety is harmed, and will even risk his life for the people he loves.


Striko has lived in Velo City since he was born. After his parents were killed, he began practicing fighting, even though he was very young. His memories of his parents and their death are vague. He hopes that one day he will meet the killer. After Striko caught the most wanted person in Velo City (quite easily), he became widely acclaimed for his fighting skill throughout Velo City. Ignoring his newly found fame, he adapted to martial arts. After mastering his new fighting powers, he decided to catch criminals, knowing that that would've made his parents proud.

When Striko first started, he let bank robbers get away, making it look like he was assisting them. He started having bad encounters with Sheriff Ace and the VCPD, a police force consisting only of advanced robots. Once, when he was debating whether to fight back or run away, one of the robots attacked him, and he fought back and destroyed the squad that had come after him. This hurt his reputation, and people were starting to feel mixed about the chameleon. Was he a hero, or just a strange creature pretending to be one? Striko's new goal was to restore the reputation he didn't he he had until it was gone.

Powers and Abilities

Striko is known mostly for his agility. He has fast running speed and superior jumping ability. Striko has mastered many forms of martial arts. His standard attacking pattern is a combination of punches and kicks. However, he is capable of attacking in the air, or performing special attacks by jumping off of walls. Striko has the ability of sensing an opponent's attack, so he is able to dodge attacks that would make physical contact with him, but he is unable to dodge projectiles.

Striko is also capable of sticking to walls and climbing them. He uses jumps to make climbing faster. When Striko is next to wall, he is able to perform a wall-jump.

Game Appearances

City Rush

After capturing the most wanted person in Velo City, Striko becomes known as the city's protector. He meets a creature called the White Lord, who has existed since the city's early days. After solving many mysteries regarding the White Lord's past, Striko ventures into the Underworld and defeats the creature.



  • Despite being a chameleon, Strik has never used the ability of camouflauge.