Strike of Santolio is the sixth episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It follows the team as they protect Etinésa Rodriguez from a deadly force.


The episode starts with Skye, in a classroom.

Skye: This is so boring...

The camera pans to show an advanced maths question being solved. She looks down at her pad to see a highly detailed drawing of Amy with the word "Future" written underneath.

Skye: When the fuck did I do that?
Teacher: Caballero!
Skye: Oh, sorry sir.

She goes to rip the page out but as she does, the page freezes solid. She taps it and it shatters all over the floor.

Skye: The hell...?

She looks at her hands, confused.

Teacher: Caballero, pay attention!
Skye: Sir, can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: Fine.

She runs to the bathroom and goes to the mirrors.

Skye: What the hell is causing my powers to do this?

She gets a flashback to A Spy's Duty, with her picking up a pair of gloves.

Skye: No. Those gloves couldn't have done that. No way.

She puts her hands on the table as ice forms around her hands.

Skye: How do I stop this?!

She hears a cracking noise and looks down at her feet to see ice forming around her feet.

Skye: This is insane!

She slams her fists on a sink and ice starts going across the walls and out into the corridors, freezing every wall, floor and ceiling.

Skye: Well, shit.

Students, including Blaze, come out to see what happened and see Skye. Blaze runs to her.

Blaze: What happened?!
Skye: My powers went out of control!

A big teacher walks down the hall, clearly unhappy.

Blaze: Mr. Rodriguez, she didn't mean to, it was a mistake.
Mr. Rodriguez: How do you get away with this daily, Caballero?!
Skye: Sir, it was an accident!
Blaze: She's got cryokinesis that likes to control itself sometimes, she can't stop it!
Mr. Rodriguez: A month's suspension. Both of you.
Blaze: What?! Why me too?!
Skye: Yeah, she did nothi-

Mr. Rodriguez gives them both a deadly stare that silences them as they walk out.

Skye: Fuck those goddamn assholes.
Blaze: They're dicks.

They both get into a large armored Hummer as they set off back to the team HQ.

Skye and Blaze are seen back at the HQ, sat at a table with Leah and Jess.

Leah: So, what happened?
Blaze: We got suspended.
Leah: Why?
Skye: For me, my powers went out of control and froze the whole school. For Blaze... there was no reason. She was just suspended.
Jess: That's fucking bullshit! Why the fuck would they suspend someone for no fucking reason?!
Blaze: Our teachers are assholes.
Jess: Well, I'm not fucking standing for that. I'm gonna give those fucking assholes a piece of my fucking mind.
Blaze: You're probably best staying here, you got kicked out of three places.
Leah: I'll go instead. You'd probably bite his head clean off.
Skye: Not to mention they're really against swearing.
Jess: Oh, fuck that noise.

Blaze, Skye and Leah laugh as Leah goes off to the school. She arrives and enters the school.

Receptionist: Hello. You look a bit young to be a parent of a student here.
Leah: I'm not a parent, but my friends are students here. I'm here to see the headmaster of this place.
Receptionist: Very well.

She makes a call as Leah sits down. Eventually, Mr. Rodriguez arrives and lets Leah into his office.

Mr. Rodriguez: Who are these friends of your's, exactly?
Leah: Skye Caballero and Blaze Zednik.

Mr. Rodriguez gives her a stare.

Leah: Well, I believe they were suspended unfairly. Skye's powers went out of control, she couldn't stop them, no matter how much she tried. And why was Blaze suspended? She did nothing! Why would you suspend her if she did nothing wrong?

Mr. Rodriguez scoffs and simply ignores her. Leah gives him a look.

Leah: Fine. If you don't care, fuck you.

Mr. Rodriguez turns toward her, face red.

Mr. Rodriguez: Excuse me?!
Leah: Fuck you. This is not how you run a school.

She walks out of the school, smirking.

Leah: Wait. I was meant to get their suspension lifted.
Mr. Rodriguez: Tell those kids they're suspended for the rest of the year!
Leah: Son of a bitch.

Leah is seen arriving back at the house and going back into the kitchen. She sees Jess with a can of beer and Blaze and Skye with cans of Sprite.

Skye: How'd it go?
Leah: He didn't listen. Instead of taking advice, he extended the suspension.
Blaze: For fuck's sake, he never listens. How long is it now?
Leah: Until the end of the year.
Jess: And you said I'd fuck this shit up.
Skye: In Leah's defense, the teachers at that school give more of a shit about your grades than you. They don't even have counselling for those who need it.
Jess: That's fucking fucked up.

Skye and Blaze nod in agreement. Aminu is seen in the next room, flicking through channels.

Aminu: Sports, music, comedy, kids stuff, news- wait.

He stays on the channel to see Santolio hovering over Los Angeles and goes into the kitchen.

Aminu: We have a problem.
Jess: For fuck's sake. What the fuck is it now?
Aminu: Some weird thing over L.A. that I think wants to wreck the city.
Blaze: ...Y'know what, we can save complaining about our school for later. We have lives to save.

The others agree as they set out.

Jess: Just fucking say the word and I'll fucking clobber those fucking teachers for you.

The team is seen arriving in Los Angeles, outside the house of Etinésa Rodriguez.

Leah: Why are we here?
Blaze: Did a bit of research. That thing is called Santolio. It's after the person in this house.
Skye: Huh.
Kirsti: Wait. Where's Jess?

The camera then goes to show Jess going to a garage. She throws the door open to show Jerry and Nick.


Jerry and Nick leap up in terror as they see Jess.

Nick: Y-yeah?
Jess: There's a fucking asshole trying to fucking kidnap someone.
Jerry: And...?
Jess: We're going to fucking save that someone. Let's fucking go.

Jess grabs Jerry and Nick by their collars and throws them into the back of an SUV as they go to meet the others. Etinésa then comes out of her house.

Aminu: (whispering to Blaze) She's hot.

Blaze gives Aminu a look as Aminu looks embarrassed.

Etinésa: What're you doing here...?
Blaze: Haven't you been watching the news?
Etinésa: I got my cable company to block out news channels.
Skye: Can I have your cable box?
Etinésa: No.
Skye: Aw.

Santolio then lands behind the team, walking toward Etinésa.

Santolio: You're coming with me, Rodriguez.

Etinésa gulps as she backs up.


Santolio, startled, looks around to see Jess flying down the street. He gulps as Jess slams her SUV into him, sending him flying and landing on the other side of the vehicle. Jess then gets out as Santolio looks up, to see Jess.

Santolio: Who are you...

Jess punches Santolio in the face, knocking him out.

Jess: I'm Jess motherfucking Pierce.
Aminu: Holy shit. That was...
Skye: Awesome!
Leah: Badass.
Kirsti: Cool.
Etinésa: Horrifying but weirdly satisfying to watch.

Jess nods.

Etinésa: Santolio probably thought because my fiance's in the other universe he could just kidnap me.
Aminu: He probably didn't anticipate other heroes existing.

Etinésa nods.

Blaze: Don't worry, Ms. Rodriguez. You'll be safe as long as we're here. We fought D'Angelo.
Etinésa: Thanks.

Etinésa walks back into her house as the team hear muffling from Jess' car boot. Blaze opens the door as they see Jerry and Nick. They both let out a big gasp as they fall out of the boot.

Nick: That was the worst experience I've ever had!
Jerry: It was worse for me! I had to put up with your size 11 feet in my face!

The two then look ahead to see Blaze's hair, then look up to see her looking down at them with her eyebrows raised.

Nick: Uh... hi.
Jerry: Jess trapped us in there.

Jess' cheeks go red as she slides to downtown Los Angeles.








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