Street Hero X
Developer(s) Legend Interactive
Publisher(s) Legend Interactive
Platform(s) All
Release Date(s)

Mission Boss Rush Online

Age Rating(s)
ERating  3Rating  USK6  OFLC-G  CERO A
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Media Included Optic Disk
Street Hero X (ストリートヒーローX) is a 3D Platform Action and Adventure game developed by Legend Interactive. The game follows the story of a futuristic world ruled by an evil tyrant named Cain. While a young Freedom fighter opposes him named Alex. It is the first game in the Street Hero series. 


In the future, the world has shown to advance in every way possible. Multiple cures have been found for once though incurable disease, peace and prosperity have been a key factor. Also, defense and military weapons have also enhanced. However, a secret terrorist soon takes over via a virus inside one of the world’s main databases. The terrorist’s leader name is Cain.

Cain ceases control of the military’s robot army drones and unleashes a hostile attach on all the world’s major cities. Quickly ceasing control of the world. However, the world rebels against the terrorist and fight. The Rebellion proves too much for Cain’s troops to withstand, so Cain decides to destroy them all. He goes to his scientist and have them unleash a large warhead into the atmosphere which realizes deadly radiation from all angles. This kills a large amount of people and destroys virtually all life. However, Cain and his empire are protected by a force field.

Taking the survivors hostage, Cain believes that there is no one to stand in his way. The survivors are condemned to nothing more than slaves. However, there are still many that survived, but hid out of fear of Cain. There was one man named Dr. Kennasaw that fought against Cain, and managed to find what might save them from the war. Dr. Kennasaw had developed a Super-Program that would transform normal humans and advance there condition to a supernatural rate and also give them other powers. However, Cain soon found out via a spy.

Dr. Kennasaw knew that Cain had found out via a hacking device in his system. Determined to save the world, he gave the program to his only child Alex Kennasaw. He told Alex to take it to there secret lab and to destroy it, to make sure Cain did not get his hands on it. As Alex left, he saw that his father was being attacked by the drones, but Alex kept moving obeying his father. He made it to the country side outside the city and went to there secret lab.

Alex looked at the Program and saw the potential of his fathers work, so instead of destroying the program, he used it on himself. The program altered his Physiology, and transformed him from normal and made his physical condition beyond natural. It also granted him new superhuman powers. Shortly afterward, Alex destroyed the program to prohibit the possibility of Cain getting to it.

Now, Alex decided to fight against Cain as a one man army. He journeyed back to the city, where he went back to his father’s home. He saw that it was burned down and that there lab was robbed and destroyed. However, while looking though the carnage, Cain’s troopers attacked him. As they attacked him, Cain observed via a camera drone to see the death of Alex. However, Alex used his new superhuman powers to destroy the troops. Awestruck, Cain watched paralyzed with fear. Alex then saw the camera drone, and told Cain that he was going to stop him.

Shortly afterward, Alex vanished from the city to an unknown hiding place. He began to prepare himself to fight Cain. He was determined to rescue his father no matter what the cost. If the possibility still existed, that he would put an end to Cain. He also began to look for survivors to help him against Cain. So, Alex became the last hope for the world. 


There are four different modes in the game.


In Campaign mode, the player plays as Alex and completes various missions to stop Cain. These missions can vary from basic like stop a shipment of weapons to Cain’s troops, or spy on Cain’s men. To more complex missions such as infultrait a secret base, or fight a boss battle. The missions are usually in deferent parts of the city. Each part usually has about 7 missions are so. There are about 10 parts of the city.


In this mode, can replay missions that they did in campaign to improve, or they can play new missions sent weekly via DLC. The players are also able to get other players to take turns completing missions that they made themselves

Boss Rush

Players play in various boss levels to there choosing. They can either play them all in order in order mode, or play them in random in random mode. Also, if the player beats all bosses in both modes, they unlock Special mode where they can put which boss(s) they want to battle in order of there choosing.

World Connection Center

In this mode, players can play online in different battle fields using there own characters that they design in Character maker. They can play as Alex, Cain, or there character. Players can choose to play missions that were built by other players, play new boss battles, or challenge other players in a game of Capture the flag in a battle coarse.


Characters Discription

The main protagonist of the game, Alex fights against Cain’s troops in an attempt to stop them from continuing the fight against Cain. He uses his supernatural powers to fight against Cain’s troops, and one day to restore order to the world. 


The ruthless antagonist in the game. He seeks to establish a Dictatorship that will continue via his descendants. However, Alex seems to foil his plans, by destroying his plants and ruining his missions. However, he might have a new plan that even with his supernatural abilities, Alex might not stop.


Various Enemies in the game include

Characters  Discription

These are small robots, usually androids who are relatively weak in comparison to the others, there speed and strength are only above that of a average man. However, they do show to be very intelligent, which is why they are usually keeping track of shipments and such. 

Hevy Duties 

These are huge bots that use there size and strength to perform many heavy lifting jobs. They are very strong, and can lift large objects with ease, however, they are slow and this shows to be a disadvantage. 


These are drones that can fly and can cause trouble. They resemble bees and can shoot lasers out of there optic sensors. However, they are very clumsy and can even destroy each other. 

Ground Hogs

These troops dig underground and shoot at you. They show to be very difficult to kill due to them always popping up in bad places. But they are very weak in durability, so one hit usually kills them.

Spider Drones 

These drones are the troublemakers, the sneak and kill in dark places. They are fast, strong, and agile, however, like ground hogs, are weak in durability. 


These are locations in the game.

Locations  Discription
Main Area

A place that was once the main part of the city. It know lies in waste. Filled with dirt, broken buildings, old machines, and billboards. Cain uses this area for anything he feels 

Junk Yard 

The waste land of the city that is composed of just junk. This is where Cain transports weapons and material. 


Old mines that are outside the main city. Cain still uses them, but since there is little material left. He connected it to the subway 

Broken Town

The place were trains once carried millions of people. These are know for transporting more troops wherever they are needed. 

Urbania Uptown, where apartments, hotels, and neighborhoods once stood. Cain know uses them to house weapons and keep secret plans and labs
Steam's Heart 

Where multiple factories were, They are still in operation, but are now under control of Cain. This is were robots, weapons, and vehicles are build know. 


A place where once people went for movies, arcade, comics, and media stuff. This is know where Cain’s Human forces relax and enjoy fun. They also live there as well, since Urbanopolis was heavily damaged and could not be used for there homes.

Prison This is were the prison was and still is intake. Cain keeps survivors here and insabordanent robots
Capitol Drive  This is ware landmarks, meetings places, and city hall were located. Cain uses this as his office now.