Street Fighter IV 25th Combo is a fighting game celebrating 25 years of Street Fighter released in late November 2012 by Hybrid Co. and Capcom, being the former's last main project for a while. It features a much dumbed down, lighter story where Street Fighter characters old and new celebrating a 25 year tournament for the prestigious Champion of the World. Because of this and isolation from SFIV it is considered a spin-off.


The gameplay is ripped from it's predecessors, fight your opponents damage bar down to a KO with Super and Ultra special moves and 4 different attacking buttons mapped to the Wii U's 4 buttons or touch screen similar to how it was handled in the iOS version.

Minor gameplay tweaks have been improved on such as less floaty jumping, Dizzy System has been reduced by a second. Some character can now have single-button throws, More than 2 character specific Intros, Longer Intros / Outros and Voice sounding painful with less than 20% of your health bar left. Replay systems have now been expanded with ability to change the camera angle, change the speed and zoom.

But of course the main difference is the Ultra Move has been renamed to Ultra 25th combo move, as the bars are now longer, a deadly 25th Combo is added, it is hard to master with unique button combinations but clearly can pay off.


Story Mode, Versus, Arcade and Practice are default modes but a fight can now be fought in a tag team similar to other Capcom fighters.

The Story mode can be played from each of the 40 characters perspectives each with a reason for entering and different training missions. A x amount of stories can be chosen to play to begin with, each with different, personalized endings.


A 6 button scheme was predicted but a easy 4 button system was easy to map on the U's tablet.


Capcom workers hinted that something big was coming for the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter and were responding to Tweets about their Wii U projects with "#25thCombo" to build up hype.


A 25 Year Tournament is taking place on a main fighting island to decide the next World Warrior. Deemed as a celebrator tournament, Bison instead of entering decides to capture S.I.N members to stop the tournament. Unbeknownst of the plans, Gen decides to reenter the tournament for once last time as he is told that he has few months to live and wants to join in the celebrations.

Gen entering brings publicity to the tournament and a million dollar prize fund is announced and S.I.N membership. Tantalized by the offer, Bison tries to enter but is denied due to it being full and being a villain. Bison decides the only way to do this is to kick out a member and he innocently kills a unsuspecting Gen after kidnapping him.

Upon day of the tournament he quickly enters and fighters begin to worry about Gen, alas the tournament goes on.



  • Adon, Dan, Evil Ryu and Gouken, Oni, Yin and Yan are the only Street Fighter IV characters not to return.
    • Evil Ryu and Oni are now alternates for Ryu.
  • King Cobra was a rejected character from Street Fighter IV before becoming a hidden character in 25th Combo.
  • Bermude is the youngest character in the game at only 13.
  • Triana is the first Street Fighter character to be based off a Goddess.
  • Vezha means "tower" in Ukrainian which is a nod to him being the tallest Street Fighter character.
  • A new New Zealand environmentalist, Greece, Bermuda, South Africa, Ukraine, Ireland, Argentina, Canada and Romania are all confirmed to have playable characters representing their nations.

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