Streamlight Fighters is an upcoming fighting game, produced by Cryobyte. It follows a group of project failures being pit up and fought, causing some brutal attacks. The game is set to release in late 2016.




Starting Characters

Character Description
A little smiley face whose limbs surround him, somewhat like a forcefield. He attacks by using his limbs to throw at people or form things.
'NadeHead A horrible fusion gone wrong when a man tried to fuse a person and a grenade, causing the man to have a grenade as a head. He bashes his head into things to attack.
Globe Consumer A mutated globe with a massive, gaping mouth and bloodshot eyes. Shoots out pieces of 'blood' from its mouth.

Unlockable Characters

Character Description Unlocked By
A monster made of boxes from Amazon, and a force to be reckoned with. Boxozon attacks with lunging items out of the boxes on his body. ???
Muncher A pillow possessed by a ghost, who eats children who dare to sleep on his bed. He attacks by eating things.

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