Streamer in the intro of Lep Bounce & Pounce.
Full Name Streamer
Current Age 14
Date of Birth 09-29-1996
Zodiac Sign S
Gender Male
Location Hwoie Town
Current Status In Chicago
Class Munk
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Booster
Ability/ies Can use jet pack and beak
Vulnerable To Felineaphobia
Micheal Jackson lll and Shonen
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Wii
Latest Appearance Lep Bounce & Pounce
Jacky Streamer Lagowski is an orange heron who is a munk. He likes to brag alot. He was called "Micheal Jackson lll" who dared, because he would get his friend Trow and attack them. He would also call their parents. He lives with Lep and are best friends. He has a New York accent.


One day in New York, Streamer's parents got so many phone calls because they wanted him to sing of his Micheal Jackson ike voice. They could no longer live in the conditions. They wanted to do something about it, so the went to Trow's house. They also ahd complaints. A big talk went through until Trow suggested they all move. Nobody suggested until streamer said " We have to move because we will not get any phone calls."Any phone calls in York that try to call us will just disconnect". There was no other chose. The families packed their things at night without a word. They went to Hwoie Town Alabama. They assigned their kids into the same school

Quinton Elementry School . He went to Ms.Wolaf's class. Wolaf called Micheal Jackson ll (Lep) so that he can tour him around. He introduced himself. Streamer called him his full name. Lep gave him a smile. That word that Streamer said began a friendship. They got good grades. People called them the "Micheal Einstin Jackson Bros". They renamed it "MEJB". MEJB was so smart that they got their College Diploma at 12! They bought a house. Lep invited Trow to stay to because Trow got good grades and his diploma at 12. They decided to join a club. So they went to a munk club. They were the best monks ever that they called Streamer "Shonen".

One day, A robber planted bombs underground that explode when you touch the ground. They faithfully got into airpalenes. Lep, Streamer, & Trow were going to defeat the robber. After multiple gimmicks,They caught the thief and saved the town. They gave them lots of money. They wanted to relax so they went to Chicago.



  • He seems to be a bully. Maybe he is because the people treat him badly.
  • He seems to resemble Jet.