Stray From Me
TV Series Fantendo - Gaiden
Season Number 1
Episode Number 002(Overall)


Writer(s) Sr.Wario
Airing Date(s)
November, 2015
Preceding Episode 410
Following Episode Double the Agents

Stray From Me is the second episode of Fantendo - Gaiden, and the second episode of Season 1. In this episode, the squad is hunted by the cruel and unsympathetic Fandro after he's hired by a mysterious antagonist. Reception has been positive.


The episode begins with Logia and Sinn fighting on the plane on two mats. Logia tries his hardest, and even puts his telekinesis into play, but Sinn bests him with his years of experience, pinning him to the ground. Logia feels like his training isn't going anywhere, but Sinn tells Logia that it took him years to get where he is now.

The squad is then called by Carter, who tells them that they got their next assignment, to simply capture a distressed superhuman in Mexico City. The team heads out on the plane and quickly arrives, ready to wrap things up. Carter and Logia stay behind while Zabrent, Skett, and Sinn head out.

Sinn splits up while teaming Skett and Zabrent together to watch each other. Zabrent and Skett head out and quickly find the man they are supposed to capture, a young man afraid of his uncontrollable harenkinetic(sand manipulation) powers. The man blasts a wall of sand at them accidentally, and Skett smashes through it with speed, knocking out the man.

Zabrent disagrees with Skett's violent means, and says they could have talked him down, but Skett says Zabrent is being too soft. As they argue, they get a transmission from Carter that Sinn is in trouble, fighting a mysterious threat. Skett insists on helping, but Zabrent says that it might be best if he cools down. Skett reluctantly agrees, taking the man with him.

Zabrent rushes to Sinn, where he fights Sinn sparring against a green blob. While the blob is powerful, he's also very slow, which allows Sinn to evenly match him. To help out, Zabrent blasts the blob with electricity, but the blob simply absorbs it and blasts a fireball at Zabrent knocking him out. The blob then knocks down Sinn, with it seeming like Sinn is down for the count. When the blob approaches, it's revealed that Sinn isn't out, but tricking the blob. Sinn shoots the blob several times, causing it fly away in pain. Sinn takes Zabrent back to the plane.

After dropping the man back at the F.A.N.T headquarters, the team head back to the plane to figure out the blob's motives and identidy. While Zabrent heals up in the infirmary, Carter uses some slime left behind by the blob after being shot to find his identidy with a gadget she invented. She finds that the blob's name is Fandro, a hostile alien blob who works for money. Sinn realizes that the squad is being hunted by someone, remembering the missile shot at the plane.

In a period of distress, Carter works obsessively on her gadgets, Sinn isolates himself to wonder about who is targeting them, Zabrent sleeps rather than his usual energetic nature, and Skett angrily trains. Logia sees that they are getting nowhere, and decides to take action, stopping Carter, bringing out Zabrent and Sinn, and dragging Skett to the main floor. Logia tells the group that they can't let the threat drive them crazy, and that they need to be methodical and reasonable. Zabrent thanks Logia for bringing them out of that, and suggests they find Fandro to find the threat. Sinn then suggests they lure Fandro with an outrageous offer for a job, and Carter gets to work on putting up the offer.

Fandro, always in need of a paycheck, quickly accepts the offer and heads to their meeting place, Connecticut. When Fandro lands though, he spots their plane and recognizes it from his first attack. Ready to destroy them, he blasts spells at the plane, rocking it heavily and even knocking it over, knocking out Carter, Zabrent, and Sinn. Logia and Skett, who were in the right place, are fine and exit the plane.

Skett and Fandro brawl as Logia tries to find a way to make himself useful. Skett puts his brutal fighting style to work, and is able to beat down Fandro. However, he realizes his anger is going too far, and that civilians might be hurt from the enviormental damage, stopping himself. This gives Fandro opportunity to attack, and he knocks out Skett.

Logia, knowing he isn't nearly as powerful, still attacks Fandro to delay him from killing his friends. Although Fandro deals a hard blow to Logia, he continues to fight, and even knocks Fandro down with his determination. Logia then calls for reinforcements from F.A.N.T before he's knocked out by Fandro.

They all wake up, only minorly injured and alive back at the F.A.N.T headquarters, with Rizzo monitoring them. Sinn hears of Logia's bravery, and tells him that soon, he'll be a skilled agent with that determination, which Logia appreciates, and compliments Skett being able to control his anger, which Skett brushes off. Sinn then asks if they've interrogated Fandro, but Rizzo tells Sinn that he was gone before they arrived.

Back on the plane and ready to take up their next assignment, Rizzo warns the squad that their enemy is still out there, but the squad responds that when the time comes, they'll be ready to beat them.

In the Stinger for the episode, Fandro wakes up in a ship, being blasted back off into space with no money. Fandro also finds an audio message, which tells him that he's lucky he's still alive. Stuck in the ship, Fandro has a temper-tantrum as the episode ends.


What was that?! We could've talked him down!
I did my job, Zabrent. You're too soft.
(Hearing Transmission) I'll be right over there!
Let me come.
No, you need to cool down for a little bit.
James Zabrent and Jake Skett

Look at yourselves! Zabrent was sleeping when he should be snarking! And the rest of you aren't much better. You can't let this threat drive you crazy. You guys are a professional team, you have to be methodical and reasonable and deal with it.
You're right, Logia.
Hugo Logia and Eric Sinn

You know that the threat is still out there. Are you sure you guys are fine?
When that bastard comes for us, we'll be ready.
Helen Rizzo and Eric Sinn


Reception was universally positive, with the concept and episode itself being praised. The creator of Fandro expressed approval, especially at the episode's Stinger.


  • The episode's name is a reference to the non-canon game Fandro RPG: Stray By Me.
  • The meeting place for the squad and Fandro, Connecticut, is where Fandro's creator lives.