Stratus with his Mail Hat
Full Name Stratus
Current Age 39 (At death)
Gender Male
Nimbus - Daughter
Ability/ies Long-Distance Flying, Stockpile
Vulnerable To Electric, Stone or Ice-based attacks

Stratus is the deceased father of the Swablu Nimbus who worked as a mail pelliper for the local postal service as the lead mailman. Stratus was married to a female Altaria and both lived in middle class home and Stratus' job was enough to fund the family at the time.


Stratus was born at a shore on Treasure Town and was cared by his parents who were both Pelliper. As a Wingull, Stratus wanted to explore the Pokemon world, and because of this he would normally run away from home to explore the world he was in for entertainment. He was scolded for this and because of that he only went around the area nearby his home. When he evolved and became a Pelliper, he decided to go to the Mail Business since it will give him the chance to experience his Childhood dream of being able to explore the Pokemon World. Stratus worked for the postal service for several years until a delivery of 30 letters regarding an influx of crime caused by a Seviper. When flying on this mission Stratus went lower than the advised height, and was caught by that one Seviper whom caused the crime, and was then strangled to death, scarring his child and widowing his wife.


Stratus was prideful and proud of being a Mailworker for the business, and would generally sometimes forget about his child or his wife when overexcited while flying. He is also carefree while flying since he thinks there are no other threats aside from other Flying Pokemon.