Stratosball is a ball sport played across Sylphiu in the Teardrop series It comprises of two teams of 8 trying to score a circular ball into a 4 metre wide goal over a 2 hour period on a 100x18 metre pitch. The current official league for the sport is the Fantendo Stratosball League.

The Stratosball.


The game is started by the captain who is the Stratosball Catcher, who will have a attempt at goal. Passing can be forward and backwards

The ball cannot be kicked, but can be headed if the ball is caught after. And if it is dropped or bounced, the shot will go to the opposing team that didn't touch the ball last. If at any point, the ball goes off the 100 metre long pitch.

Three attackers, three defenders, and a Protector. Two teams face off against each other to score the most points. Those are scored by making the ball pass through the Protector's Ring. Protectors are defenders, and work directly next to the Ring, trying to protect it from enemy attacks. The catchers play differently than the other players, facing off against other catchers at the start of the match, and then working as a normal Attacker during the game until a point is scored. Then, the normal proccess repeat, and they have to catch the ball again to proceed.

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