I...I would be honored to join the great Mario!
Strato, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2

Strato is a Red-shelled Paratroopa, and a partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2. He was living in Petalburg before Mario came and visited to request Koops a visit to join. Since Koops had to take care of his duties as the new Mayor, Strato was asked to take up the job instead. He was wary at first, but when he learned the planet was at stake, he accepted instantly.


Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Strato's Hit Points Attack Power Move Ranks
Flying Ram None Swoops from the sky, ramming into an enemy. Press A right before colliding. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: 1/2
Level 2: 2/3
Level 3: 3/5
Shell Flyer None Does a flying Shell Toss at one enemy. Tap A and B at the same time. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: 3/4
Level 2: 5/7
Level 3: 7/10
Defense Flyer 3 Withdraws in shell in the air, becoming impossible to hit. Alternate L and R to fill the gauge. Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
N/A Super Rank
Super Flyer 5 Power-shells all enemies. Alternate L and R. Level 3: 30 Level 3: 10/10 Ultra Rank


  • Strato comes from Stratosphere, a layer in the Earth's atmosphere.

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