Strange New World is a Fantendo-oriented world in Gradient Hue, and is unlocked after completing Dreamland. It is one of the more plot-focused worlds.

Gradient begins in a small chamber. After defeating several different shadowy beings in the chamber, a door opens allowing him to continue. In the next room is McBoo and 3.14, who introduce him to a creative universe created by people in the universe known as Space. This universe is called Fantendo, and has undergone some dark times lately. Gradient has to round up various Fantendo characters from their respective areas, resulting in battles with two evil creatures - The Manipulator and The Scout, both who claim to work for an evil entity. After defeating those two and rounding up the rest of the characters, McBoo decides the entity they speak of must be The Enemy, an evil creature who once attacked the Fantendoverse. Oshtyo pinpoints the location of The Fan, a strange person who claims to be the Fantendo character's god and seems to come from the future but if he is a deity or not is undetermined. The characters ask The Fan if they can get to the Darktendoverse, but The Apprentice comes and has a battle with the heroes. The Fan is then kidnapped and taken to The Darktendoverse. Shade and Kalico fall through a wormhole and tell Gradient that a huge wormhole has appeared over the Battle Frontier. Suddenly, Kalico and Shade are taken by Greyscale of the Iguana Army. Gradient goes back to the Battle Frontier to save the world!

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