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Strafe (Lethalverse)
Bounty Hunter turned Hero
Full Name Strafe
Current Age 25
Date of Birth 1990
Gender Male
Location Noah, New York City
Ability/ies Expert marksman and fighter, Light Magic
First Appearance Strafe: Lethal Seven

Strafe is a hero, formerly a bounty hunter living in New York City who is also the son of a goddess. Originally a brash but honorable bounty hunter who took on clients he believed were good people, he grew into a more mature, calm, and kind person who fought for good, money or not.

He's a major character in the Lethalverse. Reception has been (TBA).



Strafe is the main character of this game. He appears as a bounty hunter who wants to leave the grimy city of Noah, but ends up in an adventure to take down the Lethal Seven. Across the adventure, he gets Light Magic and grows as a person.

It's eventually revealed that his father, Lock, killed his mother, who was actually a goddess wielding Light Magic in order to use Strafe as a template for a magical super army, and that Lock employed the Lethal Seven. Strafe liberates Noah alongside his friends, and slaughters Lock and his clone army, ending his evil plans.



Physical Appearance Edit

Strafe is an attractive young man with blue, spikey, anime-esque hair. He has tan white skin, brown eyes, and a very good build. He's somewhat tall and has an average size. He usually wears some sort of run-down jacket he picked up, and occasionally body armor.

Personality Edit

Strafe has grown a lot as a person. He used to be brash, arrogant, cynical, hotheaded, and short-tempered, having little qualms about killing and taking high paying jobs, running from his problems.

Following his ordeal with the Lethal Seven, he has become a much more wise, calm leader and fights in battle using logic and planning rather than pure anger. In addition, he has much more mercy in him and takes up missions to help people and better the world, rather than to get money. He still has his demons though, and is usually the one to put the dog down, so to speak.

Abilities Edit

Strafe was given Light Magic powers by his mother, White Goddess. This allows him to blast powerful light magic at his opponents, teleport, heal quickly, unleash explosive firey blasts of pure light, and use many other useful skills that slowly come to him as he adapts to the powers and trains with them.

Besides that, Strafe is a skilled strategist and plans his attacks well. He's skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but not necessarily fancy about it, preferring a brawler-style approach to melee combat. He's also skilled at driving or flying most vehicles, and can properly use firearms and explosives.

Trivia Edit