Bounty Hunter turned Hero
How to Unlock Default
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Lethal Attacks Light Bomb, Rocket Launcher, Light Wave
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Strafe is a default playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Lethal, being the game's "main" protagonist of sorts and acting as a major player in the Story Mode. He was announced as part of the starting 6.


Standard Attacks

Neutral Side Up Down

Lethal Punch

Strafe punches the enemy. It's a balanced attack, lacking extreme speed or power, but not having any weaknesses. It can be charged for added power.

Shotgun Blast

Strafe pulls out a shotgun and blasts it. It's slow and only works up-close, but has incredible power and is a great kill move.

Lethal Uppercut

Strafe punches the enemy into the air. It's rather similar to the Lethal Punch, and can be used to juggle the opponent.

Stomp Kick

Strafe does a downward kick that's fast and powerful. On the downside, it can only be used effectively in mid-air. Good kill move.

Special Attacks

Neutral Side Up Down

Light Blast

Strafe shoots forward a blast of light. It's fast but weak and will stun the enemy for a few seconds. It can be spammed or charged up for more attack power and more stunning time.

Light Slash

Strafe dashes forward and slashes downward with a blade of light. It's fast and powerful but easy to dodge. Charge it for more power. It's useful on a stunned enemy and might just be the move that wins you the match. Just don't use it on a ledge.

Light Portal

Strafe hops through a portal and ends up at the top of the stage. It's a great recovery move, but takes a period of time, so it might not help if you need air quickly.

Light Healing

Strafe surrounds himself in a light aura. It immobilizes him for a few seconds, but can heal him a great amount. A single hit will interrupt it.

Lethal Attacks

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Light Bomb

Strafe tosses a bomb of light that will do massive damage and knockback to anyone near it. Unfortunately, it has a rather small radius so you'll want to time it very carefully if you want it to land.

Rocket Launcher

Strafe gets out a Rocket Launcher and has one shot that he can carefully aim. It does the same amount of damage as the Light Bomb, but has a larger radius.

Light Wave

Strafe jumps into the air and is surrounded by light as he releases a stage-wide blast of light that is sure to kill anyone in it's path. No one is safe from this devastating attack.



Strafe is the basic balanced character for beginners. He has medium stats but no major flaws, making him a reliable pick for veterans to the game and first time players. In the right hands, he can be devastating.


  • A jeep drives by and Strafe hops out of it.
  • An arrow hits a target right next to the opponent and Strafe runs on-screen.
  • A katana falls from the sky and Strafe leaps down next to it, picking it up and stashing it away.


  • Light Healing: Strafe casts a Light Healing spell on his partner to heal them by 20 percent.


  • Strafe covers himself in a Light Cloak and disappears from the results screen.
  • Strafe hops on his motorcycle and drives off.
  • A helicopter and ladder comes down and Strafe climbs it and flies away.


  • Strafe throws a Smoke Bomb down and disappears angrily.
  • Strafe falls down, lifeless, but is revived by a Light Revive spell.
  • Strafe sits down and drinks some Coffee, clearly agitated.


  • Strafe drinks a Water Bottle and throws it away.
  • Strafe pulls out a random weapon and points it at the opponent before putting it away.
  • Strafe takes out a First Aid Kit, but drops it off the stage.


  • Noah Poncho
  • Victory Costume
  • Warzones Jacket
  • Classic Strafe
  • Listless Strafe



"A bounty hunter from Noah who is now a brave hero. He's also a demigod, being the son of White Goddess, so it makes since that he was summoned to be one of her champions. In battle, he's a balanced fighter who's good for pretty much everyone, using his weapon skills and light magic to defeat his opponents."

Noah Poncho

"This version of Strafe seems to be tired and annoyed, and with his life, who can blame him. His mother died, his father is a serial killer, and he just wants to leave Noah. When he does, he also leaves behind this costume. Too bad, it's such a nice poncho."

Listless Strafe

"One of the Lethal Seven. A clone of Strafe made by his psychotic father Lock. This Strafe may look similar, but he lacks Strafe's personality, for good or bad. He also can't use light magic. Despite this, he's an expert at driving, fighting in hand-to-hand combat, and using weapons."

Light Wave

"Strafe's Level 3 Lethal Attack. He leaps into the air, charges his Light Magic, and blasts it stage-wide. Everyone will be caught in the blast, and blocking will do you no good. Get hit with this powerful piece of magic, and you're definitely done for."