Strafe: Lethal Seven is a third-person shooter/action adventure game developed by Inora for the V2 in late 2015, and a spin-off of the Strafe series. The game is intended for fans of Strafe and fans of Exotoro, being a sort of tribute to the series with the release of the newest game: Strafe: Warzones. It's the first installment in the Lethalverse.

Taking place in an alternate universe where Strafe is an honorable bounty hunter rather than a thief, it follows Strafe as he battles against seven assasins hired to kill him by a mysterious foe.

The game was announced formally at the Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase. Reception has been (TBA).


Chapter 1: Coarson

Heaven Born

The game opens with Strafe infiltrating a tall tower inside Noah, as he scales it, killing guards on the way, and sneaking past turrets(this being the tutorial of the game). Once on the top floor, Strafe finds Sear looking out the glass window, spotting slaves working for him and smiling.

Strafe: You are one sick fuck.
Sear: Ah, Strafe. I've heard much about you. Son of a killer, protector of scum, and a killer yourself.
Strafe: Says the man who owns thousands of slaves. You have no right.
Sear: You don't have the nerve to kill me, Strafe. You know that I'll be missed. I'm practically the king of Noah, and kings don't fall without a fight.
Strafe: Shut up dude. (Shoots Sear)

As Sear's dead body hits the floor, alarms go off and guards flood the room. Strafe flees out the fire escape, giving players a chance to learn the acrobatic controls of the game. With Strafe successfully out of the tower, the mission ends.


Free from the tower, Strafe can explore more if he wants to, but is also given the task of accepting a new job(teaching the mission system), talking to an old friend(teaching the exploration system), and purchasing an item(teaching the currency and item system), with each being able to be done in the order the player decides.

Players can accept two basic jobs, taking down 5 criminals or collecting a crate of cargo. Talking to an old friend leads Strafe to the home of Noah's Vermin, where he talks to Decay.

Decay: Strafe! It's been much too long.
Strafe: Yeah, sorry man. I've uh...been busy.
Decay: Trying to get out of Noah?
Strafe: Yeah. I'm tired of all the bad people here, and the aristocrats, and the slavery, and the injustice. I don't want to come back ever.
Decay: I hope change comes one day, Strafe.

Once all three tasks are complete, the mission ends.

Lethal One I

Strafe triggers this mission by walking near the Capital District. Once there, Strafe is shot at by a mysterious sniper. Strafe dodges it, and looks up to see the perpetrator sitting in the district's famous tower. Although Strafe wants to leave Noah, he realizes he can't leave with unfinished business and heads towards the tower.

Once there, the guards spot him and recognize him as the assasin who killed Sear. The guards fight against Strafe in a firefight, but he fights them off and makes it into the Capital District. While avoiding military forces, Strafe scales the tower, solving puzzles and fighting the guards who are in hot pursuit of him.

Strafe eventually reaches the top of the tower, ending the mission.

Lethal One II

Strafe confronts his would-be assasin, a cloaked man with two golden pistols.

???: Nice to meet 'ya.
Strafe: Most people who try to kill me aren't so kind.
???: Look, pal, it's just a job for me. I'm one of the best, so I get hired a lot. They call me Coarson.
Strafe: Well, Coarson, looks like it's the end for you.
Coarson: Try your best, buddy.




Strafe takes out Coarson, shooting him down. As he begins to walk away, he hears Coarson call out for a woman named Ramona.

Strafe: What are you babbling on about? Who's Ramona?
Coarson: Look man, I gotta see her before I die. She's the love of my life, and I was just trying to get money so I could propose.
Strafe: Sorry about the shooting thing then. I'll get you to her.
Coarson: You will? You're the best, dude.

Following this cutscene, the mission ends.


As Strafe helps Coarson up, the guards burst in, headed to kill Strafe and, while they're at it, Coarson. Strafe must escort Coarson out without him getting too hurt. Once this is done, Strafe gets in his jeep and drives off, teaching the driving system.

Strafe then must go to the Moon District and drop off Coarson with his girlfriend. Coarson expresses graditude, and hands him his golden pistols, telling him he's done with his job as an assasin. Strafe then drives off to the Gateway District, where he is confronted by enemy vehicles. After Strafe eliminates them(teaching vehicular combat), he drives away from Noah, finally getting away from the cursed town to start anew.

Chapter 2: Crown

Yes, I'm a Wanderer

Out of Noah, Strafe is given free-reign as he drives around the deserty boundaries, being able to complete small tasks and manage his inventory. If he drives past all this though, he'll reach an isolated fortress, beginning the mission.

Strafe walks to it, and discovers heavily armored soldiers, and for once Strafe is not able to solve his problems through brute force. Strafe must sneak around and take them out, and he'll hear a man coming in. The man is shocked by them all being taken out, and heads off to alert the others. Strafe flees, but spots a picture of Coarson. His curiosity gets the best of him, and he investigates.

After sneaking through the fortress, Strafe gets the picture and discovers a file full of names and pictures, labeled "Lethal Seven". Before he can get it, armored soldiers ambush him. Strafe runs as fast as he can, using acrobatics to escape the fortress. Once he successfully reaches the entrance, the mission ends.

City Life

Outside in the desert once more, he can wander onto Chrome City, an idealistic city completely opposite to Noah, where Strafe can explore for a while and do small side missions to earn cash. To trigger the next mission, he must do 5 side missions. Once this is done, he'll be contacted anonymously.

???: Strafe, I need to talk to y-
Strafe: Look lady, how do you know my name?
???: I don't have a lot of free time. But you have to meet a man named Seth Caldon.
Strafe: Why? Oh great, she hung up.

After this Strafe must ask around to learn about Seth Caldon and learns he is one of the aristocrats that runs Chrome City. Strafe, going across the city to collect information, eventually ends up at Seth's home. After avoiding the security systems and destroying them, Strafe confronts Seth Caldon.

The Lethal Seven

Caldon quickly flees from Strafe, who pursues the old man through a hangar attached to his large mansion. Strafe easily keeps up with him at first, but he eventually gets in a helicopter and flys off while soldiers hold off Strafe. Strafe takes out the soldiers, and chases the helicopter on a motorbike inside the hangar.

Strafe evades gunfire and chases Caldon through the city, attracting the attention of Chrome City's police force. Strafe eliminates them all by causing them to crash, and then rams into the helicopter when it's near to the ground, causing it to crash into the ground and fatally wounding Caldon.

Caldon, barely hanging on, is approached by Strafe.

Strafe: If you tell me what you know, I'll shoot you before you burn up.
Caldon: ...Fine. All I know was that I managed the money for the transaction.
Strafe: What transaction? You really don't want to die a slow death.
Caldon: I'm hurrying! It was to hire seven assasins, they call them the Lethal Seven. They're the best in their class. I was hired by an anonymous man to find them and offer them the job of killing you.
Strafe: I thought I had enough enemies already. Great.

Strafe shoots Caldon when he turns around to find a policeman, who tazes Strafe.

King of His Castle I

Strafe wakes up in prison inside a giant castle where other prisoners are clamoring. Strafe looks around to find a guard delivering stale bread and questionable water, and he knocks out the guard when he comes near, grabbing the guard's key. Strafe gets out from his cell and is confronted by a number of guards. Strafe fights through them in a bloody fist fight, but eventually prevails, getting their weapon load.

Strafe climbs up the stairs quietly, taking out the large amount of guards silently. Strafe eventually reaches the main floor, where he has to find a key card to open the elevator. Strafe does so and continues advancing up the castle, killing guards and solving puzzles when he reaches the top floor and finds a large man standing there.

King of His Castle II

Strafe is approached by the large man, wearing a crown.

???: Ah, Strafe. I've been waiting. I see why our contact wanted you dead, you're quite the troublemaker.
Strafe: Let's get this over with already. I'm tired of conversation.
???: I enjoy the element of conversation before a fight. Calms the nerves. My name is Crown, I am one of the city's leaders.
Strafe: So, Crown, you one of those Lethal Seven?
Crown: How do you think I pay for the guards and the castle anyways?




Strafe takes out Crown, asking him where the other Lethal Seven are. Crown turns to respond, but tricks Strafe, shooting him in the gut, knocking him out the window.

Chapter 3: Haeleon

Hospital Blues

Strafe wakes up, healing in a large white hospital. Strafe quickly tries to get up, but is stopped by an elf nurse. Strafe wonders how he ended up in the city of Aelai, and asks the nurse who replies an anonymous woman left him at the hospital, bleeding out and with several broken bones. Strafe realizes that he would've died without the interference of the elven magic.

Strafe heals up a little more and watches the television to find Strafe on the news, being called a traitor and murderer and asking other nations to bring him in for a reward. Strafe looks worried, but the nurse tells him that they can not do anything to him while he is in the sacred land of Aelai. As she finishes, the nurse is impaled by a spear-like light beam. Strafe quickly gets up and flees from the hospital as he is chased by masked intruders.

Strafe, unarmed and still weak, finds himself hiding from the masked enemies, who are about to find him. Suddenly, a masked woman comes in and blazes through the masked men with double pistols. Strafe goes to thank the woman, but she disappears in a flash of light before he can. Strafe gets his old, blood-stained clothing and leaves the hospital, calling the elven police before heading out into the city.

Elven Secrets

Strafe finds himself amazed by the grand city of Aelai, technologically and socially advanced. Strafe must explore around the city for a while to trigger the next mission, where the masked men appear once more spontaneously in front of him. Strafe fires at them, but finds it has no effect. Suddenly, he feels a compulsion and fires beams of light at the masked men, instantly defeating them(teaching the Magic system). Shocked, Strafe heads over to the bodies to find what exactly happened.

When Strafe walks over to the bodies, he finds that they are gone, except for their masks. Strafe takes the mask and asks around the city to learn about an elder Elf who runs a library known as Oestus. Strafe heads to the library, and brings the mask to Oestus.

Strafe: Do you know what this mask is? I've heard that you know about this stuff.
Oestus: This mask? I'm surprised a human would find it, or be dealing with them anyways.
Strafe: Who?
Oestus: A tribe known as the Aerwood Elves. They split off from our people long ago. The people of Aelai only want peace and sanctuary from the unholy lands outside. But the Aerwood Elves want to rule the land. And when they could not rally us, they fled to an abandoned forest through the Elven Mines.
Strafe: Great story and all, but why the hell do they want me?
Oestus: I cannot be sure. They are erratic and uncontrollable. And if they come for you, or you come for them, you are doomed. A human has no power against magic.
Strafe: Thanks for the lecture.

Strafe leaves the library, ending the mission.

Through the Mines

To trigger the next mission, Strafe has to enter the Elven Mines. Once there, he'll find it to be abandoned besides a few rodents. After carefully navigating the mines, avoiding falling and solving puzzles to progress, Strafe finds himself being followed by a floating creaturing resembling green smog, and hops into a mine cart to escape the creature.

Strafe fires at it with his guns, but it simply dissipates and reforms. Strafe rides the cart through chasms and twists and turns until he reaches a large circular rock platform, a dead end. With nowhere to go, the creature corners him.




Strafe finds that to destroy the monster, he has to use his light magic. After a tough battle, the monster dissipates and Strafe finds himself blinded by a white light. Strafe then wakes up in the Aerwood Forest, confused, ending the mission.

Dark Woods I

Strafe wonders to himself about everything that has happened and heads into the forest, where he finds himself trapped in a giant labyrinth full of monsters and tricks. Eventually, he comes upon a giant tree, which he presumes to be the base of the Aerwood Elves who are looking for him. However, he finds that three magical relics must be collected to open the base.

Strafe explores around and comes upon a Wisp Fossil, a Scirevicis Academy book, and an Orc bone to open the base. Strafe takes them to the base, and enters, where he finds hundreds of the masked Elves. Strafe, with his newfound magic, tears through them and reaches a file labeled "Lethal Seven". He scrolls through it, seeing Coarson, Crown, and the leader of the Aerwood Elves: Haeleon. Strafe begins to leave with the file, when he is caught in a magic force field.

Dark Woods II

Strafe looks over to find a tall pale elf who removes his mask to reveal himself as Haeleon. Strafe tries to escape, but it's to no avail.

Strafe: Kill me already, you pointy-eared piece of shit.
Haeleon: That's the best insult you have? This is why I hate humans. But to get the money I need to fund our conquest, I must work with them. Someone must really hate you, and I cannot blame them.
Strafe: Fuck man, that's harsh.

Haeleon is about to kill Strafe, but Strafe remembers he can use light magic in the nick of time and escapes the force field, and begins battling Haeleon.




Strafe kills Haeleon in the battle, with masked elves coming in in waves and waves to avenge their leader. Strafe survives 5 waves, but can't take much more. Focusing his power, he teleports away in a flash of light.

Chapter 4: Gammon

The Path to Glory

Strafe awakens, hungy and weak in the desert once more. He gets up slowly and realizes how much power his newfound light magic can be. Strafe looks at the ground, and finds the Lethal Seven file there, waiting for him. Strafe picks it up, and scrolls past Coarson, Crown, and Haeleon to find the fourth Lethal Seven, an anthromorphic lizard named Gammon.

Strafe reads up on Gammon, and eventually finds that he lives in the Scalelands. Strafe journeys there through the desert, and although things are plain and open at first, Strafe eventually comes upon traps and ninjas sent to kill Strafe. Strafe survives these, and eventually makes it past the desert and grasslands to Scale Village.


Strafe enters Scale Village to find a grand and beautiful village that has unfortunately been frequently attacked. Strafe asks around and goes to meet the Village Elder, 3xo.

Strafe: Nice to meet you, my name is Strafe. I think we have a common enemy.
3xo: An outsider? Interesting to see you out here. Even more interesting that you think we have a common enemy?
Strafe: Yeah, you know a guy named Gammon? Ugly ninja lizard assasin?
3xo: Of course. His clan frequently attacks our peaceful village. I knew Gammon once. He could be a great protector. But he decided to use his skills to have power and riches.
Strafe: I'm going to try and take him down.
3xo: You are brave, or foolish. A good quality in a young man. But Gammon is strong, protected by the strongest guards. You will need to know how to get to him.
Strafe: And that's where you come in.
3xo: I'll help you. If you're sure you can do it.
Strafe: Trust me.

From there, Strafe has to take down dummy ninjas with a sword, maintain his balance through a dojo obstacle course, and sneak through the dojo to retrieve some gold. Once Strafe does so, 3xo tells him that Gammon lives in a giant fortress across the Scale Valley. Before he heads out, Gammon's samurai force attacks the village once more. Assisted by 3xo, Strafe takes them down and heads out through the Scale Valley.

Across the Valley

Strafe goes through Scale Valley, finding it to be a dangerous rocky place where water flows very quickly. After climbing along a rock wall steadily, he finds it to be under attack by Gammon's clan, who are firing flaming rocks at the valley with catapults. Strafe quickly climbs across the rock walls, avoiding destruction as the rock crumbles.

On ground again, Strafe quietly sneaks around, taking out the 8 guards manning the catapults while climbing around quickly. With them dead, Strafe finds an iron gate blocking the entrance to Gammon's pagoda. Strafe heads back and uses the catapults to break open the gate before heading to take down Gammon.

Land of the Lizard I

Strafe heads into Gammon's domain at nightfall, where he sneaks around the outside of the pagoda to recover a key. Strafe gets one and steals a samurai outfit from a guard he took out, and heads inside the pagoda. Strafe asks for permission to see Gammon, and the samurai let him, but as he heads up the elevator, they see his blue hair and pursue him.

Strafe ditches the samurai outfit but keeps the sword, running through the giant pagoda and slashing through the forces hot on his tail until he eventually reaches the top floor, where every remaining samurai heads for him. After killing all 25 of them in a tough, long battle, the mission ends.

Land of the Lizard II

As Strafe rests for a moment, Gammon drops from the ceiling, slashing Strafe's chest.

Strafe: Oww! That's fucking cheating. I thought samurai had honor.
Gammon: You should've been ready. I would've thought the first three would've killed you easily. Young, headstrong, no professional training. You'll be an easy target.
Strafe: Trash talk me all you want, I'm leaving here alive.
Gammon: You can try.




After a tough battle, both Strafe and Gammon are weakened. Gammon leaps toward Strafe in anger, but Strafe remembers 3xo's training and calms himself, stabbing Gammon in the chest when he attacked. As Gammon fell over on the sword, Strafe fled from the pagoda and headed back to the desert to take on the fifth member of the Lethal Seven.

Chapter 5: Cannibal Joel


Strafe ends up back in the desert, and looks at the file to see the next member of the Lethal Seven: Cannibal Joel. Strafe looks at the file to find that he lives in a desolate part of the desert inside a fortress. Strafe heads out there, but finds that things are different then he expected, with two large fortress and a terrifying trench filled zone that seperates them known as the Warzone.

Strafe heads towards Cannibal Joel's fortress, but is knocked into a trench by guns. Strafe sneaks around the trench, taking out Joel's army and sneaking toward the fortress trench. To enter, Strafe hops up from the trench, but a tank drives in front of him and begins firing at the opposing force. Seeing the innocent people dying, Strafe feels compassion and goes to take the tank down.




Strafe, alongside the army, takes down the tank. But more cannibals rush out of the fortress, shooting madly and sending the force scrambling back. Strafe, who was shot in the side, is taken by the force back to their fortress.

The Escaped

Strafe wakes up in a rough infirmary to the surprise of the nurse by his side. She calls her boss, Joseph, who comes to Strafe's bedside, amazed.

Strafe: Thanks for the rescue, but uh, why are you looking at me like that?
Joseph: They shot you way more than one should be shot. We hooked you up to machines and all that, but uhh, you healed quickly. Crazy quick.
Strafe: I've survived worse than a tank. Thanks for your help though.
Joseph: Are you kidding? We couldn't have made it without you taking down that tank. My name is Joseph, by the way. I'm one of the leaders around here. We fight the Cannibals.
Strafe: Wouldn't you rather run from those psychos? I've been in a situation like that before, and I bailed.
Joseph: Other people don't deserve to be kidnapped by them and tortured by them. We know that. I used to be Joel's friend. I did him a favor and helped out. Never on board with it fully, but I realized that I was just as bad. I was a bystander. So I left, and freed their prisoners.
Strafe: Huh. I'm gonna bet Joel is not too fond of you then.
Joseph: No. But why are you here?
Strafe: Joel was hired to kill me by someone. I need to kill him.
Joseph: Trust me, I've tried.

In the middle of their discussion though, the fortress is ripped into by another tank. Joseph leads the people to safety, as Strafe sneaks around the rubble and avoids sight, eventually hopping on top of the tank and using his light magic to destroy it.

With their fortress destroyed, Joseph declares that they will end Joel's madness once and for all, and asks Strafe to lead his battle squad to do so. Strafe accepts, and they march through the trenches to Joel's fortress.

Fortress Raid

After navigating the labyrinth of trenches and avoiding traps, the squad enters the fortress and they split up. Two teams head to disable the energy, while Strafe's group heads straight for Cannibal Joel. Strafe and his team battle through Joel's guards and eventually reach Joel.

Cannibal Joel: Wow. Mr. Strafe must have given you some courage.
Strafe: What can I say, I'm inspiring.
Cannibal Joel: Your fortress is destroyed. Your soldiers have been captured. I can send out my forces to kill and eat every innocent. I have won. You have not.
Strafe: You're a douchebag.

As Joel flees from the fortress, he summons cannibals to attack them. While Strafe single-handedly battles them all, his squad members get the others resuced and to safety. Strafe hops in a cannibal jeep and follows Cannibal Joel.


Strafe drives through the garage and follows Cannibal Joel who fires at Strafe's jeep. After taking down the cannibal vehicles, Strafe rams into Joel's jeep, destroying both of the vehicles. Joel gets up, as does Strafe, and a battle breaks out.




Strafe fires a bullet through Joel's skull, leaving him to rot, and silently heads back to the fortress.

Moving On

Strafe finds Joseph hurrying people into jeeps to flee.

Strafe: He's dead.
Joseph: Thank god. Thank you. We can move on now.
Strafe: Thank you, Joseph. You taught me that I can't run from my problems.

As they part ways, the surviving cannibals pursue the jeeps. Strafe agrees to help out, and in a jeep drives off with the survivors from the surviving cannibals, avoiding and taking down the cannibals, and escorting the survivors to a gathering place. Strafe heads out, going to hunt the next Lethal Seven.

Chapter 6: Xyz

Not So Easy

Strafe, in the desert once more, gets out the Lethal Seven file and reads that the next Lethal Seven member is named Xyz. Strafe looks for more information, but finds absolutely nothing else regarding Xyz. Strafe looks around and thinks of people he can interrogate for information, but realizes that he killed everyone related to the Lethal Seven he's met thus far.

Looking down at the file and thinking, he is caught off-guard by a blast of magic that knocks him onto the floor. Strafe groans in pain and looks up to see a being made of energy, with a demented "smile".

Xyz: Wow, I thought you'd be better. The name's Xyz.
Strafe: I'm Strafe. You already knew that.




To Strafe's surprise, he is easily taken down by Xyz, who is stronger, faster, smarter, and more proficient at magic than Strafe. Xyz heads to deal the finishing blow, but Strafe, panicking, teleports away.

Chrome Colored

Strafe ends up in Chrome City, accidentally, on top of a tall skyscraper. Strafe climbs down it, but is spotted by police forces who quickly begin hot pursuit of him by helicopter.

Strafe dodges fire from the helicopter, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and avoiding the spotlight. After avoiding getting shot down by the helicopters, Strafe hides for a while until a helicopter lands to search by foot. Strafe sneaks around and takes out the pilot, hopping into the helicopter himself.

After getting used to controlling it, Strafe flys around, taking down the enemy helicopters and heading for the exit of Chrome City. As he flys over there, Xyz teleports in front of the helicopter. Strafe unleashes fire, but Xyz teleports around, avoiding it and firing magic beams at the helicopter. Xyz then teleports away, into the distance, with Strafe losing the helicopter to follow him.

Aelai Chase

Strafe runs after Xyz, avoiding fire and chasing him to Aelai. After a long chase, Strafe stops at Aelai and finds that Xyz is gone. Frusterated, he heads to Oestus to ask for help.

Oestus: The human is back. I was surprised to learn that you took down Haeleon. Impressed, even.
Strafe: He was overconfident, it was easy. That's not the point though. I need information on someone else hunting me.
Oestus: You have lots of enemies, Mr. Strafe.
Strafe: I've noticed, thanks. Someone is hunting me. The name is Xyz. They're stronger, smarter, and faster than me.
Oestus: Probably shouldn't been overconfident. The name resembles a Wisp, though.
Strafe: I've noticed. What the hell are wisps?
Oestus: Magic concentrated into living beings. Some are wise beyond their years and change much. Some are misformed, and have no mental control.
Strafe: Sounds fun. I need to know how to beat one.
Oestus: You must train.

Oestus teaches Strafe a number of new magic techniques slowly and carefully. Although Strafe fails to control it at first, he eventually learns to control the magic powers. Strafe thanks Oestus, and heads out.

Xyz ambushes Strafe outside the library, but Strafe is waiting for him and using a carefully timed spell, counter-attacks Xyz, who flees back to the desert. Strafe chases after him, now ready to take him down.

Back to the Scalelands

Strafe pursues Xyz back to the Scalelands, where he finds the peaceful village and looks on, happy that he helped change a place for the better. Before he can continue thinking though, he spots Xyz who amplifies his voice through magic.

Xyz: Hey buddy! I'm up here!
Strafe: God, you're obnoxious.
Xyz: I'm going to leave now. You've been fun, but I already have things in order.
Strafe: What the hell does th-he's gone.

Strafe looks around to find 3xo and his fellow villagers surrounded by magic force fields that are counting down. One reaches zero, and bursts into flames. Strafe, realizing that if he doesn't intervene they will all die, races around against the clock, using magic to destroy the fields. If Strafe does so before any more die, the mission ends.

Wisp Warfare

Strafe follows Xyz through Scale Valley, avoiding his magic blasts and eventually catching up to him at Gammon's abandoned pagoda. Xyz decides to stop.

Xyz: Really? Just die already, really.
Strafe: Sorry, I don't do that.
Xyz: You will.




Strafe takes down Xyz, who vaporizes away. Strafe, standing in the abandoned pagoda, looks out at the Scaleland villagers comforting each other. He thinks back to Noah, before heading back into the desert.

Chapter 7: Listless Strafe

Factory Escape

Strafe opens the Lethal Seven file and scrolls through to the last page, where he finds no name. Strafe questions who the last Lethal Seven is when he feels intense pain in his side and collapses, unconcious.

Strafe wakes up on a cold, hard metal floor and looks through his glass window to see armies of Strafe clones walking through a dim factory. Shocked, Strafe panics and bangs on the window, but no one responds. Strafe recalls that he can teleport, and teleports into the air ducts using concentration.

After Strafe slowly and carefully makes his way past the fans and loose boards, he reaches the maitenance floor, and sneaks around, turning off the locks. Strafe then advances up the stairs slowly, but finds himself on the large top floor where Strafe clones spot him.

Waves of Strafe

Strafe begins fighting off the clones, which are fairly tough but not nearly as tough as Strafe. Strafe easily takes down the first few, but their strength in numbers eventually allows them to win. As Strafe falls down, exhausted, they begin to crowd around him as the screen goes black.

Strafe wakes up as a young boy where he hears a gunshot and follows the noise, down the stairs, into the living room where he sees his mother lying the on the floor, blood falling from the gash on her head.

Young Strafe: Mommy! Mommy! Wake up, Mommy! Please, Mommy. Please!

Strafe sobs as his father, a tall, eerie looking fellow struts into the room and gets out his gun and, while smiling, fires at Strafe. Suddenly, a flash of light appears in front of Strafe and his father is knocked onto the floor, screaming in pain as his skin burns. Strafe flees while his father recovers, and the screen goes white.

Strafe wakes up back at the factory in a flash of light, and looks around to see the hoardes of Strafe clones burning. Strafe thinks to himself that he doesn't remember that as a child, but simply runs off.

Mad Dash

Strafe heads through the main floor, taking out Strafe clones in pursuit of him and sneaking across the massive factory. Strafe arrives at the garage floor, and finds waves of armored Strafe clones headed straight for him. Strafe hops in a tank, and takes them all out after waves and waves of difficult opponents.

Strafe then ditches the tank, due to it's low mobility, and hops on a motorcycle, driving through the various security areas and avoiding the traps and security turrets to eventually escape into the desert, which Strafe drives off into.

Listless I

Strafe keeps driving around, wondering about the flashback he had, the Strafe clones, and who the final Lethal Seven member is. Suddenly, a motorcycle passes him and he begins following it through a narrow canyon, and spots a Strafe clone riding a superior motorcycle.

The Strafe clone attempts to lose him by driving near ledges to cause Strafe to crash, but Strafe maintains his balance and skill, following the Strafe clone. The Strafe clone then resorts to using a gun, but Strafe avoids that as well, and destroys the motorcycle with his light magic. The Strafe clone gets up, and heads for Strafe.

Listless II

Strafe backs up, but the Strafe clone continues his pursuit and gets out a rocket launcher. Strafe realizes he won't be able to avoid that, and begins to try and stall him.

Strafe: HEY! Alright, buddy, just listen to me for a minute. Who are you?
Strafe clone: I am Strafe, also known as Project Listless. I serve Lock. He sent me to kill you.
Strafe: You dad? So he was the one behind this. That makes you...
Listless Strafe: The final Lethal Seven member. And your killer.




Although Listless Strafe is the strongest clone, he doesn't have magic, allowing Strafe to eventually knock him down in a flash of light. Listless Strafe, burning, vows to serve Lock, and puts a gun to his head, ending his life. Strafe grimaces and looks away, leaving his corpse burning in the sun.

Chapter 8: Lethal Seven

Back In Town

Strafe walks through the desert, realizing that every Lethal Seven member is done for. Coarson has moved on, Crown was shot down, Haeleon was vaporized, Gammon was stabbed, Joel was shot down, Xyz was vaporized, and Listless Strafe commited suicide. Realizing he has nothing else to do, he begins driving off on the motorcycle away from the desert, but looks back at Noah and remembers Joseph's words. Strafe sighs, before driving off to Noah.

Strafe arrives at the gates of Noah to find two armored guards, who seeing Strafe, automatically get out their guns and start firing. Strafe easily takes them out with the skills he has gotten since he left, and triumphantly drives into Noah on his motorcycle, where he finds constant pursuit from the police force, all trying to kill him.

Strafe is easily able to take out the first few waves, but they then begin employing tanks and helicopters, and it's clear to Strafe that they will stop at nothing to kill him. Suddenly, as things look bad, people come forward to help Strafe.

Decay: We can't wait for change anymore, my fellow vermin, thieves, and hunters. Strafe brought justice to Noah. He killed Sear. We owe him our help.
Coarson: Hell yeah, I'll help.

This rallies together the others, who alongside Strafe, battle against the various forces. Strafe, using magic, fights through the tanks and copters as the others fight against the police force. Strafe takes them all down, but is shot with a dart that knocks him out.

Deep, Dark Depths

Strafe wakes up on concrete, as he sees the woman who saved him from the masked Elves running away. Strafe chases after her, but she disappears in a bright flash of light. In anger, he smashes the wall and realizes he is in the Noah Sewers. Strafe wonders why she put him there, when he spots a Strafe clone in the distance.

Strafe quickly follows the Strafe clone and silently kills him, taking his outfit and suiting up in it to avoid detection. Strafe follows another clone into a large base constructed into the sewers where various Strafe clones are walking around. Strafe climbs the stairs to find an office, which he uses his key to open. Strafe enters, and sees a man in a red suit, sitting in his chair thinking.

Strafe: L-lock?
Lock: What do you want, clone? I thought I made our plan perfectly clear.

Strafe tries to control himself, but in a moment of spontaneous anger, begins firing magic at Lock, who simply absorbs it. Lock laughs and gets out a gun, firing it at Strafe.

With a Bang

Strafe falls to the ground in pain, as Lock runs over to fire the fatal blow at Strafe.

Strafe: How can you...absorb the magic?
Lock: Look, son. When you were a child, before I shot your mother in the head, killing her tragically, I collected DNA from you. Hence the clones, and hence my inability to be harmed by your magic.
Strafe: You sick piece of shit. You killed my mom, you left m-
Lock: God, so whiny. If it weren't for your magic, I wouldn't even give a fuck about you. You're weak. I'm strong.
Strafe: I'm strong. I'll prove it, Lock.

Strafe gets up and dodges the bullet, punching Lock in the chest angrily, knocking him back. They then charge towards each other.




Strafe eventually defeats Lock, using pure wit and skill to best Lock in battle. Strafe disarms Lock and gets ready to kill him, but finds Lock begging for mercy and sobbing.

Strafe: You're pathetic.

Strafe shoots him with a tranquilizer dart, and finds a file with information about Lock. Strafe sits down in the chair, and begins reading.

Tragic Pasts

Strafe begins reading and learns about the son of a thief, named Lock, living in the miserable city of Noah. Lock, who's mother died at an early age, was raised by his abusive and alcoholic father. One day, when Lock's father beat him relentlessly on a particularly bad rage spree, Lock snapped and used a gun to kill his father.

Over the edge, the depressed and insane Lock roamed the city alone, dreaming of having a better life, and killed to get the money and resources. Lock met a beautiful woman with magical powers, and planned to use their son as a template for an army of magic soldiers Lock could use to conquer Noah and eventually the rest of the Earth.

The woman discovered Lock's true intentions, and he killed her to silence her. However, before he could kill Strafe to use his DNA, she left a magical shield on Strafe to embue him with strong white magic. The shield allowed Strafe to flee for many years, as Lock followed Strafe to try and get him.

Eventually, Lock hired the Lethal Seven to kill Strafe so he could finally execute his plan of creating the perfect clones of Strafe.

Strafe, disgusted and sad at this past, finishes reading and finds the legions of Strafe clones at the door, beginning to fill the room.

Noah's End I

Strafe fights through the legions of clones, all set on recovering Lock and killing Strafe. Strafe kills most of them, but finds that they endlessly keep coming for him. Strafe teleports away, but he is slashed by a Strafe clone before he does, leaving blood that the Strafe clones collect.

Strafe runs into the sewer, but realizes that they are simply following Lock's orders that have been programmed into them: to conquer everything in Lock's name, and will do anything to accomplish the goal. Strafe then heads back, using light magic to kill as many as he can. However, he finds that the vial of blood isn't there, and realizes a small group of clones fled, and took Lock with them.

Strafe heads down the various floors, employing all of his skills(sneaking, combat, puzzle-solving, driving) to eventually reach the bottom of the base.

Noah's End II

Strafe finds that he is a few seconds too late, and sees Lock being injected with the blood by his loyal army of clones. Strafe runs forward, but is knocked back by Lock, who is quickly becoming more and more Strafe like in appearance.

strafe!Lock: It's too late, Strafe! I've won. I now have the powers I need to even the odds. To make my life better. To finally have the life I deserve.
Strafe: You don't deserve better, Lock. You responded to having a bad life by making other people's lives worse. That doesn't mean you deserve to be the one in the spotlight. It means you should be punished.
strafe!Lock: Let's see which one of us makes the better Strafe.




In a climactic battle, both of the magic powered warriors seem evenly matched. But while Lock is filled with brashness and excitement at his new power, Strafe remembers the lessons he has learned, and is able to fight Lock, focused and on task. After a tough fight, Lock charges forward in anger, but Strafe dodges it and counters with a magic-powered punch through the chest, killing Lock.

Strafe uses his magic shield to wipe out the remaining clones, who burn to death alongside their master. Strafe teleports away, leaving Lock and his forces forgotten by time, never to be found again.


Strafe finds Noah in ruins after the battle, but sees that Decay's forces have won. Strafe walks over and shakes hands with Decay.

Strafe: You destroyed the city. You ended this madness.
Decay: You inspired me, Strafe. You inspired us all. We can't wait for change, or run from it. We have to make it. I've talked with the others. We're thinking about making a new Noah. A better one. You wouldn't be hunted by secret police in this one.
Strafe: No, thanks. I'm done with Noah. But thanks for the offer. I know you'll make Noah a good place to live, that people will be proud and amazed of. Goodbye, Decay.
Decay: Bye, Strafe.

Strafe and Decay shake hands as Strafe gets inside a helicopter left behind by the secret police and flies off, looking out into the distance and smiling, finally ready to leave Noah, this time with closure.

Post-Credits Scene

Strafe is driving in New York City, with a motorcycle helmet on when he stops by a run-down hospital and gets out his hands, ready to fire magic.

Strafe: Alright, hands up! I've heard you've done some bad things. I'm just here to help the cops out. There doesn't have to be a fight.
???: Yeah, I've heard of you. The blue-haired asshat who thinks he's some new hero. Look guy, the name's Leah Needlenam.
Strafe: Who?

Bonus Mission

If the player completes the game as well as every side mission, a bonus mission will be triggered automatically, where players play as the woman who saved Strafe.

The woman, after killing the masked elves, teleports away in a flash of light where she ends up in a bright sanctuary.

???: He's safe, White Goddess. On the path to victory. I lead him.
White Goddess: Thank you, Ida. I have a feeling he's going to change things.


The game is a third-person shooter/action adventure game where players take control of Strafe as he fights off the Lethal Seven and investigates their employer. The game follows an open-world, mission based style, with Strafe exploring the world, and doing missions to advance the story, in addition to optional "jobs" to earn loot and weapons.

The shooting aspect of the game resembles that of Gears of War, where players switch from regular mode to a shooting mode, where they fire through a crosshair at enemies and try to take cover.

The melee combat of the game resembles the Batman: Arkham series, and features quick, energetic combat based upon getting comboes.

Both styles of combat reward Strafe if he does special things like reach high comboes or get headshots. The game also features stealth kills and rewards those who go for them.

Strafe can explore the world on foot, using acrobatics and climbing, or by using vehicles scattered across the open world.

The game features an extensive inventory system, with players being able to equip and un-equip pieces of armor, weapons, and items to different "action buttons" ala Zelda games.

Completing missions and killing opponents rewards Strafe with Lethal Points, which he can spend on items at shops or use to upgrade his stats and give him new moves.

Besides the story mode of the game, it also features an extensive multiplayer mode, where up to 4(16 online) players can battle or try to get the flag to the goal successfully.


Character Description



The main character. Strafe is a bounty hunter set on leaving Noah to start a new life, but gets roped into a new adventure to defeat the Lethal Seven and their mysterious employer.

He's a balanced character who is pretty good at everything, but doesn't really excel. He uses Light Magic, starting from Chapter 3 in story mode, as well as in multiplayer.

Strafe doesn't mess around, avoids conflict when he can, is brash and arrogant, and runs from his problems. He eventually grows into a mature, wise hero.


Character Description
SEAR A slave-owner, rotten human being, and target of many. Sear is one of the richest, most famous aristocrats in Noah, and is killed by Strafe very early on, not even putting up a fight. He was a bit of a coward, so he employed traps and minions to fight Strafe. It was useless.

The second Lethal Seven member. He rules Chrome City with an iron fist, and rose to power out of money earned from the assasinations he commits.

Crown is very large, doesn't flinch at much, can employ tons of thugs, and uses his heavy cane to do tons of damage.

Crown is pretty calm, but a bit brash and arrogant. He is pretty smug.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.


The third Lethal Seven member. He is the leader of the Aerwood Elves, an antagonistic tribe that wishes to rule over Earth, and takes up assassin jobs in order to get the money necessary.

Haeleon is a skilled user of dark magic who also employs his endless forces of mysterious masked elves.

Haeleon is stoic, egostistical, and hates humans, thinking of them as inferior creatures to be ruled over.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.


The fourth Lethal Seven member. He's the leader of a clan of ninjas who take from others and attempt to rule over those they deem "weaker", which basically means peaceful people.

Gammon is a skilled warrior, being incredibly fast, having great athleticism, and uses his razor sharp claws to slash his opponents.

Gammon has no mercy for anyone, takes freely with no regret, and arrogantly believes he is the greatest warrior of them all.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.


The fifth Lethal Seven member. He's the leader of the vicious Cannibals living in the desert, eating those who come upon them. They're in a war with a faction of escapees who feel it's their duty to stop them.

Cannibal Joel is a heavy, powerful fighter who utilizes tons of powerful weapons, such as chainsaws and shotguns, in addition to pretty much everything else.

Joel is clearly psychotic, feeling no regret and believing it's completely okay to eat people. Despite this, he feels a very strong fondness for loyalty.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.


The sixth Lethal Seven member. He's a psychotic wisp who is very mysterious.

Xyz is light on his feet, wields incredibly powerful energy magic, and can use tons of spells to keep you on your feet.

Xyz is insane, has no mercy, and will do anything for his job. He has no loyalties, and his motives are questionable.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.

Listless Strafe


The final Lethal Seven member. He's the best clone of Strafe, engineered to be the top of his kind at aiming, fighting, and using vehicles. His only goal is to follow the orders of his master and creator: Lock.

Listless Strafe is a light fighter who can use everything Strafe can(melee combat, firearms, explosives, and vehicles), except for Light Magic.

Listless Strafe has no personality. He's monotone, boring, and has absolutely no emotions nor reason. All he knows is to follow Lock and serve him well.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.



The main antagonist of the game. A man raised in a terrible enviorment in Noah his entire life, who snapped and started doing things to set his life on a path where he'd finally be happy. These are good motives, but with terribly wrong execution of it.

Lock is a skilled fighter, athlete, thief, and marksman, having being on the hunt for years and years. In addition, he can use his seemingly endless number of Strafe clones.

Lock is a psychotic person who believes only in getting power and completing his mission, no matter the cost of it. He's brash, arrogant, and egotistical.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.


Character Description

An old-friend of Strafe. He leads the Vermin of Noah, a catch-all term for poor people subjected to the horrors of Noah. Decay isn't his real name, as you can probably tell.

Strafe inspires him to fight for change, leading him to lead the resistance against the aristocrats and police force of Noah and destroy the city. At the end of the game, he founds a new Noah that will hopefully greatly improve upon the first.


The first Lethal Seven member. He only takes up jobs in order to get money, which he needs to propose to his girlfriend. Aww. He's really not a bad guy, and eventually helps out the resistance in the finale, living with his fiance in the new Noah.

Coarson can't take that many hits, so it helps that he's very athletic, running, jumping, and climbing around. He utilizes his duel pistols in battle.

Coarson is a pretty nice guy all around. He's civil, honorable, kind, and appreciative. He just happens to be an assassin. Woops.

He's playable in Multiplayer once you beat him.


A shady aristocrat from Chrome City who controls the city's money, probably not in a fair way. He steals, cheats, and will do anything for quick buck. He's also a frail old man though, so he employs guards to protect him.

Caldon acted as a liason between Lock and the other Lethal Seven. Strafe shot him down.


An old elf librarian living in Aelai. Don't get it confused though he's a strong old man who is wise in the ways of magic.

He has little confidence in humans and doubts Strafe, but assists him in his research of the Aerwood Elves and Xyz.


An anthromorphic lizard and the village elder of Scale Village. He's a peaceful and wise leader who takes no more than he needs and respects all life. He used to be a strong warrior.

He trains Strafe in the ways of a ninja in exchange for Strafe stopping Gammon and his evil clan.


The leader of the faction that battles the Cannibals. He used to be Joel's friend, but saw Joel's evil deeds and decided to turn his life around, helping the Cannibals' prisoners escape and trying to destroy them.

Joseph is kind, friendly, and very appreciative, believing in stopping your problems rather than running from them and fighting for change rather than hoping for it.

Strafe helps him destroy the Cannibals, and Joseph's people flee. If Strafe returns to Noah in the post-game, he'll learn that Joseph and his people migrated to the new Noah.


A woman who assists Strafe occasionally, acting as White Goddess's enforcer on Earth. She is a powerful user of light magic, with a mysterious past.

Ida is pretty mysterious, personality wise, but is shown to be a loyal follower of White Goddess.

She's playable in Multiplayer after the bonus mission is completed.

WhiteGoddess isahackfraud


Strafe's mother. She is actually a goddess who lived on Earth in a mortal body and fell in love with Lock, who was manipulating her. Lock killed her mortal body, restricting her to her spirit form, which made her use Ida as a liason between her and Earth. As far as Strafe knows, she's long-been dead.

She's un-imaginablly powerful, having endless light magic and being able to project light magic onto others. She has no mortal body though, so she uses her followers to take care of business on Earth.

She's playable in Multiplayer after the bonus mission is completed.

Multiplayer Only

Character Description



The multiverse's biggest traitor. She appears in the main game in a post-credits cameo appearance. Wonder how that'll play out. Hmm.

Leah is a glass cannon who utilizes various weapons. She specializes in status effects, but doesn't do much damage. She is ready for any situation, having a needle finger, various firearms, and unique hospital equipment.

She's unlocked by completing the game.



Fantendo's mascot. A lovable bearman bastard who doesn't appear in the main game.

Unten is the balanced character like always, so he's good for beginners. In battle, he has no firearms, but can use fisticuffs and electric magic.

He's a default multiplayer character.



An everyday woman who seems to end up in crazy situations. She went from working at a gas station to having an adopted daughter and being good friends with a bearman who loves her.

Rachel is light, fast, and doesn't take much damage, but doesn't do much damage either. She is armed with shield gauntlets.

She's a default multiplayer character.



A young woman who comes from a dark alternate future and frequently visits the Fantendoverse, getting involved in all kinds of shenanigans.

Amy Jackson is a slow and heavy character who deals a lot of damage. She is proficient in firearm use, driving, and pretty much anything else combat-wise. She has no magic though.

She's a default multiplayer character.



The so-called Leah replacement. Crow is a feral woman who is usually calm but can lose her shit. How she plays into things has yet to be seen.

Crow is a glass cannon like Leah, but her playstyle is wildly different. She has no magic and doesn't use firearms, but instead uses a powerful sword that does massive damage to everyone and anyone in her path. Kill her before she kills you.

Crow is unlocked by playing 100 matches.



A sparkling from Chargio. Friendly, occasionally naive, conflicted, and totally in to manipulative evil 4-eyed deities. Don't kinkshame him.

Volt is a balanced character who is easy to use. He doesn't use firearms and isn't that maneuverable, but does have power electric magic.

He's a default multiplayer character.



She's one of us. Sakeena is a Muslim teenager who writes Fantendoverse fanfics and got stuck with metallokinesis. Is it a blessing, curse, or both? Who knows.

Sakeena is a balanced character. She kind of fumbles around as far as firearms, but she can use her metal magic to create various metal weapons.

Sakeena is a default multiplayer character.



A miner turned hero. He started out as a totally original Mega Man recolor, but has become his own character.

PalmMan can only take 5 hits, but he has good stats and can utilize his blaster to blast napalm at the enemies.

PalmMan is a default multiplayer character.



A total goddamn psycho. She's a bounty hunter that greatly enjoys causing pain, so she fits right in in Strafe's world.

Sadisilea is a slow heavy character with no magic who is instead very skilled at using firearms and explosives. She can also take tons of damage before dying.

Sadisilea is unlocked by beating every Lethal Seven member.


Area Description Notable Places


The city where Strafe was born and raised. It's an isolated city that is stuck in years gone by, being ruled by the aristocrats while slaves and thieves fight for a better life. It's hard to get out and hard to get in.

This area acts as the setting for the first and last chapters, and cannot be visited in the meantime. It is normal in the first chapter, a warzone in the last, and a place that is slowly rebuilding in the post-game.

Gateway District
The entrance to Noah. It's a small area that consists of a gate and road. Before the post-game, the gate blocks the entrance, and is guarded by police vehicles.
Capital District
The largest district. It's where the hustle and bustle lies, featuring tons of shops and people looking to give you jobs. In the center is the famous tower, that Strafe must climb to take down Coarson.
Moon District
A district high up on the hill where the moon is easily spotted at night. It's the equivalent of the Capital District for the less fortunate in Noah, featuring a hospital, a few shops, and the home of the Vermin of Noah.
Noah Sewers
The complex tunnels under Noah. Strafe enters them in the final chapter, and must make his way through the labyrinth. It's pretty bare, having little to do or see, but is the gateway to the underground areas of Noah.
Lock's Base
A large technological center deep under Noah where many Strafe clones are stationed. Strafe must explore this large base and solve puzzles there to defeat Lock. After the game, the base is closed up forever.
Noah's Dungeon
The deepest part of Noah. After completing the game, a tunnel to it is unblocked in the Noah Sewers. If Strafe dares to enter, he'll find the Dragon Noah waiting for him in an optional boss battle.
Sear's Tower
The first area in the game, an estate occupied by Sear. Strafe must solve basic puzzles, defeat the guards, and sneak around to reach the top. After Sear is dead, the tower is abandoned.


The game's hub. It's a sandy, lonely expanse that loosely connects the various areas.

It's also the setting of Chapter 5 and 7.

Isolated Fortress
A fortress where the Lethal Seven file is stored away. Strafe must sneak around and avoid the armored guards to collect it.
Strafe Factory
Lock's factory where he makes Strafe clones. It's rather large and features several floors and a giant garage.
Narrow Canyon
A large canyon near the end of the desert. It features a few small roads, but is mostly a very dangerous area to go around, with unstable rock holding everything up. It's the site of the battle with Listless Strafe and Cannibal Joel.
Survivor's Fortress
A decent sized fortress where the survivor faction used to live. Strafe doesn't have much time to sit around before it's torn down by the Cannibals.
Cannibal's Fortress
A large fortress consisting of a meeting place, an armory, and a cell for their prisoners. It's torn down fairly quickly.
The Warzone
The trenches between the two fortresses. It's always in the middle of war, and a very dangerous place to be, as well as a labyrinth.


A bright, technological city that seems to be the polar opposite of Noah. But, as Strafe slowly learns, it's really just a shinier Noah. Still ruled by aristocrats, still full of injustices. Contrasting with Noah, it never really changes.

The area acts as the setting of Chapter 2 and can be accessed any time after.

Downtown Plaza
The first area, acting as an entrance. It is a bright plaza filled with different shops where Strafe can get jobs or buy things.
Caldon's Mansion
A mansion owned by Seth Caldon, full of high-tech security systems. Strafe must make his way through the systems to reach Caldon. The mansion features a garage that can be raided after Caldon's death.
Chrome Highway
A gigantic highway that holds the city together and acts as a means to get everywhere. Strafe can steal vehicles from here. This is also the sight of the helicopter chase.
Crown's Castle
A gigantic, grand castle where Crown lives. It consists of several halls, a large dining area, an armory, a viewing section where Strafe battles Crown, and the prison block for Crown's personal prisoners.


A bright, advanced elven city that is far ahead that of any human city. It's quite large and has lots of history to it. It doesn't change much.

The area acts as the setting of Chapter 3 and can be accessed any time after.

Aelai City
The largest area in Aelai. It consists of a highway, several high-level shops, and a large hospital, as well as Oestus' library.
Elven Mines
The abandoned mines that connect the city and forest. It's an eerie large area that is pretty desolate, and features various mechanisms and mine carts.
Aerwood Forest
The home of the Aerwood Elves, a large forest maze full of twists, turns, and enemies. Strafe can find and collect artifacts here to use or sell.
Tree Base
The base where the Aerwood Elves are, Strafe had to blaze through several floors of guards to collect a Lethal Seven file here. Strafe also had to battle Haeleon, and after he was defeated, the base was abandoned to be explored.


A beautiful land still not touched by the industrial revolution that resembles Ancient China. Anthromorphic lizards populate this land.

The area acts as the setting of Chapter 4 and can be accessed any time after.

Scale Village
A beautiful and large village with ancient architecture. It features a few small shops, an inn to rest in on, and a dojo where 3xo trains Strafe.
Scale Valley
A grand valley where flowing water goes. It is connected together by rock walls, but the valley is slowly destroyed by Gammon.
Gammon's Pagoda
A giant pagoda inhabited by Gammon and his clan. Strafe must fight his way through the various floors to battle Gammon on the top floor. Later on, Xyz is battled here.

Multiplayer Maps


  • Noah Sewers
  • Capital District

Chapter 2

  • Isolated Fortress
  • Caldon's Mansion
  • Crown's Castle

Chapter 3

  • Eleven Hospital
  • Elven Mines
  • Aerwood Forest

Chapter 4

  • Scale Village
  • Scale Valley
  • Gammon's Pagoda

Chapter 5

  • Cannibal's Fortress
  • The Warzone
  • Narrow Canyon

Chapter 7

  • Strafe Factory

Chapter 8

  • Lock's Base


  • Leah's Hospital: The hospital Leah runs. It's a large map with very narrows hallways and various counters, making for some interesting strategizing. The player can also steal an ambulance or use the medical equipment as makeshift weapons. It's unlocked by playing as Leah 10 times.
  • The Fissure: An area of Zeon. It's a large and open map surrounded by grassy hills and meadows. It's pretty standard, but the main gimmick is that if the match isn't over in 10 minutes, a drill will destroy it. It's unlocked by playing as Unten 10 times.
  • Gas Station: The gas station where Rachel worked. It's a rather small and compact map where players can hide in the various aisles, as well as use ice bags as weapons or defenses. It's unlocked by playing as Rachel 10 times.
  • White Goddess's Sanctuary: The sanctuary where White Goddess lives. It's a large and open map with various platforms and narrow ledges. Players can collect white wisps in this map to upgrade their stats for a small period of time. It's unlocked by playing as White Goddess 10 times.



  • Pistol: The weapon Strafe starts with. It has a large amount of ammo but is pretty weak and can't be fired continuously.
  • Desert Eagle Pistol: A better pistol that Strafe can attain. It has a large amount of ammo and does decent damage, but can't be fired continuously.
  • Machine Gun: A classic machine gun. It has low ammo, but can be rapid-fired and does lots of damage.
  • Shotgun: A slow gun with only a few ammo. It takes a while to fire, but will tear through nearly any opponent Strafe faces.
  • Sniper Rifle: Strafe only gets one shot with this gun. It has excellent precision though, and will instantly take out the opponent.
  • Grenade: A bomb that Strafe can toss. After a few seconds, it explodes, doing massive damage to anyone near it, including Strafe.
  • Knife: A melee weapon with little range. It never wears out though, and can be used to stab enemies in close combat.
  • Katana: A sword used by ninjas. It's difficult to use, but once mastered, it will tear through your opponents in no time.
  • Bow & Arrow: A weapon that takes a while to get ready and relies on perfect aim but can tear through defenses and do massive damage.
  • Fire Arrow: This addition to the Bow & Arrow will start fires, burn through ice, and burn anyone who comes into contact with it.
  • Ice Arrow: This addition to the Bow & Arrow will freeze water and opponents alike for a small period of time.
  • Poison Arrow: This addition to the Bow & Arrow will poison enemies if it lands. Although this is harder to use, it will leave the opponent sluggish, weak, and slowly dying.
  • Rocket Launcher: The ultimate weapon that is hard to attain. It has only one ammo, but will destroy anything in it's large radius.

Multiplayer Only

  • Needle Finger: Leah's unique weapon. It works like a knife, but will poison opponents on contact.
  • Shield Gauntlets: Rachel's unique weapon. It allows her to create shields to deflect weapons and enhances her melee combat.
  • Napalm Blaster: PalmMan's unique weapon. It is fast and quick and fires napalm that will stick to the opponent and explode.
  • Duel Pistols: Coarson's unique weapon. These duel pistols are weak but fast and have unlimited ammo.
  • Cane: Crown's unique weapon. A slow melee weapon that does massive damage and will knock the enemy away.
  • Chainsaw: Cannibal Joel's unique weapon. It's a fast melee weapon that does tons of damage, but has little range.
  • Defibrillator: A weapon in Leah's Hospital. It's slow, but can be used to stop the enemy's heart, leaving them stunned for a while.
  • Scalpel: A weapon in Leah's Hospital. It's quick, but doesn't do much damage.
  • Ice Bags: A weapon in the Gas Station. They can be used as a slow melee weapon or for defensive purposes.


  • Jeep: The first vehicle Strafe gets. It's not the fastest, but it's pretty reliable and is good for rough, deserty terrain. It's large, but pretty maneuverable.
  • Motorcycle: A common vehicle that Strafe often rides. It's pretty vulnerable to being destroyed, but is very good for tight spaces and is pretty fast.
  • Mine Cart: An uncontrollable vehicle found in the abandoned Elven Mines. It can be steered but not stopped or accelerated. Strafe can attack opponents from this, though.
  • Helicopter: A rare vehicle, and the only flying on in the game. It's armed with a machine gun that Strafe can use while flying around. It's pretty balanced.
  • Tank: A rare, very slow vehicle that's hard to maneuver. It's intended for combat, and is armed with a giant gun that blasts powerful gigantic bullets that do lots of damage.
  • Ambulance: A fairly rare vehicle that can be found in hospitals or Leah's Hospital map. It's a powerful and fast vehicle that's hard to drive.
  • Sports Car: A rare vehicle that's fast, good in tight spaces, and accelerates well. It's not good for rough terrain though, and belongs in cities.
  • Delivery Truck: A common vehicle that's easy to get but is hard to use in tight spaces, not good in rough terrain, and slow, but is pretty powerful.
  • Four-Wheeler: A vehicle exclusive to the desert. It's excellent at maneuvering and very durable, but pretty slow and hard to use in tight spaces.
  • Hovercraft: A vehicle exclusive to Aelai. It's a futuristic pod that hovers over the ground and is very good at maneuvering, can be driven over anything, blasts lasers, and reaches high pods. It can't be found anywhere else, though.
  • Taxi: A vehicle exclusive to Noah. It's fast, good on rough territory, and controls well, but is pretty fragile.


  • First Aid Kit: The game's healing items. They can easily be bought or found. They come in normal, Super, and Ultra varieties, with Super and Ultra healing more but being more rare/expensive.
  • Spray Paint: Fairly common items. If the player is being chased, they can paint their vehicle to disguise it and eliminate suspicion.
  • Ammo: Self-explanatory. Each gun needs some kind of it, and the ammo can be found scattered across the world or be bought.
  • Arrows: Self-explanatory. There are normal, Ice, Fire, and Poison arrows, and each can be found or bought.
  • Gloves: Gloves that increase Strafe's melee strength for a few hits, before they wear out.
  • Smoke Bomb: Collectable items. Aim them and throw them to cause a cloud of smoke that will allow Strafe to flee. They can be found in a poisonous variety as well.
  • Medicine: If Strafe is poisoned, he can take medicine vials to cure his poison instantly.
  • Water Bottle: If Strafe is on fire, he can take it out instantly by pouring water on himself.
  • Coffee: Increases Strafe agility and speed for a few seconds.


Armor Description



Strafe's default armor. It absorbs no attacks.



Strafe's armor that he attains in Chrome City. It absorbs a small amount of damage.



Strafe's armor he attains in the Warzone. His resistance to melee attacks will be increased.

Listless Strafe


Strafe's armor he attains in Lock's Base. It absorbs a good amount of damage.



Strafe's armor unlocked after completing the entire game fully. It absorbs half of all damage.
NINJA OUTFIT Strafe's armor he attains in the Scalelands from 3xo. It makes him harder to see and lessens the damage dealt by melee attacks.
BULLETPROOF ARMOR Strafe's armor that he unlocks by completing The Dragon Noah. It lessens the impact of all bullets by 100%.
SCAVENGER GARB Strafe's armor he unlocks by completing No Clones. It makes him immune to all status effects.
PATIENT GOWN Strafe's armor he attains in the Aelai Hospital. It absorbs no damage, and is pretty much there for decoration.


  • Health Boost: Strafe's health can be upgraded five times.
  • Attack Boost: Strafe's attack can be upgraded five times.
  • Speed Boost: Strafe's speed can be upgraded twice.
  • Jump Boost: Strafe's jump can be upgraded twice.
  • Combo Power: The farther a combo goes, the more damage will be dealt.
  • Critical Hit: Strafe has a chance of doing double damage in melee combat.
  • Critical Shot: Strafe has chance of doing double damage in ranged combat.
  • Aim Assistance: Ranged weapons will home in on opponents more. This can be upgraded once, and then upgraded to auto-aim.
  • Stunning Blow: Strafe has a chance of stunning opponents in melee combat.
  • Stunning Shot: Strafe has a chance of stunning opponents in ranged combat.
  • Double/Triple Jump: Self-explanatory.
  • Poisonous Blow: Strafe has a chance of poisoning opponents in melee combat.
  • Firey Blow: Strafe has a chance of burning opponents in melee combat.
  • Freezing Blow: Strafe has a chance of freezing opponents in melee combat.
  • Piercing Blow: Strafe's melee attacks will pierce through defenses.
  • Piercing Bullet: Strafe's ranged attacks will pierce through defenses.
  • Firey Bullet: Strafe has a chance of burning opponents in ranged combat.
  • Poisonous Bullet: Strafe has a chance of poisoning opponents in ranged combat.
  • Freezing Bullet: Strafe has a chance of freezing opponents in ranged combat.
  • Inventory Expansion: Strafe can hold 5 more items. This can be done 4 times, giving his inventory a total of 30 item spaces.
  • Pinball Attack: Strafe can use the pinball attack to bounce from opponent to opponent in melee combat.
  • Pinball Blast: Strafe can use the pinball blast to ricochet his bullets off walls and opponents.
  • Blow Reflection: Strafe can reflect melee attacks with good timing.
  • Blast Reflection: Strafe can reflect ranged attacks with good timing.
  • Miracle Dodge: Opponent's attacks have a small chance of doing no damage.



  • Light Blast: Strafe's first magic ability. It allows him to shoot blasts of pure light. It's like a very powerful bullet and must be used on some enemies. It's useless against a few enemies, though. After training with Oestus, it's upgraded and more powerful.
  • Light Portals: An ability attained in Chapter 3. Strafe can teleport to "light areas" to solve puzzles or use it to fast travel to previously visited areas.
  • Light Healing: An ability attained in Chapter 3. Strafe will automatically slowly heal if a fight isn't going. After training with Oestus, Strafe can manually use it to heal quickly.
  • Light Spear: An ability attained in Chapter 6 after training with Oestus. It's a piercing blast of light that will destroy shields.
  • Light Bomb: An ability attained in Chapter 6 after training with Oestus. It's an explosive blast of light that will do low damage but also knock all enemies in it's radius away.


  • Light Split: An upgraded Light Blast. It shoots two light blasts in opposite directions.
  • Rapid Light: An upgraded Light Blast that allows Strafe to fire Light Blasts at a rapid pace.
  • Light Launch: An upgraded Light Blast that will launch opponents skyward.
  • Light Wave: A powerful blast of light that shoots in all directions.
  • Light Purification: A defensive move that uses light to cleanse Strafe of all status effects.
  • Light Beam: An upgraded version of Light Healing. It immobilizes him, but will heal a large amount of health.
  • Light Shield: A shield of light that will absorb many attacks before breaking.
  • Light Revive: A spell that will ressurrect Strafe with a small amount of health left if he uses it before dying.
  • Light Boomerang: A light projectile that will bounce off of enemies and ricochet from walls.
  • Light Barrage: An upgraded Light Spear. Strafe will blast three small Light Spears in different directions.
  • Light Explosion: An upgraded Light Bomb. It has a smaller radius, but does high damage.
  • Light Shockwaves: An upgraded Light Bomb. It does no damage, but has a larger radius.
  • Light Slash: Strafe slashes the opponent with a sword of light. It will pierce shields.
  • Light Rocket: Strafe soars into the air, surrounded by light. It's good for manuevering around.
  • Light Cloak: Strafe is covered by a cloak of light that gets rid of all unwanted attention.
  • Light Hook: Strafe blasts a light hook that will pull enemies closer to him, allow him to easily scale walls, and pull treasure to him.

Multiplayer Only

  • Electric Punch: Unten's first magic ability. It allows him to do a punch that's charged with electricity, stunning the opponent.
  • High Voltage: Volt's first magic ability. It allows him to shoot a blast of electricity at the opponent. It's fast, weak, and stunning.
  • Electric Healing: Unten and Volt's secondary magic ability. It allows them to use electricity to heal their wounds. It's fast but doesn't heal that much.
  • Metal Shield: Sakeena's secondary magic ability. It allows her to create a metal shield that will absorb a good amount of damage before breaking.
  • Metal Constructs: Sakeena's first magic ability. It allows her to create a random weapon from metal that works like it's regular form.

Enemies & Bosses


  • Guards: The basic enemies. They're very common and pretty weak alone, but strong in numbers. They can fight with their fists, or use knives, guns, and grenades.
  • Guard Jeeps: The basic enemy vehicles. They're very common and can be easily destroyed alone, but are strong when in a crowd. The jeeps can use ramming to attack, or a gatling gun.
  • Hermits: Enemies exclusive to the desert. They'll ambush Strafe and attempt to stab him and steal from him. They're pretty easy to kill, but can get annoying if they continually ambush Strafe.
  • Mages: Enemies found in the desert, the Scalelands, and Aelai. They have low health, but are fast and use powerful magic. They come in Fire, Ice, Electric, and Poisonous varieties.
  • Attack Helicopters: Aerial enemy vehicles. There is one in Chrome City, and multiple in the final battle of Noah. They fly around, dodging attacks, and blasting Strafe with a turret. They're pretty hard to take down.
  • Chrome Police: The police force of Chrome City, they're pretty much stronger and more durable Guards. They can use tasers, guns, grenades, smoke grenades, and riot shields.
  • Chrome Police Cars: The enemy vehicles used by the Chrome Police. They drive around in clusters and are pretty durable and attack with guns and ramming.
  • Armored Guards: Guards with heavy armor, and pretty common enemies. When first encountered, they're impossible to fight, but when Strafe gets stronger he can battle them. They have the same weapons as a regulard Guard.
  • Aerwood Elves: The enemies of Aelai. They're strong, slow, and use dark magic to attack Strafe. Regular weapons do no damage to them, but Light Magic easily destroys them.
  • Scale Samurai: Gammon's minions. They're slow and powerful, using katanas to take Strafe down quickly. They should be fought from afar.
  • Scale Assasins: Gammon's minions. They're quick but weak, and usually like to ambush Strafe and stab him. They have low health though.
  • Cannibals: Cannibal Joel's minions. They are strong but slow enemies who use chainsaws and shotguns to hurt Strafe.
  • Cannibal Jeeps: Jeeps used by the cannibals. They're like Guard Jeeps, but faster and more agressive. They lack guns, though.
  • Strafe Clones: Clones of Strafe developed by Lock. They use all the weapons Strafe does, and can drive around, but lack his Light Magic. They're the toughest regular enemies.
  • Tanks: The toughest enemy vehicles. They are slow and not very good at maneuvering, but blast giant bullets at Strafe that do large damage. They're very hard to destroy, and are the toughest enemy vehicles.
  • Enemy Hovercraft: Pretty tough enemy vehicles that are quick, don't have to worry about terrain, and can blast lasers. They are very rare, and only appear in one side quest.
  • Martial Artist: Enemies exclusive to the three tournament side quests. They use hand-to-hand combat and are agile and powerful. They come in varying levels of difficulty.


  • Coarson: The first Lethal Seven. Coarson is very athletic and fast, and attacks with duel pistols that are strong and fast. Strafe must avoid Coarson's attacks and attack Coarson when he tires. He has a low amount of health.
  • Crown: The second Lethal Seven. Crown is a slow and heavy character who uses his cane to do a large amount of damage to Strafe. Strafe must dodge his attacks, and then attack Crown when he is charging up an attack. He has a decent amount of health.
  • It: A smoke monster conjured by White Goddess to test Strafe's light magic powers. It flies around, blasting dark magic beams at Strafe and slashing at him. To defeat him, Strafe must use Light Blasts. He has a decent amount of health.
  • Haeleon: The third Lethal Seven. Haeleon is a swift fighter who does powerful attacks with dark magic and is much stronger than the previous bosses. Strafe must keep his distance and try to shoot Light Blasts at him in a good pattern. He has a decent amount of health.
  • Gammon: The fourth Lethal Seven. Gammon is quick and strong, but has little range, instead opting to use his sharp claws. Strafe must block his attacks, and then counter with his katana. Gammon has a decent amount of health.
  • Cannibal Tank: A tank operated by the cannibals. It's very slow and doesn't move, but blasts giant shots that will instantly kill Strafe if he is hit. Strafe must dodge the attacks and use a powerful attack on the tank to destroy it. The tank has a large amount of health.
  • Cannibal Joel: The fifth Lethal Seven. He's a slow and powerful character who blasts Strafe with his shotgun and slashes him with his chainsaw, and can very easily kill Strafe. Strafe must dodge his attacks and attack when he is reloading his shotgun. He has a large amount of health.
  • Xyz: The sixth Lethal Seven who is fought twice. In his first battle, he is too strong to beat, but after training, he can be defeated. Xyz teleports around the area quickly, avoiding attacks and blasting energy beams at Strafe. Strafe has to avoid the attacks and use Light Bomb while Xyz is attacking to stun him, where he can be attacked. He has a large amount of health.
  • Listless Strafe: The final Lethal Seven. He mimics Strafe's techniques and can employ any item Strafe can, as well as drive around a motorcycle to avoid attacks and trip Strafe up. Strafe must simply use his best attacks to defeat Listless Strafe. He has a very large amount of health.
  • Lock: The employer of the Lethal Seven. He is a strong and slow character who uses various guns to attack Strafe. Strafe must use regular weapons to defeat Lock, as light magic does not work on him. He has a very large amount of health.
  • strafe!Lock: Lock, after he injected himself with a large amount of Strafe's blood. He is strong, fast, agile, and durable, using all of Strafe's magic abilities to attack him. Strafe must use his light magic to take down Lock. He has a very large amount of health.
  • Noah: The optional boss of the game, a dragon living deep under Noah. Noah is gigantic, extremely fast, can fly around, and uses various types of elemental breath to attack Strafe, as well as clawing and chomping Strafe. Strafe must dodge Noah's attacks and use his most powerful attacks to best Noah, but it'll be tough. He has an immensely large amount of health.

Side Quests


Noah side quests are only available post-game.

  • Taking the Tower: Sear's Tower has various supplies that could be used, but is being occuppied by Sear's elite guard force, consisting of 10 armored guards. Strafe can visit Decay, who gives him the mission of taking back the tower and eliminating the threat. After Strafe does so, he'll earn a large amount of money.
  • The Dragon Noah: Decay has heard rumors of a dragon living under Noah with the same name. Decay, worried it could be a threat if it were to escape, hires Strafe to slay the dragon. Once Strafe does so, he'll earn the Bulletproof Armor.
  • Medicine Run: The Moon District's hospital is low on medicine, but they hear of some medicine owned by the aristocrats. Strafe finds the 6 packs of medicine scattered across Noah, and earns an Ultra First Aid Kit.
  • Brothers in Arms: Coarson wants to form a new police force for Noah, but they are lacking the weapons they need. He tasks Strafe with finding a Desert Eagle Pistol, 5 arrows of each kind, and 10 grenades. If Strafe does so, he'll earn a Rocket Launcher.
  • Taxi Service: A former thief wants to reform his old ways and own a taxi company, hiring Strafe to do a few jobs for him. After successfully transporting 5 people, the thief gifts Strafe a taxi.
  • Thief Ties: A member of the Vermin of Noah has betrayed his bretheren and left with a large crate of supplies, and Decay asks Strafe to stop him. Strafe must track down the thief, take him down, and bring back the supplies, where he'll earn a large bag of money.
  • Supply Run: A member of the Vermin of Noah went down into the sewers to find some supplies, but hasn't come back. Decay hires Strafe to find him, and Strafe ventures into the sewers. After navigating the sewers, he finds the member, who got lost there. Strafe brings him back, and earns a large amount of money.
  • Work of Art: Decay informs Strafe that aristocrat propaganda still remains in Noah, and tasks him with taking down all 10 posters. Strafe goes across Noah and takes them all down, and earns a large amount of shotgun ammo.
  • Guard's Shift: Coarson tells Strafe that the police force has spotted raiders and hermits from The Desert headed to raid Noah, and that they need help. Strafe assists the police force and waits out at the guns. After stopping the waves and waves of hermits before they get in, Coarson rewards Strafe with 20 grenades.
  • Remnants: Decay tells Strafe about sounds coming from the sewers, and sets Strafe out to investigate. He follows the sounds to Lock's Base, and finds a group of leftover Strafe clones. Strafe takes them down and returns to Decay, who gives him a large amount of Lethal Points.

The Desert

  • Homeless Shelter: This mission can be accessed after the final boss. A clan of hermits is looking for a place of their own, and hear about the Isolated Fortess, tasking Strafe to get inside, take down the 20 armored guards occupying it, and open the gates. Once Strafe does so, he'll be awarded with 20 shotgun ammo.
  • No Clones: This mission can be accessed after Chapter 7. Strafe learns that the clones are still being created without anything to hold them back, and must venture into the Strafe Factory and reach the core of it to remove the power source from the cloning machine as well as take out the clones. After he does so, he'll find the Scavenger's Garb.
  • Canyon Climbing: This mission can be accessed from default. A hermit informs Strafe that his brother was looking for supplies in the Narrow Canyon, but hasn't come back. Strafe must then set out and avoid falling from the canyon while climbing on it to reach the hermit. Once Strafe does, and brings him back, the hermits will give him an Ultra First Aid Kit.
  • Sand Racer: This mission can be accessed from default. One hermit with a fondness for racing challenges Strafe to a race on his Four-Wheeler from the entrance to the Narrow Canyon. If Strafe wins the race, he'll own the Four-Wheeler.
  • The Warzone Ruins: This mission can be accessed after Chapter 5. Joseph tells Strafe that a few soldiers were lost in the battle, and might still be out there, tasking Strafe with finding them in the Warzone. Once Strafe recovers all 5 soldiers from the trenches, he'll earn 20 poison arrows.
  • Mysterious Thieves: This mission can be accessed from default. One hermit tells Strafe that someone has stolen his precious motorcycle, but that he can't find them. Strafe must wait until night, when he'll find a group of mages playing with the motorcycle. After Strafe defeats all 4 of them and returns the motorcycle, the hermit will give him a large sum of money.
  • A New Life: This mission can be accessed after the final boss and when Mysterious Thieves is completed. Strafe can find the mages, who want to turn over a new leaf and join the hermits, but need a gift to show their forgiveness. After Strafe gives them a Super First Aid Kit, Medicine, Water Bottle, and shotgun, they'll award him a large amount of Lethal Points.
  • Clear the Rocks: This mission can be accessed from default. A group of explorers are looking to explore more of the desert, but a pass of boulders block the way. Strafe has to use five grenades, a rocket launcher, or a Light Explosion to destroy them, causing the explorers to give him a large bag of money.
  • Noah's Shell: This mission can be accessed after the final boss. Strafe learns that hermits are being heckled by an escaped group of Noah guards. Strafe must track them down and defeat the forces, consisting of 10 armored guards, 5 guard jeeps, and 10 guards. Once Strafe does, the hermits will give him a rocket launcher.
  • Tanked: This mission can be accessed after Chapter 5. A number of hermits have recovered a cannibal tank and are using it to steal and murder. Strafe must use another tank salvaged by the good hermits to take down the cannibal tank in a tank battle. Once he does so, he'll own the tank.

Chrome City

  • Wrongful Imprisonment: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 2. Strafe learns about a small group of freedom fighters battling against the aristocrats of Chrome City, but that a good chunk of their forces are trapped in Crown's prison. Strafe must infiltrate the prison, take out the guards and get a key, and successfully escape with the 10 freedom fighters. He will be rewarded with a large amount of money if he does so.
  • Necessary Heist: This mission is accessed after completing Wrongful Imprisonment. Strafe learns that the bank of Chrome City is holding a large crate of supplies stolen from the freedom fighters, and is hired to get the crate back. Strafe must wait until night to sneak in, avoid getting caught, and steal back the crate. He will be given 20 shotgun ammo and 20 grenades for his efforts.
  • Bank On Me: The mission is accessed after Wrongful Imprisonment. Strafe learns that the freedom fighters are being harassed by a group of thieves hired by the aristocrats. Strafe must track down the thieves in the plaza rooftops and take out 5 armored guards and 5 Chrome Police, and retrieve the stolen goods. The freedom fighters will give him a large amount of money.
  • Night Dash: The mission is default. Strafe hears about a group of skilled street racers looking for an opponent who they plan to give a large amount of money if he beats them. Strafe takes up the challenge, and races all four on the highway. If he beats them all, he'll get the prize.
  • Aristocrat Feast: This mission is unlocked after Wrongful Imprisonment. A group of aristocrats are planning to hold a feast at Crown's dining hall to discuss ways to take down the freedom fighters. Strafe has to get inside and stop the feast before it happens by sabotaging the meal and wrecking the hall without getting caught or using violence. Once he does so, he'll be rewarded with an Ultra First Aid Kit.
  • Freedom Funds: This mission is unlocked after Wrongful Imprisonment. The freedom fighters need 1000 dollars to continue funding their efforts, and task Strafe with collecting the funds in various ways. If Strafe does so, they'll give him a large amount of Lethal Points.
  • Aerial Justice: This mission is unlocked after Wrongful Imprisonment. The freedom fighters inform Strafe that the Chrome Police have bought a number of helicopters to use against them, which must be stopped. Strafe must take down the 5 helicopters, and he'll be rewarded with a helicopter of his own.
  • Drive: This mission is unlocked after Wrongful Imprisonment. Strafe learns from the freedom fighters that they need more cars to get around, but don't want to steal from civilians. Strafe must infiltrate the police station in the plaza without being detected and drive 5 police cars back to the freedom fighters. He'll be rewarded with a police car of his own.
  • Speech Stealing: This mission is unlocked after Wrongful Imprisonment. Strafe learns that an aristocrat is going to make a speech to gather the civilians against the freedom fighters, and that he has to be stopped, but without violence. Strafe must use smoke grenades to sabotage the speech without hurting anyone or being detected. He'll be rewarded with an Ultra First Aid Kit.
  • Deadly Distraction: This mission is unlocked after Wrongful Imprisonment. The freedom fighters are planning to attack the aristocrats, but need to have the police off their backs. Strafe must distract the police cars somehow and keep them away from the attack long enough without any freedom fighters getting caught. He'll be rewarded with a large amount of money.


  • Books, Books, and More Books: This mission is default. Oestus has lost a number of old rare books to a group of Aerwood Elves who are scattered across the city. Strafe must track down all 5 and retrieve and return the books. Strafe's reward will be a decent amount of Lethal Points.
  • Makeshift Ambulance: This mission is default. With the Aerwood Elves attacking all over, the hospital has many more patients, and not enough ambulances to get them there. Strafe has to collect the 10 patients across the city and drive them back to the hospital. His reward will be an Ultra First Aid Kit.
  • Aerwood Raid: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 3. The remaining Aerwood Elves are planning to attack the city and steal from various shops. Strafe must wait until night at the plaza and take down all 20 Aerwood Elves before they get away with or attack anything. His reward will be 20 shotgun ammo.
  • Struck Gold: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 3. Rumors are being spread about leftover gold in the Elven Mines, but no one has the courage to go get it. Strafe must venture into the mine and collect all 5 pieces of gold. He'll be rewarded with a large bag of money.
  • Ghosts?: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 3. Mysterious ghostly sounds are coming from the Elven Mines, and Strafe has to investigate. Once inside, he'll find that it was actually machines left by the Aerwood Elves to keep people away from the mines. Strafe has to destroy the 5 machines, and he'll be rewarded with a large bag of money for doing so.
  • Treasure Hunt: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 3. Oestus wants some of the artifacts from the Aerwood Forest for his library, and sends Strafe out. Strafe must navigate the forest and bring back 5 artifacts to Oestus. His reward will be a large amount of Lethal Points.
  • Lost in the Woods: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 3. An explorer went out to get artifacts in the forest, but hasn't come back. Strafe must head into the forest and go through the maze to bring back the lost explorer. He'll be rewarded with 5 artifacts.
  • The Hollow Tree: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 3. Oestus sends Strafe out to find an ancient golden vase inside the abandoned Tree Base. Strafe must head inside and collect it, when he'll be attacked by the remnants of the Aerwood Elves. After defeating them, Strafe must return the vase. He'll be rewarded with a large amount of Lethal Points.
  • Hovercraft Havoc: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 3. The Aerwood Elves have stolen some hovercrafts and are causing trouble. Strafe has to get his own Hovercraft and track down and destroy the 5 enemy vehicles. He'll be rewarded with a Hovercraft he owns.
  • Futuristic Racing: This mission is default. A mysterious racer who uses a hovercraft to beat all of his opponents challenges Strafe to a race. Strafe has to get his own hovercraft and race the racer through the plaza and highway. He'll be rewarded with a large amount of money.

The Scalelands

  • The Tournament: This mission is default. Martial artists living in Scale Village are organizing a hand-to-hand tournament where Strafe must fight with his hands only. After beating 2 weak fighters and 3 medium fighters, he'll win a small amount of money.
  • The True Tournament: This mission is unlocked after The Tournament. The next tournament is going on, and Strafe is invited. After defeating 8 medium fighters and 2 hard fighters, he'll win a decent amount of money.
  • The Ultimate Tournament: This mission is unlocked after The True Tournament. Strafe must now fight 10 hard fighters and 5 master fighters to win a large amount of money and a large amount of Lethal Points.
  • A Necessary Refill: This mission is unlocked by default. The village needs more water, so they task Strafe with retrieving 5 buckets worth of it from the valley without spilling too much water. He'll win 5 Water Bottles.
  • Rock Climbing: This mission is unlocked by default. A teenage boy is trapped on top of Scale Valley, so Strafe must head out there, avoid falling, and bring the boy back without him falling. He'll win a large amount of money.
  • Succession Line: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 4. Gammon's followers still live, and are planning a large scale attack on the village. Strafe must wait for them and then take out 10 Scale Ninjas and 10 Scale Samurai. He'll be rewarded with a large amount of Lethal Points.
  • Supply Raid: This mission is unlocked after Chapter 4. 3xo sends Strafe out to get supplies left in Gammon's Pagoda. Strafe must head there and collect the 5 supply boxes scattered around. He'll be rewarded with an Ultra First Aid Kit.
  • Industrial Revolution: This mission is default. 3xo tells Strafe that he wants Scale Village to evolve, and sends Strafe out to bring him 3 shotguns, 20 grenades, a Sports Car, and a smoke bomb. Once Strafe does so, he'll get a large amount of money.
  • Grand Race: This mission is unlocked after Industrial Revolution. A new racer wants to challenge Strafe to a race, so they embark on a race through Scale Village, across Scale Valley, and into Gammon's Pagoda. Strafe will earn a large amount of money if he wins.
  • New Paths: This mission is default. 3xo wants to expand the village, so he sends Strafe out to the valley to use explosives to break the rock so they can expand. Once Strafe destroys all 10 rocks blocking the paths, he'll be given a large amount of money.


Strafe: Lethal Seven Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
Lethal Seven Badge Unlocked by booting up the game.
Coarson Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 1.
Crown Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 2.
Haeleon Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 3.
Gammon Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 4.
Cannibal Joel Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 5.
Xyz Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 6.
Listless Strafe Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 7.
Lock Badge Unlocked when you complete Chapter 8.
Unten Badge
Unlocked by playing as Unten in multiplayer
Rachel Badge
Unlocked by playing as Rachel in multiplayer.
Leah Badge Unlocked by playing as Leah in multiplayer.
Amy Badge Unlocked by playing as Amy in multiplayer.
Crow Badge Unlocked by playing as Crow in multiplayer.
Volt Badge Unlocked by playing as Volt in multiplayer.
PalmMan Badge Unlocked by playing as PalmMan in multiplayer.
Sadisilea Badge Unlocked by playing as Sadisilea in multiplayer.
Sakeena Badge Unlocked by playing as Sakeena in multiplayer.
White Goddess Badge Unlocked by playing as White Goddess in multiplayer.
Ida Badge Unlocked by playing as Ida in multiplayer.
Guard Badge Unlocked by shooting 50 male soldiers in the balls.
Noah Badge Unlocked by defeating the Dragon Noah.
It Badge Unlocked by defeating It.
strafe!Lock Badge Unlocked by defeating strafe!Lock.
Chrome Badge Unlocked by collecting the Chrome City armor.
Warzones Badge Unlocked by collecting the Warzones armor.
Classic Badge Unlocked by collecting the Classic armor.
Ninja Badge Unlocked by collecting the Ninja armor.
Bulletproof Badge Unlocked by collecting the Bulletproof armor.
Scavenger Badge Unlocked by collecting the Scavenger armor.
Patient Badge Unlocked by collecting the Patient armor.




  • This is Inora's first game to be rated M, for violence and explicit language.

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