Strafe: Lethal Hunters is a stand-alone expansion pack for Strafe: Lethal Forces released for The V²'s V Shop. Developed by Inora and released in October 2016 for the Spooky Scary Writing Contest, the game is built on the Lethal Forces engine but has new weapons, gameplay features, and abilities. The game is a non-canon prequel to 2015's Strafe: Lethal Seven, which was the first installment in the Lethalverse.

Bounty hunter Strafe discovers evidence of a vampire attack during one of his jobs, and alongside three members of the Vermin of Noah, attempts to hunt down the vampires and kill their leader before the ghouls massacre and feast upon everyone in the city. Reception for the game has been (TBA).


Chapter 1: The House of God

Strafe's latest job is rudely interrupted.

The story opens on a man with a helmet on driving his motorcycle through the cobblestone streets of Noah. He makes a turn into an alley, and when he comes out on the other side, three Noah police officers are trailing behind him.

Driver: Oh, shhhhit.

The driver steps on the gas and blasts off away from the officers. The player is then given control of him, a mini-map guiding them through the streets while the officers chase after him.

Driver: I swear, I'm gonna get the hell outta here some day.

In this driving section, the driver can swerve around and use the enviorment to incapacitate the officers, and he needs to take all three out before he can park at his destination: a large church.

Driver: Now to deal with the Pastor...

The driver parks outside of the church and gets off his motorcycle, removing his helmet and revealing himself as none other than Strafe.

Strafe: Really fucked up guy, according to the client...the children he abused would agree. He won't be giving any more sermons, though.

Players are then given control of Strafe on foot. While he can't explore any farther than the area he's in, players are allowed to manage their inventory and buy some items at the marketplace with the 50 dollars they're given to start with. To advance, Strafe must enter the church.

Strafe walks through the wooden doors of the church, looking down and loading his pistol.

Strafe: Alright, asshole, where are y-

The bounty hunter then looks up to see that the pastor, and everyone in the congregation have been murdered brutally. There's blood splattered on the walls and floor and bite marks in the churchgoers' flesh.

Strafe: What....what the hell?!

Strafe investigates the church, searching each body to find that there are no survivors. Even the stained glass portrait of Noah's dragon has been tainted by a blood splatter.

Strafe: I did NOT sign up for this shit.

Suddenly, a pale, humanoid creature leaps onto Strafe's back from out of nowhere, hissing at him.

Strafe: Ah! Fuck!

Strafe fires his handgun at the creature's chest in a quick time event before it can bite him, knocking the monster off of his back.

Strafe: Alright, you fucker. Let's go.

Strafe battles against the creature, who only speaks in growls and hissing noises. While his bullets and physical attacks seem to stun it, it always lunges back at him. He eventually decides to break a wooden bench with his weapons and uses the sharp piece of wood to impale the vicious murderer in the chest.

Creature: I'm...hissssss....not the last...

The creature bleeds out and dies, Strafe taking a deep breath and gathering his thoughts. He looks around once more at the obscene sight.

Strafe: I need to tell someone I trust about this...and I don't trust too many people.

Strafe frantically dashes out of the church and hops onto his motorcycle, driving away from the crime scene.

Chapter 2: Four People in the Dark

Strafe is forced into an alliance against the vampires.

Now on his motorcycle, Strafe is given a new objective: to find and reach the Vermin of Noah's base in the Moon District. While police barricades block him from exploring most of the city, he can fully access the Capital and Moon district now. After exploring, Strafe must drive to the run-down fortress where the Vermin live to continue.

Strafe: Hope those fuckers haven't gotten to Decay yet...

Strafe walks up to the door of the fortress and knocks on it, someone quickly coming to the other side and looking at him through the viewing hole.

Strafe: It's the Noah Police Department, we have a warrant to arrest-
???: Oh, come on in, Strafe.

The man on the other side of the door opens it, Strafe smiling at him. The two shake hands as Strafe walks into the fortress, his friend closing the door behind him.

Strafe: Good to see you, Decay.
Decay: And you, Strafe. Is this a personal call?

Decay quickly walks through the dilapidated building, people going about their daily business and eating what little they can get. Strafe gives them quick looks of pity, but focuses on following Decay.

Strafe: Unfortunately not. I'm not looking for a job either, though. I need to tell someone about the shit I just saw, and you're the only person I trust.

Intrigued, Decay stops in his tracks and turns toward Strafe. Strafe rubs his eyes and puts his hand on his chin.

Strafe: I got a job to take out the Church of Noah's pastor from an anonymous client. You know what he did?

Decay sadly nods, looking scared to hear what Strafe has to say next.

Decay: Yes, a few of his victims live here. Go on.
Strafe: When I get to the church, though, he was already fuckin' dead. And so was every member of the congregation...women, children, men...everyone slaughtered by these monsters, who bit them. Blood on all of the walls.

Decay looks down, seemingly thinking about something.

Decay: The vampires got to them.
Strafe: Vampires?
Decay: Haven't you ever heard of them? Read any books with them in it?
Strafe: I don't read much.

Decay shrugs and begins to walk towards the back door of the building.

Decay: Fair enough. Vampires are undead creatures, they used to be human, but now they live only to feed on the blood of the living. What's worse is that whoever gets bit...they'll become vampires too. They have no ambitions but to feed and no empathy, but they are intelligent.
Strafe: The brains of a person and the strengths of an animal? Sounds pretty goddamn terrifying.
Decay: Indeed. Vampires are mythical creatures to most of the world, but I've heard reports of them in Noah and it's surrounding areas...and lately, their attacks have become more widespread and vicious here. The Vermin are not a violent people, and as such we only have three guards to our name. They can fight off small groups...but I fear that the attacks will only get worse. Soon, all of Noah will have been ravaged by these monsters.

Strafe raises an eyebrow and looks outside to see the three guards on patrol. He sighs, before looking to Decay.

Strafe: I can stop these fuckers. But I need all the men you've got.
Decay: As I said, there are only thr-
Strafe: That'll do.

Strafe then abruptly walks away from Decay and opens the building's back door, walking towards the guards. Decay shakes his head before quickly walking outside with him.

The two walk outside to find the Vermin's guards on patrol, a short white woman with glasses and a black coat on, a large black man with a pouch of grenades, and a tall Mexican woman holding a sniper rifle.

Decay: Bones, Red, Headshot, I've got someone for you to meet.

They all turn around to see Strafe. The short woman smiles at him while the other two seem decidedly unimpressed by the bounty hunter.

Short Woman: Nice to meet you! I'm Bones.
Large Man: Red.
Tall Woman: They call me Headshot. You?
Strafe: Strafe, I'm a bounty hunter. Why do they call you those names?
Bones: Bones is an old-timey term for a doctor. I like it.
Red: People who mess with me only see red.

Headshot scoffs and holds up her sniper rifle.

Headshot: What else do you think this thing's good for?

Strafe nods and Decay chuckles to himself.

Decay: Our friend here came upon one of the attacks. This time it was a massacre. We both agree that it has to stop...
Headshot: And the cops won't get it done?
Decay: Right. I'm entrusting you three, alongside Strafe, to hunt down the vampires and take them down before the entire city succumbs to them.

Bones grins and shakes Strafe's hand, surprisingly hard from his reaction. Headshot rolls her eyes, while Red looks off to the distance.

Headshot: Don't know why we need Blueberry over here, but-
Red: Everyone!

Red's deep voice calls them all to attention as they see what Red does: a group of ten vampires headed for the fortress quickly.

Strafe: Good timing, huh?

Decay tosses Strafe a handgun, while he grabs his own. They all get their weapons out.

Decay: That fires wooden bullets. You won't be dealing with them in any other way.

Strafe nods and the five get ready for battle as the vampires arrive, saying nothing but clearly focused on ransacking the Vermin's fortress as they menacingly growl.

Bones: I, for one, am glad we have someone new!

The two groups begin to fight, as up to four players are given control of Strafe, Bones, Red, and Headshot, while Decay provides support. This tutorial allows players to get used to the four player co-op as they confront the creatures and eventually kill them.

Decay: Our suspicious have just been confirmed. We need to go inside, and plan our next move.

The group all seem to agree on this as they nod and follow behind Decay, who swiftly enters the fortress to further strategize their attack on the vampires.

Chapter 3: The Dead Walking

The four go hunting for vampires.

Chapter 4: Path of the Righteous

The group travel into Noah's underground.

Chapter 5: Murder at Midnight

Strafe and the Vermin battle the leader of the vampires.

















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