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Strafe: Lethal Forces is a summer 2016 open world third-person shooter/action-adventure game developed by Inora for the The V². The sequel to late 2015's Strafe: Lethal Seven, the game draws on both various Strafe games, as well as Leah Needlenam's lore with various new spins on previously established mythos, being the second installment in the Lethalverse.

Following the events of Lethal Seven, Strafe is caught up in a battle against a mysterious terrorist organization known as the Lethal Forces alongside a psychotic woman named Leah Needlenam. The two form a reluctant alliance in order to stop the organization, but the authorities intervene and things quickly get very complicated.

The game was announced under the working title Strafe & Leah: Lethal Forces at the Fantendo Carnival Showcase 2016. Reception for the game has been (TBA).


Chapter 1: Hold On

Strafe has a few meetings. None of them are for the better.

The game's opening chapter begins with a wide shot of New York City, the bright and bustling streets providing a nice contrast to the previous game's setting.

???: I'm doing okay. It's a nice change.

The next shot shows Strafe, wearing a jet black leather suit that is rather different from his other outfits, driving down the street on a motorcycle. He puts on his helmet, obscuring his face, and revs up his motorcycle.

Strafe: This place isn't as bad as Noah, not by a long shot, but everywhere has it's problems. And that's where I come in, because I don't think I could live in a place where everything was completely right, honestly.

The player is then given control of Strafe in a driving tutorial where he must drive through the city, without breaking any laws,  and use the new mini-map to reach a dilapidated hospital on the outskirts of the city.

Strafe dismounts his motorcycle and parks in front of the hospital, his motorcycle the only sign of recent activity. On foot, he heads to the hospital up the hill, teaching the revamped climbing system.

Strafe: Not getting paid for your good deeds is something hard to get accustomed to, sure, but at least the jobs I get are a little more varied. Not sure what I'm getting myself into this time.

Strafe gets out his Colt Defender handgun and fires the lock off of the hospital's door, slamming into the door, shoulder-first, to break through it. Inside, dried blood stains line the wall and the lights flicker on and off.

Strafe: A woman lives here. From what I hear, she's lost her mind...totally holed herself up in this ratty hospital and is stockpiling drugs and weapons. No matter what she has in mind, I know from experience that it's bad to let people have a lot of either of those things.

Strafe navigates through the labyrinth like hospital, solving puzzles, climbing, and picking up some goodies to prepare him for the journey ahead. Upon starting up and reaching the elevator, he heads for the basement, where he finds the mysterious person, a purple-haired young woman in a white jacket, injecting herself with a syringe.

Strafe: Look, lady, I don't want any trouble. I'm here to help the police, so if you can just turn over the weapons and drugs, there doesn't have to be a fight.
Young Woman:...Who the fuck are you?

The young woman then picks up a scalpel and tosses it at Strafe's head, but he creates a Light Shield around himself just a second before it hits him, causing the scalpel to fall to the ground. The woman gets up, clearly agitated, and pulls the syringe out of her arm, setting it on the table.

Strafe: So you want a fight, then?
Young Woman: Not really, Anime Hair, but if I must...
Strafe: My name isn't Anime Hair! And...who the hell are you?
Young Woman: Leah Needlenam. I don't need to know your name.

Strafe shrugs and the two get into fighting position.


Psychotic Woman


Although Strafe defeats Leah, she's clearly not your average person, having enhanced strength, reflexes, and speed, as well as being armed with a large arsenal of dangerous weapons and medical tools she improvises with.

Strafe: I have no interest in killing you, Needleman-
Leah: It's Needlenam, prick.
Strafe: Whatever, the point is that-

Strafe is interrupted again by an explosion that destroys the ceiling, various troops dropping in and attacking Strafe and Leah.

Strafe: You know these guys?!
Leah: Fuck no!

The two then reluctantly fight against the soldiers, the player getting to control Leah and learn her own abilities and playstyle as they fight the seemingly never-ending hoard of mysterious assailants. After a while, Strafe creates a Light Portal and motions for Leah to jump through it.

Leah: Wait, hold on, I'm not using your magic bullsh-
Strafe: If you wanna live, go!

Leah groans but hops through the portal and Strafe follows, closing the portal behind them. They come out in another portal outside the hospital, where they see a truck with the icon of a cross on it. Leah looks visibly shook.

Strafe: Leah, you okay?
Leah: Fuck...d-don't worry about me. We need to go.
Strafe: Wait, we?

Leah gets out a syringe and injects Strafe with it before he can react, knocking him out cold. She sighs and looks at his motorcycle.

Leah: I could leave him here...

She sighs and lugs his body over her shoulder before getting on the motorcycle and putting on his helmet.

Leah: Smells like cheap cologne...ugh.

She drives off, ending the first chapter.

Chapter 2: Call Me Jack

Strafe and his new pal get somewhat acquainted.

Strafe wakes up on the cold hard ground, in a dimly lit room. As his eyes slowly open, he looks around to see a staircase leading up and out of the dark room, a table where Leah is sitting, and several cheap bottles of beer on that table. He gets up and groans, glaring at her as he does so, and she yawns.

Leah: You're finally up, holy fuck! You're a heavy sleeper, blueberry.
Strafe: How long have I been out? Where are we? Where's my motorcycle?

Strafe aims his hand at Leah threateningly and she snorts, taking a swig of beer before putting her feet up on the table.

Leah: I don't answer questions on command, douchebag. And I don't take orders, either.
Strafe: I wouldn't have any part in this if you DIDN'T kidnap me and steal my fucking motorcycle!
Leah: Kidnap you? I saved your life, you idiot.
Strafe: Oh thanks, I'm very grateful.
Leah: Look, I didn't do this out of the goodness of my own heart. If those assholes got their hands on you, a ton of people would be super fucked.

Strafe rubs his head and tries to take an unopened beer bottle from the table. Leah swats his hand and he growls at her.

Leah: Oh, fine, take a beer. Just with the hair and all, you struck me as more of a Strawberry Daiquiri person.

Strafe looks at her, confused, and screws off the bottle cap with his hand, taking a sip of the cheap beer. He paces back and forth.

Strafe: Those people, who are they? You clearly know them, by the way you talk about them.

Leah looks uncomfortable and mutters to herself before chugging down some of her beer.

Leah: They're called the...the Lethal Forces. They're like a freaky cult and black ops team had one shitty baby.
Strafe: Who are they after, then, me or you?
Leah: Me. But now that you killed some of their soldiers, I'd guess that they wouldn't mind having your head too. Sorry 'bout that.

Strafe groans and looks at the staircase. Leah pulls out a Browning Hi-Power pistol and points it toward Strafe's chest. He sighs and heads to walk away anyways.

Leah: The syringe I stabbed you with? It didn't just put you to sleep, it got rid of your magic temporarily too. If I shoot you, you won't be making any special magic light shields of life, pretty boy.
Strafe: You're bluffing. You saved my life, you wouldn't shoot me now.
Leah: Sure I would. I know how to get rid of a body, then the Lethal Forces never get you in their hands. I move somewhere else where they won't find me for a while, everybody wins.
Strafe: I know how people like you think, Leah. You would've already killed me if you wanted me dead.
Leah: Fine, whatever. But you're not leaving. They're out for you, and they're not going to stop hunting. You'd be valuable to them.
Strafe: Why? To torture me? To tell them where you are?
Leah: Both of those, yes, but they'll also want your blood. Granted that your magic isn't bullshit. At this point, I'm not too fuckin' sure.
Strafe: Unfortunately, it's real.

The two then hear a gunshot and quickly look at the ceiling above them. Strafe runs up the staircase and Leah follows, getting her gun out.

The slightly tipsy Leah with a handgun and an unarmed Strafe with no magic walk up the staircase and enter a quaint little bar. Strafe looks unnerved as he sees three soldiers pointing their guns at the two, and the bullet riddled bodies of the bartender and patrons scattered across the tiny building.

Strafe: My god...

Leah runs over to the bartender and looks shocked. The soldiers keep their guns out and aimed at the two, but don't fire just yet. Strafe stays still, presumably planning his next move.

Soldier: Come with us.

Leah looks down at the bartender's dead body and her face gets red. She grips her gun hard and turns to them, her eyebrows starting to furrow.

Leah: fuckers killed Tracy. No more.

Leah shoots the soldier at the head of the trio in the head, piercing his helmet and causing him to fall to the ground, lifeless. The other two fire at Strafe and Leah, who duck behind a bar table.

Strafe: When's that serum gonna wear-
Leah: Shut the fuck up and fight them!

Strafe sighs and nods, and the two, both against the armored soldiers with guns, engage in a bar fight with them. Strafe can't use magic here and Leah is a bit wonkier to control because of the beers she's had, but the two end up suceeding by using their enviorment and it's objects (the tables, beer bottles, and chairs) to kill the soldiers.

Strafe: We just murdered three people and everyone else here is dead. What the hell do we do?
Leah: This isn't a "we" thing. Leave New York. I'll leave too. They'll probably forget about your ass and end up leaving you alone. And I...I'll keep moving. You don't fight them. These dead people, here? That's what the fuck happens when you fight them.
Strafe: I'm not leaving, Leah. I don't run from my problems.
Leah: Jesus Christ, you don't get it. They have bases all over the world. These soldiers are just disposable lackeys, you haven't even seen their REAL soldiers! Your friends, your family, anyone you love, will die. I know.
Strafe: I don't have anyone to lose, Leah. And after this, you don't either.

Leah angrily throws a punch at Strafe, but he steps back and looks to her. Leah sighs and looks down.

Strafe: You don't like me very much. And I don't like you, either. But we both have a reason to take these guys down. And if we die, then at least we'll have taken some of them down along the way.
Leah: Two people who dislike each other, have no safe place to go, and are against a giant terrorist organization. Great fuckin' odds.
Strafe: You in?
Leah: I know a place to start.

Strafe walks out the door and Leah does the same. The bar's glowing sign provides some light as we see the city at sunset, and the abandoned bar's name is shown to be East Pine.

Leah: Hey, I just realized, I don't even know your name. What is it, something like Stephan? Brad? Marcus?
Strafe: Strafe Lockborn. Just Strafe to you, though.
Leah: Oh my god. I'm not calling you that anime shit, if this is gonna work out. Are you for real?
Strafe: Completely. And your name is Needlenam, how is mine any more silly?
Leah: Regardless, Strife. Pick a nickname, something I can call you when I'm making fun of you.
Strafe: Ugh, I about, Jack? Yeah, call me Jack.
Leah: Alright, Jack, let's go.

Strafe sighs and Leah walks off, motioning for him to follow. They walk off to an uncertain future, ending the chapter.

Chapter 3: A Place to Start

Strafe and Leah get to work.

From here, players are given complete control of Strafe and Leah and are allowed to roam around and complete side missions. Upon arriving back at East Pine, Leah pulls out a piece of paper from her pocket. Strafe looks intrigued.

Strafe: What's that?
Leah: Our place to start, Jack.

He reaches to take it from her and she swats his hand, growling.

Leah: You'll probably wrinkle it.

Strafe rolls his eyes as she shows him the paper, an address written down on it in permanent black marker. He hops onto his motorcycle as she ruffles through her shirt pockets.

Strafe: What's the address for?

Leah pulls a car key out of her shirt pocket and clicks the button on it as Strafe looks over to see the lights on a large, rugged jeep turn on. He looks surprised.

Strafe: Why didn't we just use that the whole time?
Leah: It's a spare. I didn't expect having to leave my hospital, but because of a certain blue-haired monkey-
Strafe: Wait, how did you get enough money to buy a spare je-nevermind. I'll stop asking questions.

Leah nods and hops in the jeep, starting the engine. Strafe revs up his motorcycle as she sets the scrap on her dashboard.

Leah: It's for a shelter of sorts...other people that the Lethal Forces fucked with live there. Some of 'em I know, some I don't...they might know where we can find one of those chucklefucks.
Strafe:...That sounds like a logical thought process. Still new to the city, I'll follow your lead.

Leah scoffs and drives off before Strafe can even get going.

Strafe: Hey!

Strafe dashes off and catches up with her, looking annoyed. She shrugs and turns the radio on.

Leah: I take offense to your comment. I'm crazy, not stupid.

She then speeds off and Strafe groans, following behind her. The two can explore in their vehicles, but must follow the mini-map to a run down, but rather large house in the middle of New York. Upon arrival, they park outside the shelter.

Strafe dismounts his motorcycle.

Strafe: Took you long enough.

Leah picks up and throws a shotgun to him, getting out of her jeep and looking skyward at the building.

Leah: Snarky and rude doesn't look good on you. Stick to the gruff, straight man persona.

Strafe opens his mouth to reply, but then just shakes his head.

Strafe: What's the gun for? I thought you were friendly with these guys?
Leah: As friendly as I get with people. The gun's not for them, it's for any thug around here. These are slums, thus why they could afford to live here.

Strafe grunts as Leah walks up the steps to the house's door. She loudly knocks on it repeatedly, as he covers his ears.

Strafe: Jesus...

A woman who's a few years younger than Leah answers the door. She's holding a switchblade just in case, but backs down when she sees Leah.

Leah: Holy fuck, is that how you greet everyone around here?
???: Nah, only the people I like.

The young woman puts the switchblade away and hugs Leah. Leah looks uncomfortable as Strafe snickers to himself. The woman stares at Strafe.

???: Who's the ding dong?
Leah:...That's a good one. His name is Jack-
Strafe: It's Strafe.
Leah:...And we're trying to take down the Lethal Forces, Emmy.

Emmy opens her mouth but then covers it, looking around and motioning for them to follow her inside. The two do so and find a number of poor people walking around inside. Leah sits down on the couch, while Strafe opts to stand.

Emmy: This is a...change of heart, Leah. To say the least.
Leah: You always were the responsible type.

Emmy chuckles and looks around the house. Strafe looks like he's full of questions as he taps his foot.

Emmy: I used to think about fighting them...but you wouldn't come. You didn't.

With a guilty expression on her face, Leah looks down. Strafe idly inspects the raggedy wallpaper.

Emmy: This is a house for people looking to move on together. Leah...we'll always be friends. But I'm not gonna fight my past. I can't lose anyone else.

Leah stands up and sighs. Emmy looks to her, disappointed.

Leah: Where's the bathroom?
Emmy: To the left, down the hall.

Leah walks over while Strafe leans against the wall. Emmy looks him over.

Emmy: Why are you here? You're not one of the test subjects.

Strafe shakes his head.

Strafe: No. But they're after me, because I helped Leah out. I used to run from threats...but I learned that that's not a solution at all. You have to confront your past.

Emmy nods and picks a picture up off the table, looking at it.

Emmy: Tell that to Leah. I was willing to fight. I was willing to love her. But she gave up on both of those things after they killed the person she cared about most.
Strafe: Who?
Emmy: Her name was Moni-

Leah comes back from the bathroom and looks at them, her eyebrows narrowed. They quickly shut up.

Strafe: But anyways! We're not asking you to fight. We just need to know where to begin.
Leah: Thought you might know where we could find one of their bases, Em.

Emmy shakes her head as they hear a car drive by.

Emmy: It's been 3 years. Too long to remember.

Strafe grunts and begins to walk for the door, Leah sadly following behind him. Emmy begins to speak when their door is smashed down, knocking Strafe to the ground.


From outside, they see Lethal Force soldiers at their doorstep, guns in hand. At the front of them is a large, imposing woman in a suit of black armor. An icy blue bandanna covers the bottom half of her face.

Emmy: It's Kireth.

Strafe then teleports away suddenly, Leah and Emmy looking frustrated.

They put up their hands as the people behind them run away in terror.

Kireth: Those soldiers you killed, Leah, were part of my division. The Twisted Cross doesn't forget such a betrayal.
Emmy: Twisted Cross? Is that what you call yourselves nowadays?
Leah: Fucking Winter Pact bastards...

Kireth aims her gun at Leah's forehead. Leah begins to reach for her pistol as Kireth then pulls out a second gun which she aims at Emmy's chest.

Kireth: I'd kill you if it was up to me. But according to the High're the savior. So I'll kill your friend instead...but any carnage can be avoided if you simply rejoin our holy cause.

Leah groans and Emmy shakes her head.

Emmy: Leah, I'm so proud of you fighting back. Let me die. Fight her.

Kireth growls, when Strafe reappears behind her, smashing her in the head with his shotgun. She falls down and Strafe tosses Emmy a pistol.

Strafe: Had to make a supply run.
Leah: You sly fucker...

Emmy nods in gratitude and runs off to help her fellow victims. Strafe runs over to his motorcycle and hops onto it, Leah following him and hopping onto her jeep. The Twisted Cross soldiers look around, baffled. Kireth gets up and shakes with rage.

Kireth: Follow them, idiots!

The soldiers pack up into an armored truck with the Twisted Cross icon on it, and Kireth hops into the driver's seat, getting her phone out as the duo escape.

Kireth: We need backup. Big backup.

Players are given control of Strafe and Leah once more as they race through the city's streets, trying to escape the massive armored truck trailing them. Upon evading them for a period of time, the two spot a jet black helicopter armed with a turret flying towards them.

Leah: Fuck this day!
Strafe: Yeah, that describes my feelings too!

Leah's jeep swerves around and crashes into the front of the armored truck, sending them both spiraling out of control.

Strafe: You take the truck, I'll take the helicopter!
Leah: I don't take orders...but that's probably a good idea.

From here, players are given control of Leah, who has to ram into the side of the armored truck and dodge it's attacks to damage it, while the player controlling Strafe has to evade the turret and use his light magic to destroy the helicopter. The truck speeds off as it catches fire, while the helicopter explodes in mid air.

Strafe: Sorry about that...

They both park and step out of their vehicles. Panting, they look around to see that the roads are mostly empty.

Leah: Is it election day?
Strafe: We didn't have those in Noah, so I'm not entirely sure.
Leah: I was being sarcast-

The two then hear sirens as police cars surround them.

Strafe: Oh, shit.

Strafe grabs Leah's arm, and as she begins to yell at him they teleport away in a flash of light. The duo then reappear inside the hull of a truck, knocked out soldiers around them.

Leah: First of all, tell me about that magic shit if you're gonna involve me. Second of all, where the hell are we?!

Strafe motions for her to be quiet. She begins to snap at him when he snaps and points to the driver's seat, an injured Kireth driving the truck. He whispers to her.

Strafe: We're following her straight to their base.

Leah grins and stretches out her feet as they ride the truck to the Twisted Cross base.

Chapter 4: Hello, Leah

The two confront their enemy, and learn new things about their plan.

Kireth parks outside the Twisted Cross base, a large secluded fortress on the outskirts of New York City. She grunts and turns her car key when Leah conks her on the head with a soldier's helmet.

Leah: You're lucky I didn't kill you, bitch.

Strafe shudders and opens the truck's door, climbing out. He offers to help Leah out but she swats his hand away and follows behind him.

Strafe: Remind me not to get on your bad side, Leah.
Leah: You'll know, Jack.

He raises his hand to ask what she means, but Leah is already at the doors of the fortress. They find it locked, and Leah gets out a needle.

Strafe: Need a hit? Couldn't this wai-

Leah sticks the needle inside the lock and twists and jangles it around, picking the lock and opening the doors. Strafe looks stunned.

Strafe:...Nice one.
Leah: You learn things when you're a soldier.
Strafe: A soldier? Maybe I don't know you as well as I think I do.

She shakes her head and laughs, walking into the building. He shrugs and enters the base, while we go back to the truck. Inside it, Kireth groans and stirs.

As soon as they get inside their headquarters, soldiers confront them on both sides. Leah sighs and Strafe stands opposite of her, preparing for a fight.

Strafe: Never a moment of rest...
Leah: That's how they train these fuckers.

One soldier steps forward and offers a hand to Leah, while the other soldiers all aim their guns at Strafe. He shakes his head and sighs.

Soldier: Ms. Needlenam, I presume.
Leah: Yeah, G.I. Joe, what's it to you?

He laughs and takes his helmet off. Strafe looks behind to see the Twisted Cross icon branded onto his head, causing him to wince.

Strafe: These are some fucked up people, and I say that as a former citizen of Noah.

The soldiers step forward towards Strafe and he puts his hands up. Leah looks over the soldier.

Leah: Yeah, they really got to you...
Soldier: I bring a message from your mother-
Leah: Syringe is NOT my mother.
Soldier: High Priestess Syringe apologizes for any unpleasantness...she wants you to come home. To stop this nonsense and join her in the search for the box, taking your rightful place as the savi-

Leah slams her fist into the soldier's face, knocking him out, as she takes the pistol from his belt.

Strafe: No pistol for me?!
Leah: You'll manage!

The two then break out into a fight with the soldiers, taking them out using what resources they have. They turn to the left hallway and start to walk forward.

Strafe: The lady who runs this group is your mom? Jesus, Leah, you're not very good at sharing information!
Leah: Mother's not a great term for it...think more of a hypocritical, narcissistic psychopath baby stealer.
Strafe: Yeah, I got problems with my dad too.
Leah: Feel much like sharing?

This shuts up Strafe, who quietly follows behind her. The two navigate the Lethal Forces base, taking out the guards and navigating the labyrinth like structure, using subtle clues in the environment to guide themselves to the center of the maze. Inside, they find an office with a picture on the desk. Leah looks down at it and gasps.

Strafe: What's so special about it?

Leah picks the picture up and looks at it, showing a young woman with blue hair. Her name is shown to be Monica Salvirr, with a codename under it adressing her as X-Ray.

Leah: Why would they have a picture of h-

The duo hear footsteps behind them and turn around to see Kireth, who has a gun aimed at the both of them. She laughs to herself.

Kireth: Hello, Leah. I knew that little trap would work, you always were over-emotional. I liked it when you were out of the picture...Susan always loved you the most.
Leah: Gee, I'm so glad. Is that head wound gonna bruise?
Kireth: Bruises are nothing. I'm not weak like you.

Kireth pulls out a syringe and injects it into her neck. Strafe creates light in his hand, as Kireth blasts ice at the two. They jump out of the way, but only narrowly evade her attack.

Kireth: Soon I'll kill you far as everyone will know, you attacked me and I had to kill you in self defense. It'll put an end to your story...and only begin mine.
Leah: You really are insane, Kireth.

She creates ice over her hands as the two prepare for a battle.


Winter Warrior


They defeat Kireth, who falls to the ground, near dead. She breathes heavily, and motions for Leah and Strafe to come close. Leah pulls out a pistol to kill her, but Strafe stops Leah.

Strafe: We should hear what she has to say.
Leah: Fine.

Kireth's skin slowly starts to turn blue from the chemical as she gasps and grabs Leah's leg. She whispers something.

Kireth: I'm...I'm desk...

Kireth chokes as her body freezes up. Leah steps away and kicks her body out of the way. Strafe looks confused.

Strafe: Look, Leah...I need to know what she meant. If we're in this together, I have to know the whole story.

Leah sighs and sits down in Kireth's chair. She hesitantly nods as Strafe leans against the wall, intently listening.

Leah: You know how the American government did some fucked up shit during the Cold War?
Strafe:...I'm an immigrant, Leah.
Leah: The point is that the American government did some fucked up shit during the Cold War.

He nods and Leah idly spins around in the chair as we see a baby with a full head of purple hair laying and screaming in a house alone. Gunshots are heard as a young woman with dirty blonde hair walks into the room and grins, picking the child up. She runs her hand through the baby's hair.

Leah: A little known faction of the government during this time was called the Lethal Forces. The CIA was interested in psychological warfare, but this organization...they wanted to use science to attack the enemy. Serums and chemicals that gave people unnatural abilities...creating super soldiers out of children stolen from their parents.

We see the baby being placed in a crib inside a cold, harsh base with a gray and black color scheme. Slowly, the child ages, and the crib changes into a bed. The child eventually turns into a teenaged Leah.

Leah: Fuckheads that they were, the group used manipulation and psychological conditioning to create devout soldiers. But the Lethal Forces had alternative plans, one besides serving their government. The leader, a woman named Susan Philth...she and a close inner circle had a plan to use the soldiers for their own plan.
Strafe: Which was?

The scene snaps back to reality as Leah glares at Strafe.

Leah: Let me tell the story, asswipe.

He nods and the scene goes back to the flashback. Leah is training, and is shown sparring against a younger Kireth as well as operating on a fellow soldier.

Leah: Philth and her cronies were deeply some kind of twisted, fucked up way. They thought the entire world was made of sinners. Shit like war and murder and rape...the entire planet was like a festering hive of sin to them. So they planned on using the soldiers to peform coups on the governments of the world and enstate a new world order of peace and long as everyone followed their orders like mindless slaves.
Strafe: Sounds kinda fuckin' hard to pull off.
Leah: Yeah, she knew. Apparently they had heard of a treasure, some kind of box they called the Ark, that would grant them the power to mind control people on a massive scale. Make them follow her every order. I always thought it was some bullshit. But she believed in it, at least, and she thought I was some kinda savior, according to a fortune teller lady she met.
Strafe: What a nut.
Leah: You think? I had subscribed to all this crap...because I was told to. Because they scared me, and they scared me into believing they were doing the right thing. My final exam, to join her inner circle, was to kill a test subject they had found.

We see the younger Leah and Monica talking, the blue haired woman in a cell while Leah sits against the bars.

Leah: Monica...Monica Salvirr. They called her X-Ray. We weren't supposed to talk with the test subjects...but I took a liking to her. We started talking, and we became friends, and one day...I fell in love with her. I couldn't do it. I freed Monica, and a couple of people, the people you met, escaped with me. But Syringe...she killed Monica. I was helpless to save her. A gunshot to the throat...only God, if he even really fucking exists, could've saved her. I never wanted to love again...I wanted to hide away and die. Emmy offered me a place at the house...but I decided to settle in an abandoned hospital. A constant reminder of my failure to protect Monica.

Monica is shown bleeding out, desperately gripping onto Leah's hand. Leah sobs while Emmy tries to pull her along, the Lethal Forces in pursuit of her.

Strafe: Oh my god, Leah...I'm so sorry.

We go back to the present, as Leah holds in tears and turns away. She clears her throat and Strafe stands up, walking over.

Leah: But you, Jack, as much as I hate to admit me caught back up in this stupid fight. So...thanks for that, I guess.
Strafe: Thanks for trusting me.

Leah wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath, opening the cabinet on Kireth's desk. She pulls out a folded map, as Strafe raises his eyebrow.

Strafe: What's this?

A devilish smirk comes onto Leah's face as she unfolds the map, showing various points across the globe, one of them being New York City. The other points show London, Tokyo, Paris, Mexico City, and a city nearby Noah named Talis.

Leah: Up for a trip to London, Jack?
Strafe: Sure, why the hell not.

Leah sighs and gets out of the chair as they look to the door. Leah folds the map and sticks it into her pocket as they run off out of the base.

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Core Gameplay

Lethal Forces is an open-world third person shooter/action-adventure hybrid. The game, fundamentally, plays similar to it's predecessor, being a fast-paced game where Strafe, and the new character Leah, can explore large areas, complete both story missions and side missions, utilize vehicles to get around quickly, brawl against enemies with a combo-centric hand-to-hand combat style, or engage enemies with weapons in the style of a cover shooter.

Both characters have new skills that allow for many more gameplay possibilities, the climbing system is greatly improved, allowing the two to walk along ledges, swing from bars and ropes, and quickly jump from platform to platform, as well as use scenery to solve puzzles. In addition, the duo also have many options on how to kill enemies with stealth, including aerial kills, sneaking up behind them, or shooting them with a silenced gun when they're alone.

Having a partner now, either two friends or the player and a computer can control Strafe and Leah. This is necessary to complete certain puzzles, reach new heights, or revive your partner with a healing item. Scattered across the world are various Orbs, which are split into Healing Orbs, Magic Orbs, and Duo Orbs. Healing Orbs will heal the player, Magic Orbs will fill Strafe's Light Magic bar so he can use spells, and Duo Orbs will fill up a bar that when full, will allow the two to use one of a few Team-Up Attacks to devastate enemies.

A few old features have been improved or added to, like character progression. As enemies are defeated and missions are completed, Strafe and Leah will earn Lethal Energy that will allow them to level up, increasing their stats and giving them Lethal Points that can be spent on new moves or upgrades. These moves and upgrades are split into various branches of a Skill Tree, so the two can be customized, moveset wise, to be a healer or tank or whatever you prefer. In addition, the game features a separate currency from the Lethal Energy now, which is just plain and simple cash.

The mission system and equipment system are pretty unchanged, but have minor additions. For example, the two can not only equip armor, accessories, weapons, and tools but also change the entire control scheme rather then just what buttons are used for what tools/weapons. The mission system also allows Strafe to drop missions, measure his progress on any mission, or view hints to help them out. Another small change is the new map which allows for easier travel and lets the player set markers anywhere they like.

Besides the story mode, there's also a section where players can buy bonuses with currency, view cutscenes, and look at collectibles and conversations they've collected. The multiplayer mode is also back and allows for more players online, new maps and characters, and new modes with Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and a mode called Lethal Forces where players must work together to kill as many enemies as they can before dying.

Status Effects

Status Description



This status effect slowly drains Strafe or Leah's health until it wears off or is cured. Not too bad, but it's rather common and can be annoying when combined with strong enemies. There are a lot of cures for it though.



This status effect chips away at Strafe or Leah's health constantly until the wound is patched or they die from it. This means it NEVER wears off naturally, making it a very dangerous ailment that should be taken care of quickly.



This status effects constantly burns Strafe or Leah, setting them ablaze and doing a few big hits to their health until it's extinguished or wears off. They'll also be slower and less accurate while burning.



This ailment leaves Strafe or Leah dazed and confused, making them have half the accuracy and reversing their controls for a period of time. Nothing cures this once it's set in, so you'll just have to wait it out if you don't have anything to preemptively block it.



This ailment leaves Strafe or Leah frozen solid. It's a wonder that they can survive all this stuff! While frozen, they can't do anything, so you'll just have to wait until it melts, unless your partner can break you out of the ice. It can be quite dangerous if you're low on health as it leaves you vulnerable for attack.



Being drugged makes Strafe and Leah incapable of using their unique special moves, including magic and Team-Up Attacks. Guess they can't seem to focus, drugged and all.



A positive status effect. Strafe and Leah will have increased attack power temporarily, although weapons will do the same old damage if you're playing as Strafe, and Leah's special abilities will do no more damage than usual.



A positive status effect. Strafe and Leah will take half the damage they normally do for a period of time.



A positive status effect. Strafe and Leah will continuously heal over time until the move runs out or they're hit.


Difficulty Description
NON-LETHAL The easiest mode. Enemies are weaker, Strafe and Leah have boosted stats all around, and items are easier to come by. Great for new players.


This mode is closer to an average difficulty but is still rather easy, being intended for casual players. Enemies are weaker and items are easier to come by.
PROFICIENT HERO This mode is good for a first playthrough of the game, having no major difference from Lethal Force except the fact that items are more plentiful. Just a fun mode for everyone.
LETHAL FORCE The average mode for intermediate games. Everything is at it's base, nothing making it harder or easier than normal.
DEMIGOD The first mode in the harder section and the final default difficulty. Enemies are a bit harder then normal, but that's all. Good if you like a little challenge.
WHITE GODDESS This mode can be bought as a bonus after completing the game once, for a decent price. Enemies are harder and items are rarer, making it good for skilled gamers.
BLACK GOD This mode can be bought as a bonus for a high price after you've completed one of the harder difficulties. Enemies are insanely tough, items are never dropped randomly, and Strafe and Leah aren't as strong as they usually are. The mode for people who love a lot of difficulty.


  • Health
  • Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Ranged Attack (This stat is exclusive to Leah, and the higher the stat is, guns and other ranged weapons will do more damage when she is wielding them.)
  • Light Magic (This stat is exclusive to Strafe. It determines how large his Light Magic bar is, and the bigger it gets, the more spells he can use.)
  • Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Special Defense
  • Blessing (This stat is exclusive to Strafe. The higher his blessing, the more likely it'll be that enemy attacks will miss him entirely even if they hit him.)
  • Rage (This stat is exclusive to Leah. The higher her rage, the more likely it'll be that she'll do a Critical Hit to opponents to do double the damage she normally does.)







Enemies & Bosses


Side Missions











  • Assets from this game were reused in GHOST SMILE III, another Inora game being developed and released around the same time as this game.
  • The game's original title was Strafe & Leah: Lethal Forces, but the game was given a name change in order to accentuate that the game was a sequel to Strafe: Lethal Seven. The logo was reworked, but the Leah part of the logo can still be seen in game in the menu, whenever players are managing Leah's stats and abilities.

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